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Its Me SabreTooth
Автор темы: SabreTooth
Дата создания: 27.11.2003 04:29
Старый 27.11.2003, 04:29
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Its Me SabreTooth
Hail brother marines
Im a br20 cr4.6 trooper/commander who recently joined your outfit after leaving my old outfit which was Mox.

Mox was a great outfit but i wasnt happy with how a few of them followed my orders when i was commanding and so i decided to leave and look for a new outfit.
I saw a global message for help to take a tower from tanyushka just after id left and decided to try to help.
When i harted in there was only me and tanyush there but we ended up taking the tower and holding it for quite a while even under quite heavy attack.

I was impressed by tanyushkas skills and i asked if i could join Millenieum Marines and was allowed to

Never been on a russian outfit before so i thought that was quite interesting too im from england myself.

Well thats about it if anyones still reading :seleep)
I hope we can still platoon and squad with Mox as i still have alot of friends there
Старый 27.11.2003, 06:40
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Re: Its Me SabreTooth
Well i left millenium marines.

??? Is what your thinking im sure.

I just find myself getting frustrated too easily latley and think i will go outfitless for a while and do my own thing as im just messing people around and probably making enemys out of people who should be friends.

What happeend was we were attacking a tech centre on ceryshen and couldnt get the tower so i organised a galaxy drop and all my old squad recalled and boarded it who we were platooning with and hardly any of millenium did.

Now i wasnt in command at the time and maybee they thought it wasnt a good idea even.
Or possibly they didnt see it was the battle was so intense or maybee didnt understand as english i realise isnt alot of your first language.

Anyways this is just how i am latley and i think im better of without an outfit untill i sort myself out and decide what i want to do and it was stupid just to rush into a new outfit anyways i spose just because i was impressed by one person even tho Tanyushka is an excellent leader he or she is one person and i should of taken more time to get to know people and see how i fitted in with the rest of the outfit.

Anyways i hope you dont think im too much of an idiot and ive tryed to explain.

Good luck on the battlefields comrades
I hope we can still squad together sometimes

Thanks to all for making me so welcome even in such a short stay and it is only a game so dont think too bad of me.

Hope we can still squad together sometimes
Старый 28.11.2003, 00:56
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Re: Its Me SabreTooth
Its ok its not that i dont like the outfit i do and you have some cool members too.

Maybee i shouldnt of expected people to recall anyways as i wasnt in command at the time but i did think it was the right call to make and the other reason may of probably been down to the fact the majority of the outfit is russian based and so are most likly to respond quickest and take notice of whats said in their first language which will be russian of course

I think i probably left mox too quickly anyways in the first place without talking to them and explaining things that were bothering me at the time as i should off.
We are all on the terran side anyways so we can still platoon and squad together

I will check your names on this forum and the russian one and try to add all the people i know to my friends list and hopefully still squad and platoon with you guys.

I should of waited a while after leaving mox and thought over what to do properly and it was foolish to join another outfit so soon even tho i was really impressed by Tanyushkas skills
It would of been better just to join the squad tan was on and get to know people before considering joining another outfit and in future i will do this as i dont want to make people like yourselves not like me.

See you on the battlefield comrades

Старый 12.01.2007, 11:29
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GoHa.Ru II Степени
Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
история )
Старый 13.01.2007, 13:40
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Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
А на русском в общих чертах ?
Старый 13.01.2007, 22:58
Аватар для Freg
Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
Читал по-диагонали но общую суть понял.
Вобщим саблезуб покинул свой старый оутфит МоХ, и решил присоединиться к Милмаринам, так как его(ее?) поразила игра члена ММ танюшки(вроде так :)).
Но в скором времени он(она) решил покинуть ММ, дескать слишком необдуманное это было решение и т.п.
Старый 18.01.2007, 12:18
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Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
Короче он покинул Мох ибо ему не нравилось как некоторые его приказы исполняют, тут он увидел как зажигает в башне танюшка, прочувствовался и попросился в ММ. А потом они воевали за цери в платуне с Мох, он решил всех отреколить, мох отреколился, а ММ положили на него сою колбасу, так что он ушел из мм.
Старый 18.01.2007, 15:24
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Millennium Marines
Зомби мутанта
Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
да просто ему было не особо конфортно в русском аутфите вот и свалил )
хотя когда у нас были англоговорящие члены, мы старались общаться только на инглише, но в разгар боя за всем не уследишь )

Xopb - Sage
Rualyn - пирохлоро кто то там
Старый 21.01.2007, 11:20
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Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
Кстати а кто токо(й,ая,ое) Sabrinatooth? это часом не он?
Старый 11.03.2010, 18:21
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Ответ: Its Me SabreTooth
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