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Multiplayer. War of the Vikings: Новые карты, классы и другое
Автор темы: Штирлиц
Дата создания: 07.11.2013 23:27
Аватар для Штирлиц
GoHa.Ru - Старожил На страже закона
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Multiplayer. War of the Vikings: Новые карты, классы и другое
Разработчики многопользовательской игры War of the Vikings сообщают об установке патча под названием Blood Eagle - "Bloðorn". WotV сейчас в раннем доступе в сервисе Steam.
Патч в себя включает обновлённые эффекты крови, возможность подбирать оружие убитых, 2 новые карты и 3 новых класса.

New Content
- Map: Crag (Arena)
- Map: Monastery (TDM & Arena)
- Feature: Dynamic Blood Effects
Blood now splatters on both characters and environments
- Feature: Weapon Looting
Upon death a character will drop their equipped equipment, making it available for others to pick up. Currently carried throwing weapons are automatically picked up when run over.
- Perk: Blood Thirst
- Perk: Eagle Eye
- 4 Helmets
- 4 Profiles
- Added a sensitivity option for first person view (aiming with bows)

- Reworked perk descriptions to always include numbers when used
- Changelog now scales depending on screen resolution
- Added possibility to open in-game scoreboard during round end
- Reworked Brawler Perk
No longer protects from melee interrupts, but protects from all ranged interrupt

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to read perks of a character not previously selected
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to chat in profile selection menu
- Fixed a bug where players were receiving more deaths than intended in certain instances
- Fixed a bug where sensitivity was not always saved between sessions
- Fixed several exploits in Forest

Known Issues
- Throwing Weapons may occasionaly become unlootable


New Profiles

The Unstoppable Champion is a heavy tank-type character built all around being able to successfully engage and take out well defended enemy positions.
Class - Champion
Primary Weapon - One Handed Sword
Secondary Weapon - Throwing Axes
Shield - Yes
Perks - Stubborn, Brawler, Hard Hitter, Juggernaut

This Bloodthirsty Champion is all about getting in the middle of a fight and never looking back due to getting health back on successful kills.
Class - Champion
Primary Weapon - Dane Axe
Secondary Weapon - Throwing Knives
Shield - No
Perks - Subborn, Brawler, Hard Hitter, Blood Thirst

Being a Versatile Warrior is all about going in to a fight and never having to leave, something this character perfectly achieves with an all round well balanced loadout.
Class - Warrior
Primary Weapon - Dane Axe
Secondary Weapon - One Handed Sword
Shield - Yes
Perks - Jack of all Trades, Adrenaline Rush, Agile Fighter, Hard Hitter

Arena Maps

Crag: Sometimes harsh terrain was in the way of a valuable raiding target and the Vikings had to pass it on foot. This time the defending Saxon militia managed to ambush the Viking raiders when they were trying to pass through a steep mountain side. The battle moved on to a small crag in the side of the mountain where the final showdown will take place. This Arena map is all about fast thinking, aggression and forcing your enemies to expose their positions and backs.

Monastery 2.0: After the comparatively easy raid on Lindisfarne, the Vikings saw monasteries as top priority targets containing little defended valuable loot. What they did not expect was the fierce, religiously enforced Saxon defenders that were not about to give up their holy grounds to the Norsemen that easy. This favorite map from the September Alpha has been revised, improved and prepared for a comeback in Phase Bloðorn. With new added paths and options this map is won by superior positioning and careful thinking.

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