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Изменения от 16.05.2012
Автор темы: Kataeva
Дата создания: 07.06.2012 22:39
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Изменения от 16.05.2012
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Список запланированных изменений от 16.05.2012


• Optimization to reduce visible "Portal lag"
• Improve Portal watching
• Attempting to fix a Portal party issue (not related to the above change)


• Legendary weapon replacement skill effects
• Gadget on gadget flux
• Point lights are now enabled on equipped items
• Added support for replacement material effects
• Support material replacement file effect fading
• Added the "Sylvari glow"
• There is a new indefinite progress bar that uses the wipe shader
• Added Mystic Forge sparklies
• Mystic Forge fire spirals in one direction
• Rewards now "fly" into the Mystic Forge


• Local chat (Say) is now very short range. /Shout (/Map) at map range has been added.


• Gadget crash fix
• Chat-related crash fixed
• Using items from your bank no longer crashes the server
• Loading into different maps is ok now
• Players can now leave their party without crashing
• Fix for guild bank crash (related to permissions)
• Fix for the cursor being out of bounds in a text box
• Playing with players from other shards should no longer crash WvW
• Fix in for a missile crash
• Fixed buff crashes
• Dialog manager crash fix
• Crash fix for character creation
• Fix for a marker-related crash
• Entering/leaving the water context no longer crashes
• Disabled a forced server crash
• Fixed a Mystic Forge rash
• Opening the hint dialog no longer crashes
• Agent selection crash (loot crash)


• Iconics have 1% of the normal hate
• F11 should now open the options menu
• If a player goes from alive to dead, we now give them a waypoint to port to so they can resurrect
• Input binding:
• There are now distinct left and right shift keys

• Rewards:
• Map complete rewards are now available

• If a transformation isn't allowed to interact with bundles, drop any bundles the character may be
holding when transformed (No more flamethrower ooze H)
• Map complete doesn't trigger every time you zone into a map now
• Gadgets/turrets now have a concept of an "authority"
• The player that creates the gadget is assigned as that gadget's authority
• This basically means that players that place down the Siege blueprints can kick out other
players who are in their siege weapons if they want to use them
• "Move to Target" split into underwater and terrestrial
• "Move to Target" no longer applicable when downed
• Only 5 unique combatants can combo with a given combo field
• Characters that aren't alive don't return legendary weapon ItemDefs
• Mystic Forge only takes one of each kind of item [F 234559]
• Trait tiers are in
• Added account bound items
• Players can no longer redirect to a map if they are already redirecting
• Added a skill point currency type
• A shard selection bug has been fixed
• Input bindings have been implemented
• Improved how "Fear" works
• Recharge slows should be slowing for the proper amount now
• Spawn scaling for low-level events has been adjusted
• Level 70+ rare items have the potential to salvage out more materials as deemed by special reward
• Auto-attacks no longer continue to attack an unselected target
• Missiles now fire in the direction of the camera when the player has no target and is holding down
the right mouse button (Side note: This is awesome)
• Players can now queue for multiple maps concurrently
• The default mouse scroll rate has been changed to 2x
• Mouse-looking no longer drives a characters movement unless they're executing an upper body skill
• Characters can no longer jump if the jump state doesn't exist
• The Fear mechanic has been improved
• Action Char Fear Char
• Action Skill Fear

• LFG:
• More backend implementation
• Blocked players no longer show up in LFG

• PvP:
• Added rank rewards to PvP Ranks
• Changed from a level to a level range per recent PvP Rank discussions
• PvpRank has been split from Glory
• Ranks now define a range of PvP ranks
• Placeholder awards are going through the reward manager
• Added support for Glory Boosts
• Start Auto Tournaments as soon as there are enough rosters ready (and send out a countdown
when the match is about to start)
• Tournament server improvements
• PvP Lobby waypoint travel is free
• Added a new reward type for PvP rank up
• Players with an "Offline" status can now be invited to tournaments
• Players are unable to send tournament invites to themselves

• WvW:
• Cannons now display red targeting circles to the enemy
• Game ending has been smoothed out
• Players receive a warning message and are redirected (configurable in content)
• The score dialog now displays a message telling the player their team's final position
• Gadgets now report their WvW team
• Gadgets can now insert their shard names into their name if they know their WvW team
• WvW travel is free
• Clicking "Go to WvW" will close the score dialog now (by design)
• Squad members may now speak into the squad channel
• Removed /.sq dev command
• Added /squadjoin and /squadleave client commands
• Commanders are now named "Commander <Playername>"
• Players are no longer able to log back in to WvW maps
• Implemented /squadinfo and /supplyinfo

• Mystic Forge:

• Polish
• Added click and drag of slotted materials
• Added flames!
• Added a quantity check for ingredients that require a certain item count before we
request to forge a new item
• The Mystic Forge can take consumable subtypes
• Sparkly polish
• Now compares are weight class
• Now uses upgrade component types
• Added support for a "none" trinket type
• We hide the ingredient slots while animating then fade them back in when we display the
reward dialog
• Fixed being able to match item subtypes correctly if set to "any"

• Ranger:
• Pets can no longer be swapped out to instantly come back to life


• Fixed the guild vault to not crash other players who are viewing the Vault

Input Bindings

• The world map now closes while you're in a cinematic
• The world map now shows up properly
• Ranger profession skill 2 now works
• Hooked up the WvW score screen to the new keybind action
• Extended mouse buttons work now
• Actions are now set to inactive when the Ul gains focus
• Added the option to reset all actions to their defaults
• Fixed some bugs with underwater interaction


• ItemDef logs the coin paid and the item now


• Some backend stuff for the camera has been optimized
• If a controlled character is more than a certain distance away from a specific other
character, don't update their terrain type (this prevents an extra raycast)
• WvW:
• Commander markers should no longer cause severe server lag


• The hint dialog is disabled on non-dev builds
• The installer has been disabled on live
• Beginnings of the reward Ul have gone in
• The reward manager persists through different types of rewards (IE daily/monthly
achievement completion, map completion, tournament loot)
• VOcan now play for hints
• NPC interaction icons have been corrected
• Sorting arrows are no longer displayed if you cannot sort
• Shard selection dialog boxes resize themselves dynamically to fit the strings they contain
• Level up unlock alerts are now level up unlock hints
• Max level experience bar polish/issue fixup
• Character select doesn't kick you back to character creation
• The commerce panel uses the commerce background again
• Inventory defaults to 5 units wide
• Achievement alert polish
• The party Ul shows team members again
• "Move to Target" option moved up in the options dialog
• Added a reset button to the Mystic Forge
• The experience bar can now show Glory
• Skill damage floaters are no longer deferred to later attacks
• Mystic item tooltips
• Fixed an image scaling bug
• Client gadgets were substituting Blue/Green shard names into the wrong areas
• Mystic Forge now pops up a dialog box when you discover a recipe
• Added a (possibly temporary) overflow label to the compass when in an overflow map
• Guaranteed and selectable rewards have been swapped
• Fixed a reward dialog sizing bug
• Added the option to disable AoE rings
• The experience bar displays properly at level 80
• Persistent reward select alerts show up under the map layer
• Hero dialog PvP polish
• Skill challenge markers should no longer be broken
• The window buttons have backgrounds
• Window visibility checks have been improved
• We now display the name of the item that's in an invalid slot
• Added new URLs that direct to GW2 support
• Added character context menu options for travelling to a party member's shard
• Select reward alerts have been moved away from the side of the screen
• Professions that did not have a hue value now have one
• Reward polish
• Only show the keybinds tab when logged in
• Compass:
• Reducing object count for better performance (for now)

• World select:
• Re-added world filtering that checks for content per world

• WvW:
• Enemy pets and players are named with their shard name instead of team color
• Sectors can be marked up to have their shard name displayed
• Added "Go to WvW" button to the WvW score screen
• Commander markers no longer disappear after exiting a siege weapon
• Join WvW buttons use the correct world name for maps and actually take players
to WvW on Alpha
• Left-clicking on a commander icon opens a context menu (with only one option
at the moment)
• The chat user context menu has an option to join that player's squad

• Chat:

• Team chatting is prevented in all non-WvW and non-PvP maps
• Team chat is now game-server based
• Player scene and chatter lines are not shown as bubbles
• Support for map-wide chat (/shout, /yell, /y) has been hooked up
• /say and /local are now radius and reporting based instead of event based
(current radius is 2000)

• Hints:

• Dialog now updates as hints are completed
• Category heights are now consistent
• Downed penalty hint
• Conditions
• Boons
• Equipment broken
• Waypoints
• Achievements
• Damaged equipment
• Upgrade components
• Crafting stations
• Resource nodes
• Stealing
• Fixed the attunement hint
• Change the Adrenaline and Life Force hints to require two uses to complete
each hint
• Salvage kits
• Ranger pet bar
• Ranger pet controls
• Guardian virtues
• Mesmer shatters
• Engineer tool belt
• Meta events
• Renown rewards
• Ranger pet charm
• Pet panel
• Escape now cancels out of hints
• Added a "New" category to the hint dialog
• Added "NEW" indicators for recently completed hints
• Party invites
• Text now displays properly

• PvP:

• Fixed an error response from Play Now noticed during BWE1
• Added the tournament Ul (and polish)
• PvP now sends grand totals of glory and rank points earned during
the match for display on the client
• Match countdown UI
• Fixed the experience bar hiding in PvP
• Tournament roster fixes
• The match countdown isn't displayed if you're already in a match
• Tournament invite button bling
• Added a tooltip to the PvP scoreboard join team button
• The tournament roster now handles scrolling
• The roster size is limited to the max team size
• Added a roster button to the tournament details
• Cumulative Glory is no longer shown in the hero dialog
• Added more error strings for tournament errors
• The tournament roster now sorts

• Guild:

• Emblem - Update the paper doll when the guild changes
• The vault log shows the amounts that are deposited or withdrawn

• Mystic Forge:

• The "Forge" button will only be enabled when 4 items with a match are slotted
• Inventory items fade in/out over time
• General polish
• Enable/disable the craft and reset buttons based on the slotted item count

• Items:

• Transmuted items are no longer colored purple; they now take on the rarity
color of their attribute item
• Legendary items are now purple

• Launcher:

• Localized text and text box have been resized for the stress test
• The launcher now shows the amount downloaded
• Large numbers are no longer bugged
• Auto-play has been fixed

• Inventory:

• We log the deletion of items on import if the item type changes so we can
attempt to move items that can't be imported to the equipment to inventory
or overflow


• Skill point challenges added

Из другого источника:

- Справка по игре
- Обновленная панель "Торговля" (как минимум, магазин кристаллов)
- Радиус действия локального чата (say) существенно уменьшен
- Добавлена возможность "крика" на всю карту (/shout, /map)
- Исправлено несколько клиентских и серверных вылетов
- Теперь при настройке кнопок можно использовать "shift+кнопка"
- В игру включены награды за полное исследование карты (map complete rewards)
- Добавлены предметы, привязанные к аккаунту
- Улучшено масштабирование спавна в событиях на низких уровнях
- Улучшена механика работы страха (Fear)
- В игру добавлены награды за рост в PvP-рангах
- Улучшения в "биндах" кнопок, добавлены дополнительные кнопки мыши
- Исправлено много багов с подводными интерактивными объектами
- Добавлено много подсказок для разных элементов интерфейса
- Множество улучшений в интерфейсе
- На WvW карту добавлены квесты на очки умений
- Проведены оптимизации для уменьшения "Portal lag"
- ArenaNet усовершенствовала ряд старых и добавила ряд новых визуальных эффектов
- Для гаджетов и турелей введена концепция права собственности и управления. Это значит, что собственник осадного орудия может принудительно "выселить" из него других персонажей, если захочет пострелять сам
- Трейты разбиты на ступени (trait tiers)
- Персонажи получили возможность стоять в очереди сразу на несколько карт
- К участию в чемпионатах можно приглашать и игроков со статусом "оффлайн"
- Пушки в WvW отображают красные круги прицеливания для противников
- Проведены усовершенствования в работе и удобстве использования Mystic Forge
- Петов у класса Ranger больше нельзя мгновенно возвращать к жизни за счет использования механизма их смены
- Вражеские игроки и петы в WvW стали обозначаться названием их мира-сервера, а не цветом команды
- В создании AoE-комбо могут принимать участие только 5 уникальных бойцов
- Добавлены бусты за славу
- Добавлена возможность присоединится командой к PVP сражению
и множество других изменений, как больших, так и едва заметных.

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Re: Изменения от 16.05
это ж для dev билда, а не для BWE
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Re: Изменения от 16.05
Сообщение от Nekk:
это ж для dev билда, а не для BWE
Список запланированных изменений от 16.05.2015 (c)
при чем тут бвэ?

Re: Изменения от 16.05
Сообщение от Kataeva:
Список запланированных изменений от 16.05.2015 (c)
при чем тут бвэ?
Просто это утёкший старый патчноут для внутренней версии, который может смутить людей. Особенно, если сегодня до вечера должны опубликовать нормальный патчноут.
Если хочешь, то пусть будет этот. Просто в новом будет примерно тоже самое.
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Re: Изменения от 16.05
Ну а в чем проблема? Будет новая тема с новой датой. Тут нет цели запостить что-то интересное. Просто раздел для всех фиксов. Кому нужно почитают.

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