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Обсуждение Информация с оф. форума (20-23июля)
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Информация с оф. форума (20-23июля)

Did you just get into the game and are super excited to try world versus world? Maybe you’ve heard about it and want to know more before diving in? Tried it out and ended up so confused your brain was spinning?
Well that’s why this post is here! I’m going to try and cover some of the basics of how WvW works and give you a couple tips to get started. It should help anyone who hasn’t experienced large scale combat like this before start to understand it a little better.
I’m also hoping this will help shorten the time that people experience adventures that can be painful or confusing when first starting out in WvW and help lead them into some incredibly fun experiences that might just leave people wondering how the last 6 hours went by so fast.
World versus world has a lot of different mechanics and can appear to be fairly intimidating to learn and hard to understand at first, but you don’t need to know everything to enjoy the game.
All you really need to know is this: take the other teams objectives, don’t let them take yours.
Please note that I’ll likely be updating this over the weekend to add any other additional useful tips that I didn’t cover originally. Feel free to mention your own tips!

How do you get to world versus world?
Pretty simple, just open the WvW Scoreboard (default:B) and click the black button that says ‘Go to World versus World’, select a map and off you go.
You might get asked if you want to enter the queue for that map (particularly if you selected Eternal Battlegrounds). If you enter a queue, you can try to enter another map to play in while you wait. If you try to enter another map that is full and choose to enter the queue for the new map, you will be removed from the queue for the old map. Choosing to not enter the queue in the new map will leave you in the queue for the old map.
You can also visit Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch and enter world versus world and the heart of the mists from the asura gates located there.

OK, I’m here, now what?
Talk to the instructor and ask them some questions (by some, I mean all of them). They have quite a bit of useful information that you should know before heading out to the battlefields. We still need to add more topics, but they’ll give you a good head start for now.
You’ll definitely want to meet up with some allies. Running around on your own is just going to get you killed unless you really know what you’re doing. Ask where people need help. If nobody is talking, open your map and look for orange crossed swords or white crossed swords. Orange swords are where more than 6 people are fighting. White crossed swords indicate an objective that is under attack.
If you see white swords around an objective that your team owns, that’s a good place to help out and you’ll likely run into allies defending there as well. Try to get inside the objective first, then figure out a plan to engage the enemy! Just head towards the glowing portals next to the doors to enter the tower or keep.
Orange swords are much riskier if you are alone, but can also be worth checking out if they are close to an objective your team owns.

Great, everything on the map is red blue or green, how do I know what team color I am on?
Open the WvW Scoreboard, and look for your world name in a box at the top. The background of that panel is your home color. If you don’t remember which world you are on, your world will have a little house icon to the left of it’s name. There are also flags all around your starting areas with your team color.

These doors take forever to break down!
Are you using siege weapons? A flame ram makes quick work of basic doors, you may want 2 or 3 for a reinforced door. Catapults, ballista, and trebuchets can help make short work of walls and gates too.

Blueprints are so expensive!
Once you level up a bit blueprint costs will start to be negligible, but costs will feel a bit more prohibitive when starting out.
You can get some free blueprints from treasure chests that are available in each map. The chests resest every 24 hours and require you to traverse some rather devious jumping puzzles to reach them. Enemy guards and dolyaks have been known to drop blueprints from time to time as well.

What’s all this talk about supply?
Supply is a resource unique to world versus world. You can use it to build siege weapons or repair damaged walls and gates. Simply walk up close to any siege site or damaged structure while you are carrying supply and press your interact key, you’ll then use whatever supply you are carrying on that object.
Supply can be picked up from any supply depot (as long as there is supply in the depot to begin with). There are depots at every objective, and some even have more than one.
You should always be carrying supply whenever you can. Try to make it a habit of grabbing some whenever you take a camp. You never know when you might need a quickly built ballista or arrow cart to help turn a fight.
Supply is generated at every resource camp, so you can pretty much count on always finding some at any camp you own. Supply must be carried by dolyaks to other objectives though. Guard your caravans because you’ll need supply at towers and keeps to be able to upgrade them.

How do you upgrade objectives?
Talk to any quartermaster and ask them about upgrades. You can purchase a number of different upgrades for each objective. You’ll need to have supply in the depot of the objective to complete each upgrade.
Personnel upgrades must have all the supply paid up front, while structural upgrades can be purchased without all the required supply in the depot, NPC workers will just grab supply as it comes in from dolyaks.

How did someone get their guild emblem on the flags?
Guilds can claim one objective in world versus world. Speak with the Lord or Supervisor of that location to claim a location. If you do not have to correct permissions from your guild, you cannot claim a location. Guild can place buffs around objectives they own with guild upgrades (available in the guild panel).

What level should I be?
You can go to World versus world at any level, but I’d recommend that new players learn all the skills from a weapon set or two and possibly even unlock weapon swapping before joining so they have a bit more experience with the game and understand how combat operates a little better before jumping in. It’s certainly possible to level all the way to 80 through WvW, but I wouldn’t really recommend it for brand new players as the first couple levels can be pretty rough until you unlock some skills on a couple of weapons. It can be a fun challenge for some people, but definitely not for everybody.

Why are there so few waypoints?
Travel times are a critical piece of making WvW work. If waypoints are more common, it becomes more difficult to put players out of a fight for any significant amount of time after they are defeated, and it soon gets to a point where attackers just need to keep throwing bodies at something long enough to overwhelm the defenders.
As players begin to have more money on hand to spend on upgrades, we’ll start seeing waypoint upgrades being purchased more frequently at keeps. That will help cut down on travel back to locations you own, but we won’t be adding waypoints to other locations.
If you want to reduce your travel times, there are ways you can do so. One of the best ways to reduce your travel time in WvW is to learn ways to not die as often so you don’t have to keep making the run back from the portal keep to where the fighting is. Bring skills that give you swiftness and cripple or otherwise inhibit the enemy, travel with friends so you can fight off small pockets of resistance, fight close to defenses so you have an escape route to safety nearby, and perhaps most importantly, learn when to dodge and when to run away. Well timed dodges can and will save your life thus making your great escapes possible.
Try to avoid fights you will clearly lose when you can retreat and regroup nearby. You might even be able to get just a couple people to break off and turn it into a fight you can win.

I heard you could recruit NPCs?
You heard right! Each map has mercenary factions that will assist teams that come to the aid of that faction. The eternal battlegrounds has three such camps (dredge, ogre, and hylek) and each borderlands map has a quaggan camp in the lake they can befriend.
Once a team helps one of these factions enough, then they will start to assist that team in various ways. The camps in the Battlegrounds will begin sending NPCs out to the nearby areas to assist their friends. The Quaggan camps summon storms over the nearby keeps as long as the nearby weather generator is functional. These storms will summon healing rains for allies and zap enemies with lighting.
These camps can be great places for solo players to help out and get some extra experience and loot by converting neutral camps to their side.

How do I get better gear?
Players and monsters have a chance of dropping gear. Whenever you get XP for a kill, you also have a chance of getting a loot drop. All loot drops in wvw are tailored for your current level.
There are also a wide variety of coin and karma merchants in each portal keep that have gear for sale. You can also use badges of honor to buy gear, but that is all intended for higher level folks.
Crafting is also an option, as each borderlands map has all the lower level resource nodes you could want. Grab some gathering tools and you can make your own gear!
There is also a Black Lion Trader in each portal keep, check the trading post and you might find a good deal there.

These jerks are camping our base, we can’t get out!
Every starting area has three ways out of it, the main central path and two side paths. If someone is camping your gate, don’t keep running straight into them, run around them and take their stuff while they sit there!

Anything else?
Go. Fight. Win.

Hello there! I’m gonna walk you guys through some of the basics for structured PvP and how it works! This isn’t an exhaustive write-up, but it should give you guys a good intro into how PvP works!
LET’S GO!!!!
PvP Combat Basics:
  • Buying new gear
    • You can buy all the basic weapon types available to your profession for free. You can try weapon combos by getting items from the vendors and equipping them while you are out of combat. You can change the look of your items by getting chests, which contain aesthetic variations on all the basic weapons. All weapons can be augmented with sigils, which you can get from the weapons vendor in the PvP lobby.
    • Rings and accessories have been removed. We are ONLY USING THE AMULETS NOW IN PvP, so once you get an amulet, that’s all you need!
  • Conquest
    • The first team to 500 wins. Make sure that you’re trying to fight inside of the capture points to maintain control. You can also “bait” your opponents to fight in the open, and try to get them to fight you in areas of the map that help your team, but hurt your opponents. Scoring for secondaries.
  • Maps
    • Kyhlo – Protect your trebuchet and destroy the enemy’s! Proper use of the trebuchet can easily win you the game!
    • Forest – Defeat two powerful NPC’s in order to gain points and powerful buffs!
    • Foefire – Defeat the enemy lord in order to gain a huge point increase for your team!
  • Stomping
    • Learn when to stomp! If an enemy is down, they can get up on their own if you leave them. Be sure to stomp an enemy when you have the chance, or their allies might revive them! Stomping can also rally allies if they are downed when you stomp your foe, and have done damage to that target!
  • Revive
    • This is the other side of the downed experience. If an ally is down, try to revive them as soon as you can so they can get back in the fight. But only do so when it’s safe! If you’re being attacked, defend yourself, defeat your enemies, and then try to rally your allies when you’re able.
  • Healing
    • Be careful when using your heal! It can get you out of a bad situation, but once you use it, the recharge will keep you from using it for a while. Use your heal wisely!
  • Dodging
    • Dodging is available any time you have at least HALF of your endurance bar! When you dodge, you evade any incoming attacks/projectiles, so try to time y our dodges when you see large AOE’s coming, or powerful enemy attacks!
  • Melee vs ranged
    • Melee, on average, does more damage than ranged attacks, but range obviously has the advantage if it can keep melee attackers at distance. This is where conditions, blocking, and good use of dodging come in! Let’s break down a simplified version of how this works in game:
      • As the melee player:
        • You want to be sure to get into melee so that you can dish out the pain on your opponent. Then you want to use snares/immobilizes/knockdowns to keep your target close. It’s also a good idea to carry a ranged weapon as your second weapon set so you can finish off targets at range!
        • Example: Let’s use Sword/Shield warrior as an example. You know your opponent wants to snare you or keep you at range. You can dodge towards your opponent, use Savage Leap, and then dodge again. This will give you an evasion, a movement, and then another evasion. Once you’re close to your opponent you can use your Shield Bash to stun your target, and then use Hamstring to keep them in melee. Most opponents will try to “flail” and use any knockback or snare they have available, so you can predict this, and use your Shield Block to prevent these skills from hitting you.
      • As the ranged player:
        • You need to find a good balance of keeping your opponent at range while also dishing out the damage. If you just do one or the other, you may lose the fight. If you see an opponent doding towards you, DO not fire your snares/knockbacks. Save them until you know they will land. If you see them getting too close, don’t forget that you can use your own dodge to reset the range of the fight. Try to use your dodges and snare skills to keep the fight at a distance.
        • Example: Let’s use a Longbow Ranger as our example of a ranged class. If you see someone coming to attack you, try to get them to run through a Barrage on the way in, which Cripples. You will need to use skills 1, 2, and 3 for damage, and your goal here is to get them to use their heal. You can use Point Blank shot in a few different ways in this matchup, depending on what you need. You can open with it to keep your opponent at range, and combo it with Barrage to make sure your Cripple lands. You can also save it as a “oh crap!” button in case your opponent is pressuring you too hard. Lastly, you can damage your opponent and then watch for them to heal, and interrupt the heal with your Point Blank shot. In addition to all of this, you need to use your dodges carefully. Sometimes you may want to use them at the start of a fight to maintain distance, or you may need to use them mid-fight to get away from your opponent.

All PvP professions have a default template they use. Now I’ll walk you through each of these templates and how they work! Remember that you can change these templates as you see fit, so try new things, explore new builds, and most of all, have fun!

Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Axe/Axe and Rifle
  • Healing skill: Healing Surge
  • Utilities:
    • Stomp
    • Endure Pain
    • Signet of Might
  • Elite: Rampage
Axe/axe will allow you to quickly build adrenaline and spike targets with Eviscerate. If your opponent is too far away, don’t be afraid to switch over to rifle to finish them off at range! Stomp is a great all around skill (you can use it to protect yourself, to interrupt enemies trying to stomp allies, etc). Save your Endure Pain until you need it – it can save you, but it has a long recharge. Activate your Signet of Might when you need a big spike in damage.

Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Mace/Shield and Staff
  • Healing skill: Healing breeze
  • Utilities:
    • Stand Your Ground
    • Merciful Intervention
    • Bow of truth
  • Elite: Sanctuary
Mace and shield allow for a LOT of defense if you’re being targeted. Use your Staff when you have allies around, as it works well as a support weapon. “Stand Your Ground!” is great for stopping enemy control effects against you and your allies. Bow of Truth can keep conditions off of you and allies, and don’t be afraid to activate your Virtues (F skills) skills depending on the situation. Proper use of “Merciful Intervention” can turn many battles, and this, combined with your Valors, makes this a great support build.

Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Longbow and Greatsword
  • Healing skill: Heal as One
  • Utilities:
    • Signet of the Hunt
    • Spike Trap
    • Sharpening Stone
  • Elite: Rampage as One
The default template for the Ranger allows you to play a very balanced style – you can handle yourself in melee and at range. Use your Greatsword if the enemy gets too close, and swap to Longbow once you can establish range between you and your target. Sharpening Stones and Spike Trap will both give you some more condition pressure from your utility skills, and Signet of the Hunt lets your pet add a lot of damage to a spike.


Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Rifle
  • Healing skill: Healing Turret
  • Utilities:
    • Rifle Turret
    • Rocket Turret
    • Tool Kit
  • Elite: Supply Crate
This build allows the Engineer to shine as a “holding” class. You’re able to use your turrets to add damage to any fight, but you have to keep your enemy close to them in order for them to be effective. Tool Kit compliments the turrets and allows for more control. Your Rifle also has great control skills on it. All of this (combined with Supply Crate as your elite) adds up to a build that allows the Engineer to hold an area against multiple foes until allies can arrive to help.


Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Pistol/Pistol and Dagger/Dagger
  • Healing skill: Hide in Shadows
  • Utilities:
    • Spider Venom
    • Signet of Shadows
    • Haste
  • Elite: Basilisk Venom
Dual Pistols and dual Daggers provide the Thief with a lot of versatility. And that’s exactly what this Thief build wants – the versatility to pounce on targets of opportunity. Spider Venom is a great way to shut down an opponent’s heal skill – when they go to heal themselves, they will receive less healing if poisoned. Basilisk Venom can be used in many ways, to interrupt a heal, to prevent the revival of a teammate and to keep an opponent in place. Signet of Shadows can be used to stop a foe so you can retreat, or it can be used to stop a foe trying to flee. If you find yourself stunned, use your stun breaker – Haste. It also allows you to attack faster (to make sure you land your poisons at the key time) and speeds up how fast you revive allies and stomp foes.


Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Staff
  • Healing skill: Glyph of Elemental Harmony
  • Utilities:
    • Signet of Fire
    • Arcane Power
    • Mist Form
  • Elite: Tornado
As an Elementalist using a Staff, you’ll be able to do a little bit of everything, but you’ll have to use your attunements well to fit the situation. Signet of Fire and Arcane Power will increase your damage output and Mist Form functions as one of the best escape skills in the game (it’s also a stun breaker!). You won’t be able to stand up to too much damage, so be sure to use your control skills to keep enemies away from you. If your opponents leave you alone, you’ll be able to cause considerable area damage in fire attunement, but you’ll be vulnerable while doing so.


Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Scepter/Torch
  • Healing skill: Ether Feast
  • Utilities:
    • Illusion of Life
    • Null Field
    • Veil of Invisibility
  • Elite: Moa Morph
Tricks, tricks and tricks. That’s what you’re all about as a Mesmer. You don’t want to stand toe-to-toe with other classes if you can help it, but you can punish your opponents for not paying attention. Illusion of Life allows you to revive allies for a short time if they’re downed – just when your enemy thinks they’ve taken an ally down, plant some doubt in their mind! Null Field is a versatile skill that can rip down pesky boons, or keep conditions off allies. If you allies need to get away from enemies, or if you want to plan a surprise attack, you can use Veil of Invisibility to turn the odds in your favor. The ace up your sleeve is Moa Morph. You can use it to shut an enemy down so you can finish them in a weakened form, or you can use it to greatly hinder an enemy while you retreat to a safer position.


Starting loadout:
  • Weapons: Axe/Warhorn
  • Healing skill: Blood Fiend
  • Utilities:
    • Spectral Armor
    • Poison Cloud
    • Bone Fiend
  • Elite: Plague
For a caster, you’ll feel pretty durable as a Necromancer if you use your Death Shroud well. If your Death Shroud is low, be careful and don’t get in over your head, but when it’s full, try to draw as much attention as you can – you have extra life that you need to dispose of! The Axe/Warhorn combo will allow you to have a lot of physical damage, as well as some utility from your Warhorn skills. Spectral Armor will allow you to deal with being spiked. Poison Cloud is a great way to deny space to enemies – if they stay in it, they’ll be poisoned, and all their heals will be decreased – helping you to win the attrition battle. Your fiends give you some added damage, and don’t forget to sacrifice them when it suits your needs.

And that’s it!!
If you guys see me or any of the other devs in game, feel free to ask us questions!! We’ll be online to help this weekend as we play alongside you! Keep in mind that the game isn’t done, so we love to hear your ideas and concerns, because we’re a company built around iteration. We’re always open to feedback!
See you in game, and if we meet on the battlefield – BRING IT!
This stuff’s about to get RULL!

New Feature: Sentries
- Sentries are single player oriented capture points placed on the roads between major objectives. 1 point is awarded to the team that kills the sentry and captures the point.
Match start updates
- Stonemist castle gates now closed when a new match starts.
- Teams now start each match in possession of all three keeps and the northern towers in their own borderlands. Enemy teams start off owning the tower closest to their safe point.
- Teams start a new match owning the keep and towers closest to their safe point in the Eternal Battlegrounds.
- Resource camps start unclaimed on all maps, except for the northernmost supply camp in each Borderlands map, which starts owned by the home team.
Quaggan Merc Camp Updates
This camp has been reworked significantly.
- Teams can now capture the 3 weather nodes under the water in the Borderlands maps to send quaggan shaman to the closest keep.
- Quaggan shaman spawn at the weather node and head toward the nearest keep to attack or defend it a weather storms that surround the keep.
- Teams can shut the storm down by destroying the weather node that is near the keep or they can kill the quaggan shaman to stop the storm for a short amount of time.
- The island in the center of each Borderlands map will send quaggan to the southern objectives to fight for the side that controls the island.
Siege Weapon Updates
- Siege Weapons now give experience when killed. Siege sites will not give experience when destroyed.
- Trebuchets and mortars now rotate slightly faster.
- Arrow cart Supply cost is now 20.
- Ballista Supply cost is now 30.
- Catapult damage increased.
Other WvW Updates
- Loot dropped from any kill in WvW (monster or player) will be dropped at the player’s feet.
- Guard lineup has changed at all objectives.
- Orb of Power bonus now grants additional points to all stats.
- There is a new UI element at the top of the screen while in WvW. This shows the current number of points your team will score at the next score tally, time to next tally, and how much supply you are carrying.
- Gates should now award experience and Assault event credit when killed by players.
- Dolyak caravans that reach the end of their route successfully should restart almost immediately.
- Guild bankers and personal bankers in the Citadels have swapped places.
- Costs of all objective upgrades have been increased.
- All personnel upgrades take more time to complete
- You can now purchase invader rings, amulets, and accessories with Badges of Honor at the Armor Traders.
- Siegemasters now sell blueprints for Badges of Honor as well as coin.

New map: Legacy of the Foefire.
This conquest map is inspired by some of the classic Guild Wars PvP maps.
- Each team has a base full of NPCs that can be attacked.
- Inside each base is a Guild Lord. Killing the enemy Guild Lord grants your team a large score bonus.
New Feature: Paid Automated Tournaments
- Paid Automated Tournaments are now available at the Tournament Master in the PvP Lobby.
- These are a new type of automated tournament that takes tickets to enter. This tournament has a higher level of rewards than free tournaments and everyone who participates will receive a reward.
- A full roster is required to enter this type of tournament and when registering the leader has the option to cover to either cover the whole cost of the team or to leave it up to individual teammate to pay their entrance fee.
- Tickets are acquired by ranking up, winning tournaments or from the gem store. If you leave your roster for any reason you will be refunded your tickets via in-game mail. You will also receive a refund if your match is restarted due to server side interruptions such as a crash or a build.
New Feature: Partial Tournament Rosters
Free automated tournaments have been updated to accept partial rosters. A full team of five players is no longer required to enter this type of tournament. You can create a roster with any number of your friends and enter that partial roster into a tournament. The tournament system will pair you up with other partial teams looking to fill their ranks, then will combine your teams roster with theirs when a match is found and will enter your newly created full roster into the tournament.
Tournament updates
- Tournaments now have a map rotation that changes the map based on the round of the tournament. The rotation is set to: Round 1: Legacy of the Foefire, Round 2: Battle for Khylo, Round 3: Realm of the Niflhel
New Feature: Custom Finishing moves
Players can now acquire custom “Finish Them!” animations (also known as stomps). Players can acquire new items that allow them to use special finishing moves for a limited time. These new finishing moves can be won from PvP reward chests, or purchased from the Black Lion Trading Company. There are finishing moves that have animations to indicate PvP Ranks (like Rabbit or Deer), or special ‘fun’ finishers, like dropping a cow on your enemy!
PvP Reward Changes
- Added special Rank Reward Chests that you get when you rank up and renamed the Gold, Silver, and Bronze chests to tie them to their rank name.
- PvP rewards are now salvageable with PvP salvage kits, which can be purchased from the glory vendors.
- PvP salvage items can be recombined in the mystic forge to generate new reward items.
Other PvP Changes
- Added score tooltips.
- Added the Mystic forge to the Heart of the Mists.
- Added pvp item recipes to the Mystic Forge.
- Points given for killing Forest creatures in the Forest of Nifhel map updated (now 25 points)
- Health on Jotun increased
- Text fixed on the wall of champions
- Points given for player kills updated (10 → 5)
- Added “Skirmisher” kill bonus. Similar to Defender and Assaulter in functionality, you earn a Skirmisher bonus any time you defeat an opponent and are NOT near a capture point

I will post this here because I know a lot of people have questions about balance.
If you look at the number of balance changes from BWE2 to BWE3 its fairly significant, but that is really just one of us working for about a week hard on balance. In the upcoming weeks we have multiple designers and a chance to focus on balance full time for multiple weeks so you are going to see a much larger set of changes and focus on every profession.
This game has a lot of depth so when we change stuff we are doing it from a point of experience, and while not every change is going to be perfect and not everything will be perfectly balanced, we are working hard to get things to a good place by release. Our balance philosophy is a lot about patience and allowing a meta game to evolve before reacting so keep that in mind before assuming that things are broken and need balance work. Sometimes string builds will emerge as players are familiarizing themselves with the system.
So without waiting much longer, here are some things to think about when commenting on balance. This is mostly a re-post of some things I said on our internal forums, but I think it will give you guys a good idea of our plan moving forward.
Beta is Beta
This is not a released game. We are not nerfing any builds. We are not buffing any builds. We are balancing an unreleased game so that it might be closer to balanced when it does release. Try to not get too attached to anything because it skews your feedback on changes that are often going to be necessary.
PvE vs PvP vs WvW
We do not only balance for PvP. We do not only balance for WvW. We do not only balance for PvE. We balance for the game. When we make a special balance change for a specific part of the game, we will let you know by splitting the skills. Otherwise every balance change is there for the whole game. Balance in control, support, and damage are equally important to all aspects of the game and we are not ignoring that.
This is not the last balance change. We can’t change everything at once. Sometimes even when an entire profession is in a bad place we will balance specific strong builds or skills. Sometimes even when a profession is in a good place we will balance specific weak skill or builds. We aren’t ignoring things, there is just a limited amount of time and we are working on things when we can. Sometimes we go through things piecemeal so we might be making wholesale adjustments to a profession but only get to certain weapons in a single update note. This does not mean we think the other weapons are ok and not going to change.
A forest for the trees
We are not balancing in a vacuum. Your profession is not the only profession. We have to make sure that all 8 professions are working and viable in different scenarios. We are trying to bring everything to within acceptable boundaries. If some aspect of your profession is getting changed it is because we beleive it is outside of the boundaries of what we deem acceptable in the game. Every change is going to be bad for some people and good for others. We are not making the game for just a few people and we have to make decisions that make this a better game overall, not a better game for you specifically.
Balance > No balance
This change might not stick, but we aren’t going to know if we don’t do it. We have to do balance work, sometimes the changes aren’t enough, sometimes they are too much, sometimes things have just been done wrong and are going to get undone. That doesn’t mean we are going to stop making balance changes so if you think something didnt work post about it and we are happy to discuss it.
Constructive Feedback
Do not clutter feedback threads with arguments, +1s, etc. Constructive feedback and data is getting lost. This process is going to end in a better place and get there a lot more quickly and smoothly if we all work together and provide constructive, actionable feedback that we can use to make specific changes.

General Gameplay Changes
  • Reduced trait refund costs.
  • Repair Costs are now based on item rarity and item level instead of player level
  • Increased the time it takes to revive a defeated player while in combat.
  • Updated skill unlock rate.
  • Dynamic Leveling now only kicks in when players are more than 1 level over the intended level for that area, characters will be adjusted to the level of the area + 1
  • Pet AI improved
  • The Bank and Collection tabs can now be accessed by all crafting stations.
  • You can now deposit all collectibles from the inventory options menu in the top right of your inventory.
New Activity: Keg Brawl
Keg Brawl is an instanced sport located in Hoelbrak, with up to 5 players per team. At the end of a match the teams are shuffled and a new one begins automatically.
Be the first team to retrieve 11 kegs and bring them back to your Ale Collector, or have scored the most kegs by the end of 15 minutes.
  • Players have a unique set of skills in the activity that are all centered around moving the keg and smashing each other.
  • Players can gain stats for the various techniques players need to use to win the game. These stats contribute towards a new achievement category, and ultimately, a title!
Guild Updates
  • New guilds now cost 1 silver and start with a membership cap of 50.
  • Guild membership cap can be increased 5 times up to a limit of 500 by speaking to a Guild Registrar and meeting representation requirements.
  • Guild upgrades have been reorganized. Early tiers now have more localized benefits and are more social targeted.

We have added a few new WvW achievements and titles for BWE3 as well as a tab in the Achievements panel for all WvW achievements to live in.
There are 4 new achievement tracks. Two for killing dolyaks and two for escorting them. I am aiming to add quite a few more tracks before ship, but I only had time to get the dolyak ones hooked up for BWE3.
There are two achievements for each type because we are tracking two different types of data:
1. Total number of times you have done that particular thing over the lifetime of your account.
2. Total number of matches in which you have that particular thing a certain number of times during a single match.
We will be awarding titles out for reaching the end of these achievement tracks.
The lifetime title is intended to take an EXTREMELY long time to obtain(think years). I currently have the lifetime achievement set up to be potentially attainable during BWE3 to help show them off, but I’ll be readjusting values to what we want for live once BWE3 is over.
The match title is intended to take 25 matches to complete (about a year if you reach the threshold in each match). You will be unable to make progress on this achievement during BWE3 as we need to add a couple more code fixes before they will work correctly, but I left the achievements in so people could see the direction we would like to go with these.
Ideally, each title track would require you to complete a decent amount of that kind of activity in each match but not be a ridiculous grind. We want the match titles to mean something and make you feel like you have earned them as well as be a thing that people can focus on over time while they are playing WvW instead of being something that everyone gets if they just show up long enough.
At some point I’m hoping we can add a third achievement for each type of achievement track that shows your progress towards getting a point for the overall match title track in the current match . This will take some unknown quantity of additional code though so I don’t know if/when we will be able to have those.

Recommended things to do if you are experiencing any graphical issues with Guild Wars 2:
Update your graphics drivers.
  • NVIDIA users:
    1. Navigate to http://www.geforce.com/drivers.
    2. Click on “Auto-detect your GPU” to automatically detect and install the latest drivers for your device.
    3. Alternatively, choose your hardware configuration from the “Manual Driver Search” section, then install the latest drivers for your device.
  • Intel users:
    1. Navigate to http://downloadcenter.intel.com.
    2. First, select “Graphics” for the product family, followed by the graphics device type for the product line, and lastly the product name from the list given. Alternatively, you can manually search for the product name in the search box.
    3. Select your operating system.
    4. Sort by date, then download and install the latest driver version.
      Note: The documented support website links above are subject to change without any prior notice.
Restore all graphics card settings to factory defaults.
  • AMD users:
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the AMD control center from the menu.
    2. Click “Preferences” in the top-right corner of the control center.
    3. Select “Restore to factory defaults” and click “OK” to confirm this at the prompt.

  • NVIDIA users:
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the NVIDIA control panel from the menu.
    2. For each item under “3D Settings”:
      1. Select the section.
      2. Click “Restore Defaults” in the top-right corner of the section.
      3. Click “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the control panel.

Disable any GPU overclocking.
  • AMD users:
    • Restore all settings to factory defaults, as detailed above in option 2.
  • NVIDIA users:
    • Disable all overclock settings, and set clock speeds back to factory defaults. (Advanced users only.)
ISSUE: The game world is completely black and/or blue, but the UI/HUD is visible. [AMD devices]
  • SOLUTION: Turn off forced anti-aliasing in the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center or AMD VISION™ Engine Control Center.
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the AMD control center.
    2. Select “3D Application Settings” under the “Gaming” section in the left pane.
    3. Check “Use application settings” in the “Anti-Aliasing” section.
    4. Click “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the control center.
  • If the above method doesn’t fix this issue, try the following:
    1. While in-game, press [F11] to open the options menu.
    2. Select the Graphics Options tab.
    3. For ‘Render Sampling:’, change this to ‘Subsample’.
(This issue will be addressed in an upcoming AMD driver application profile update.)

ISSUE: Graphical artifacting/corruption and overall instability is encountered while using multi-GPU configurations. [AMD CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™]
SOLUTION: Disable the multi-GPU feature while playing *_Guild Wars 2_.*
  • AMD users: Disable AMD CrossFire.
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the AMD control center.
    2. Select “AMD CrossFireX Configuration” under the “Gaming” section in the left pane.
    3. Uncheck “Enable AMD CrossFireX.”
    4. Click “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the control center.
  • NVIDIA users: Disable NVIDIA SLI.
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the NVIDIA control panel.
    2. Under the “3D Settings” section, select Manage 3D Settings.
    3. Select the “Program Settings” tab.
    4. In the drop-down list, select “Guild Wars 2 (gw2.exe).”
    5. In the feature list, navigate to “SLI performance mode” and change the setting to “Single-GPU Rendering.”
    6. Click “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the control panel.
ISSUE: The screen turns black, followed by a message stating the display driver has stopped responding — Windows TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) [AMD & NVIDIA].
  • NVIDIA users: Set “Power management mode” to “Prefer maximum performance.”
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the control panel.
    2. Under the “3D Settings” section, select “Manage 3D Settings.”
    3. Select the “Program Settings” tab.
    4. In the drop-down list, select “Guild Wars 2 (gw2.exe).”
    5. In the feature list, navigate to “Power management mode” and change the setting to “Prefer maximum performance.”
    6. Click “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the control panel.
ISSUE: Receiving poor performance / lower performance compared to previous Beta Weekend Events [NVIDIA].
DISCLAIMER – Do the following at your own risk. ArenaNet wouldn’t normally advise the use of Beta drivers, but a known bug in the current release drivers is causing performance issues for many players.
  • Download and install the lastest NVIDIA beta drivers.
    1. Navigate to http://www.geforce.com/drivers/beta-legacy.
    2. Select the corresponding Series, Model and Operating System.
    3. Click ‘Search’
    4. Download the latest Beta version drivers.
    5. Install the new drivers, also making sure to choose ‘Clean Install’ during the installation process.
  • OPTIONAL: After installing the beta drivers, set “Image Settings” to prefer Performance.
    1. Right-click your desktop and select the NVIDIA control panel from the menu.
    2. Select ‘Adjust image settings with preview’ from the left pane.
    3. Select the option: ‘Use my preference emphasizing:’
    4. Drag the slider all the way to left left to choose ‘Performance’.
    5. Click Apply to save these settings.

If you are unable to complete your installation due to the installer stopping at 99%, your system may not meet the minimum specifications required to play Guild Wars 2.
Please note that the launcher does have a hardware compatibility check built into it. If you are unsure that your computer meets the minimum requirements, you can view them here.
If you would like for Technical Support to confirm this, please submit a ticket at support.guildwars2.com with your Arenanet.log attached. This file contains diagnostic information related to the error you are experiencing and can be located in your Guild Wars 2 folder located in Documents.

If your installation is stuck at 0% or you are receiving a download failed message, we have found this to usually be attributed to your firewall or security applications, which may be blocking your ability to connect to the ArenaNet servers. We recommend disabling your firewall first and seeing if this fixes the issue.
AVG antivirus has also been historically problematic with blocking Guild Wars 2 from connecting to the ArenaNet servers. If you are able to confirm that AVG is blocking your installation, please see this thread for information on how to configure AVG.
It is also possible that another program or security software application may be interfering with the game connection.
You may also want to check to make sure that you are running the installation as the administrator. If you need assistance configuring User Account Control (UAC) with Guild Wars 2, please follow the instructions outlined here

Below are the minimum specifications for Guild Wars 2:
  • Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3 -or- AMD Athlon 64 X2, or better
  • 2 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI X1800 -or- Intel HD 3000, or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
  • 25 GB available HDD space
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Note: Due to potential changes, system requirements may change over time and you may be required to upgrade your current system (or obtain a new system) to continue to play the game.
Those with embedded Intel video cards in the categories below may experience crashing issues or sub-optimal gameplay because such video cards which are below Guild Wars 2 minimum system requirements:
  • Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
  • Intel® G45/G43 Express Chipset
  • Intel® G41 Express Chipset
  • Intel HD 2000 and below
  • Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD

    In short, if you have one of these cards you won’t be able to play Guild Wars 2, with our regret.

The instructions below will walk you through configuring UAC for Guild Wars 2.
1. Navigate to your Guild Wars 2 folder.
2. Right click on GW2.exe and select properties.
3. Once the properties window is open you will then choose the compatibility tab.
4. Place a check in the last option labeled “Run this program as an administrator.”
5. Click “Ok.”
6. Double click GW2.exe to run the game using these settings.
Please do not use any of the other compatibility mode options as they may decrease game performance during the event.

Guild Wars 2 requires TCP ports 80, 443, 6112 and port 6600 be fully unrestricted and accessible, both inbound and outbound. If you are connecting to Guild Wars 2 while on a campus, military, or business network, please check with your network’s administrator to verify that these ports are fully opened and unrestricted. If you are on a home Local Area Network (LAN), you will want to make sure that your network’s hardware is properly configured.
You should be able to find information about your router by reviewing your owner’s manual or by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Below is a list of links for several network hardware manufacturers:
D-Link®: http://support.dlink.com/
Linksys®: http://www.linksysbycisco.com/US/en/support
NETGEAR®: http://kb.netgear.com/app/home
Belkin®: http://www.belkin.com/support/

Тема про оптимизацию:
If the game ran better on your system in a previous BWE than it does now, try running with the command line option “-umbra gpu” to revert to the way it ran in the previous BWE.
Other tips:
Ok, so you’re saying that switching to “-umbra gpu” made the game run much better on your system. We’ll have to make that an option then.
This is the first beta with Asura and Sylvari starting areas so we’re still gathering performance data and optimizing them. I’d suggest using Human starting areas for a better test.

Umbra is the occlusion culling system we use. (It determines what to render and what not to render.) In past beta weekend events it could only do occlusion culling on the GPU. Unfortunately, making the CPU wait on answers from the GPU means that both are not fully utilized. Now by default the game does occlusion culling on the CPU. That fixes the bottleneck. According to our performance stats, in general people have significantly better performance in BWE3. But if it’s not better on your system then you can use the command line option to go back to the previous system. For everyone in this thread, remember that we can’t really comment on your performance unless you include your CPU, GPU, framerate (in a reproducible setting, like at the start of Human tutorial), and graphics quality settings.
We do background performance work all the time (for example, Asura and Sylvari maps aren’t as optimized yet as Human maps, and we’re working on it), but right now our engine team is specifically focusing on investigating cases where people have unusually low performance for their system specs. As I posted above, if you have unusually low performance (low absolute framerates on a high-end system, even with graphics quality turned down), please send your DxDiag information (plus framerate, how you measure, and what graphics quality settings you use) to [email protected].

Майк отвечает на вопрос о версии DirectX:
We’re focusing on DX9 for launch because it has the broad compatibility and because graphics card vendors have added extensions to DX9 for all the new features we need. We’ll evaluate DX11 support after launch.

- оптимизация на BWE3 не была финальной
- в Guild Wars 2 используется часть музыкальных треков из первого Guild Wars. Новых треков очень много, но всё же была необходимость заполнить некоторые пробелы саундтреком из GW1
- смешивать красители нельзя
- на BWE3 была добавлена функция для AI мобов - отбегать от урона по площади
- список изменений (патчноут) с BWE2 до BWE3 не был опубликован по причине своего размера - одни лишь списки изменений в балансе классов были на 20 страниц текста
- патчноуты обязательно будут публиковаться после релиза
- "Торговый Пост" - это глобальная система (как я понял, на Америку и Европу - один и тот же торговый пост)
- количество игроков, находящихся на WvW одновременно, будет расти по мере оптимизации
- личная история проведёт вас до 80 уровня и она полностью озвучена
- в ближайшее время будет известно больше информации о безопасности аккаунтов
- торговли напрямую между двумя персонажами не будет. Для торговли есть почта и торговый пост (аукцион) - они безопасные и достаточно удобные
- экипировка из Hall of Monuments - это на самом деле просто шкурки (оружие и доспехи). Петы и минипеты - вполне реальные вещи.
- в любое время можно будет изменять вид вещей на шкурки экипировки из HoM
Последний раз редактировалось Bersiwald_renamed_596767_04022021; 23.07.2012 в 19:05.
Аватар для Enemydown
Re: Информация с оф. форума (20-23июля)
Только что зашли в игру и предвкушаете попробовать режим world versus world? Либо слышали о нем, но хотели бы узнать больше, прежде чем погрузиться в него? Попробовали и бросили, запутавшись настолько, что у Вас закружилась голова?
Что ж, именно поэтому Вы читаете это сообщение! Я попытаюсь осветить некоторые основы того, как работает WvW и дам Вам пару советов для начала. Они должны помочь всем, кто до этого не имел опыта участия в подобных этому крупномасштабных сражениях, чтобы эти люди начали понимать его немного лучше.
Я также надеюсь это поможет сократить время, которое игроки проводят в возможно несколько болезненных или сбивающих с толку исследованиях при первых попытках игры в WvW, а также позволит им получить настолько увлекательный опыт, что после 6-часово игры останется только гадать, как же это время пролетело так быстро.
Механика режима World versus world имеет множество различных вариаций, и на первый взгляд может казаться пугающе сложной для изучения и понимания, однако от Вас не требуется знать её всю, чтобы наслаждаться игрой.
Все, что ам нужно знать: захватывайте объекты команд соперников и не дайте им захватить Ваши.
Пожалуйста имейте в виду, что я видимо буду обновлять эту статью во время уикенда, добавляя и другие дополнительные полезные советы, которые я не затрагивал изначально. Не стесняйтесь делиться собственными подсказками!

Как попасть на world versus world?

Довольно просто, откройте WvW Scoreboard (по умолчанию B) и кликните по черной кнопке ‘Go to World versus World’, выберите карту и вот Вы уже там. Вероятно, Вас могут спросить, хотите ли Вы встать в очередь именно на данную карту (особенно, если Вы выбрали Eternal Battlegrounds). Если Вы встанете в очередь, во время ожидания можете зайти поиграть на другой карте. Если же Вы попытаетесь зайти на карту, которая окажется заполненной (full) и запишитесь на очередь для игры на новой – Вы будете перемещены из очереди на предыдущую карту. Отклонив предложение встать в очередь на новую карту, Вы останетесь в очереди на старую.
Вы также можете посетить Fort Marriner в Lion’s Arch и зайти на world versus world и the heart of the mists через расположенные там Врата Асура (the asura gates).

ОК, я здесь, что дальше?

Поговорите с инструкторами и задайте им по несколько вопросов (говоря «несколько», я имею в виду их все). Они обладают довольно большим количеством полезной информации, которую Вам следует знать, прежде чем выдвигаться на поле боя. Нужно еще осветить несколько тем, но пока что и существующие дадут Вам хороший старт.
Вы точно захотите встретиться с некоторыми союзниками. Беготня в одиночку приведет только к Вашей скорой смерти, пока Вы действительно не поймете, что нужно делать. Спрашивайте, где людям нужна помощь. Если никто не отвечает, откройте карту и поищите на ней значки оранжевых или белых скрещенных мечей. Оранжевые мечи показывают места, где сражаются более 6 человек. Белые мечи показывают на объекты, которые в данный момент атакуют.
Если Вы видите белые мечи рядом с объектами, принадлежащими своей команде, это хорошее место, где Вы можете оказать помощь и скорее всего Вы также встретите там других защищающих точку союзников. Попытайтесь сначала проникнуть внутрь объектов, а уж потом разработайте план, как уничтожить врага! Просто бегите к святящимся порталам рядом с дверьми, чтобы попасть в башню или крепость. Оранжевые мечи намного опаснее, если Вы один, но их тоже бывает полезно проверить, если они недалеко от объекта Вашей команды.

Отлично, все, что на карте – красного, синего или зеленого цвета, как понять, какого цвета моя команда?

Откройте WvW Scoreboard и посмотрите на название Вашего мира в рамке наверху. Фон этой панели и есть Ваш цвет. Если Вы не помните название своего мира, Вы увидите небольшой значок домика слева от его названия. Также в начальной зоне Вашего мира стоят флаги цвета Вашей команды.

Эти двери можно ломать целую вечность!

А Вы используете осадные орудия? Flame ram быстро уничтожает обычные двери, возможно понадобится 2 или 3 для укрепленных. Катапульты, баллисты и требушеты также могут помочь сократить время разрушения стен и ворот.

Blueprint’ы такие дорогие!

Когда Вы немного повысите свой уровень, стоимость blueprint’ов станет для Вас незначительной, хотя поначалу цены будут казаться Вам чрезмерно высокими. Вы сможете получить несколько blueprint’ов бесплатно из сундуков с сокровищами (treasure chests), доступных на каждой карте. Сундуки заново появляются каждые 24 часа и Вам придется разрешить довольно хитрый jumping puzzle, чтобы до них добраться. Известно, что они также иногда падают с вражеских охранников (guards) и доляков (dolyaks).

К чему все эти разговоры о припасах (supply)?

Припасы (supply) – это уникальный вид ресурсов для WvW. Вы можете использовать их для постройки осадных орудий или починки поврежденных стен и ворот. Если у Вас есть supply, просто подойдите близко к месту расположения осадного сооружения или поврежденному объекту и нажмите кнопку взаимодействия с миром, а затем используйте любой из находящихся у Вас припасов на этот объект. Припасы можно получить на складах припасов (supply depot) (до тех пор, пока на этих складах припасы не закончатся). Склады есть на каждом целевом объекте карты, на некоторых даже несколько.
Вам нужно всегда, когда только возможно, нести с собой припасы. Попытайтесь сделать своей привычкой получение нескольких из них при каждом посещении лагеря. Никогда не известно, когда может понадобиться быстро построить баллисту или самострел (arrow cart), чтобы помочь изменить ход сражения.
Припасы генерируются в каждом лагере ресурсов (resource camp), так что Вы можете смело рассчитывать на то, что найдете несколько в каждом принадлежащем Вам лагере. Впрочем, припасы до других объектов можно доставлять и при помощи доляков. Охраняйте свои караваны, так как Вам понадобятся припасы для улучшения башен и крепостей.

Как улучшать целевые объекты?

Поговорите с любым начальником снабжения (quartermaster) и спросите его об улучшениях (upgrades). Вы можете купить несколько различных улучшений для каждого объекта. Необходимо иметь припасы на складе (depot) объекта, чтобы завершить любое улучшение.
Для улучшения персонала (personnel upgrades) требуется заплатить все необходимые припасы вперед, в то время как улучшения сооружений могут быть куплены и без необходимого количества припасов на складе, NPC рабочие будут просто брать новые припасы у прибывающих доляков.

Как кто-то смог поместить эмблему своей гильдии на флаг?

Гильдии могут потребовать право на один из объектов в world versus world. Поговорите с Lord или Supervisor данной локации, чтобы потребовать право обладания ей. Если у Вас нет разрешения на это от своей гильдии, Вы не сможете этого сделать. Гильдии могут накладывать баффы с гильдейсими улучшениями (guild upgrades) вокруг принадлежащих им объектов (доступны на панели гильдии – guild panel).

Какого я должен быть уровня?

Вы можете зайти на WvW на любом уровне, но я рекомендую новым игрокам изучить все умения из одного или двух наборов оружия и возможно даже открыть умения смены оружия, прежде чем присоединиться к битве – к этому моменту у них будет больше опыта в самой игре и понимания, как работает боевая система. Можно, конечно, прокачаться до 80 уровня и на самом WvW, но я бы не советовал так делать только что создавшим персонажа игрокам, так как набор первых нескольких уровней может быть довольно сложен до тех пор, пока не появятся определенные умения или пара наборов оружия. Это может стать интересным вызовом для некоторых людей, но уж точно не для каждого.

Почему так мало вэйпоинтов (waypoints)?

Время на передвижение по карте – это критически важная часть, чтобы заставить WvW работать. Если бы вэйпоинтов было больше, стало бы более сложно выводить игроков из боя на заметный отрезок времени и позволило бы атакующей стороне победить обороняющихся просто бросая в бой быстро прибывающих недавно убитых игроков.
Когда у игроков на руках появится больше денег на улучшения, мы увидим более частую покупку улучшения вэйпоинтов в крепостях. Это поможет снизить время перемещения в принадлежащую Вам локацию, однако мы не станем добавлять вэйпоинты до других локаций.
Если Вы хотите уменьшить время перемещения, есть несколько способов сделать это. Один из лучших – понять, как не умирать как можно дольше, чтобы не бежать потом от крепости с порталом до места сражения. Выбирайте умения, дающие Вам быстроту (swiftness) и способность покалечить (cripple), либо иные способы задержать противника, путешествуйте вместе с друзьями, подавляя небольшие отряды сопротивления, ведите бой рядом со своими оборонительными сооружениями, оставляя путь для отступления в безопасную зону и, возможно самое важное – научитесь вовремя уклоняться (dodge) и убегать. Вовремя использованные уклонения могут спасти Вам жизнь, тем самым делая возможным Ваш побег в случае необходимости.
Попытайтесь избегать боев, в которых Вы очевидно проиграете, если у Вас есть возможность отступить или перегруппироваться где-то поблизости. Возможно, Вам понадобиться всего пара дополнительных игроков, чтобы переломить баланс сил и выиграть его.

Я слышал, можно нанимать NPC?

Вы все правильно услышали! На каждой кате есть фракции наемников, которые помогают командам, обратившимся к ним за помощью. На полях вечных сражений (eternal battlegrounds) есть три таких лагеря – дрэджи (dredge), огры (ogre) и хайлек (hylek). На каждой карте приграничья (borderland) в озере есть лагерь квагганов (quaggan camp), способных стать Вашими союзниками.
Когда какая-либо команда достаточно поможет одной из этих фракций, те начнут помогать ей различными способами. Лагеря в Battlegrounds начнут посылать NPC в ближние области для помощи своим друзьям. Лагерь квагганов создает шторма над ближайшими крепостями, пока функционирует ближайший погодный генератор (weather generator). Эти шторма приносят исцеляющие дожди союзникам и поражают молниями противников.
Эти лагеря могут стать отличным местом для помощи командам игроками-одиночками, а также для места получения опыта и добычи в процессе привлечения нейтральных лагерей на свою сторону.

Как получить лучшую экипировку?

Есть шанс получить выпавший предмет экипировки из игроков и монстров. Каждый раз получая опыт за убийство, Вы также получаете шанс получить какой-то предмет в найденной добыче. Все выпадающие предметы на WvW подгоняются под Ваш текущий уровень.
В каждой крепости с порталом есть множество продавцов монет и кармы, предлагающих на продажу экипировку. Также для ее покупки можно использовать очки чести (badges of honor), хотя это рассчитано на игроков высокого уровня.
Крафт – еще один вариант, так как на каждой карте приграничья есть точки сбора всех низкоуровневых ресурсов, какие Вам только могут понадобиться. Захватите с собой инструменты для крафта и Вы сможете создать экипировку сами!
В каждой крепости с порталом есть также Black Lion Trader, загляните в торговый пост (trading post) и возможно, это обернется хорошей сделкой.

Эти уроды обложили нашу базу, мы не можем выйти!

Из каждой начальной зоны есть три выхода, главный центральный вход и два боковых выхода. Если кто-то осаждает Ваши ворота, не идите напролом, обойдите их стороной и захватите их точки, пока они сидят у Вашей базы.

Что еще?

Иди. Сражайся. Побеждай.

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