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Патчноуты апдейта - сентябрь 2019

Дата выхода: 10 сентября 2019 года

Features & Changes:

  • New sound effects to go with new and improved visuals of wormholes.
  • Two new pieces of semi-procedurally generated music for wormholes. These compositions are an indication of how music in wormhole space will sound in the very near future as we're working on more compositions which will be ready in the next few months.

  • Cynosural Field Generator I now only able to be fit to Force Recon Ships and Black Ops Battleships.

Fitting Warnings:
The Fitting Warnings feature analyses the fitting of your ships, warns you when your fit is off in some way and give you hints on how to fix the issues. The warnings range in severity from Red (problems with the fit that would prohibit you from fitting everything, undocking, warping or jumping) to White (elements that are not strictly bad but could cause confusion or a sub-optimal experience)There are 4 new icons in the Fitting window, each of them is only displayed if any of the rules in the corresponding category are broken.
Hovering over the warning icons will list the respective warnings along with highlighting the elements of the fitting that are causing the warning

The warnings are:
  • Crucial (Red):
    • The ship's CPU is overloaded
    • The ship's Powergrid overloaded
    • The ship's Cargo is overloaded
    • The ship is a Strategic Cruiser and is missing a subsystem
  • Warning (Yellow):
    • The ship has Invalid modules fitted (for example after a ship has been rebalanced or when swapping subsystems on a Strategic Cruiser)
    • Some fitted Modules are not providing bonus (for example if you have a Magnetic Field Stabilizer fit but all your guns are projectiles turrets)
    • Mixing turret groups
    • Mixing turret sizes
    • Mixing launcher groups
    • Both Shield and Armor modules fitted
    • Offline modules
  • Info (white):
    • Armor tanking a ship categorized as shield ship
    • Shield tanking a ship categorized as armor ship
    • Polarized weapons fitted
  • Missing skills
    • Skills for the ship or fitted modules are missing
    • Skills for items in the ships cargohold are missing

  • Ships that bump while attempting to enter warp will now automatically enter warp if they remain in the pre-warp state for three minutes continuously. Scramblers or any other form of canceling the warp will reset this timer.
  • The user interface for entering warp has been updated significantly to clearly display the "Establishing Warp Vector" phase before the ship fully enters warp and to display a progress bar that indicates how close the ship is to entering warp.
  • All FoF missiles now have a Maximum FoF targeting range which they will correctly enforce when choosing a target.

  • We have made improvements to our Post Processing System, improving its performance, and allowing more effects and scenes to use it to full advantage.
  • We improved the visuals of wormholes and suns on Low Shader settings - Suns will no longer be just a flat colored circle and be more representative of what is visible on high settings, and wormholes will now display the destination system at their center, as they do on high settings. We also took the opportunity to improve the Wormhole graphics on High Shader settings as well, improving their three-dimensionality.
  • CEP and Caldari Navy have awarded new construction contracts to PKN Interstellar for the Jita system.

  • Introducing the T2 Low-Grade Implant Set, Mimesis. Now available in a DED LP Store near you.

  • The percentage price change listed in the market ticker will now display price changes over 7 days rather than 1 day.

  • Added Industrial Cynosural Field Generator.
  • Can be fit by Industrials, Deep Space Transports and Blockade Runners.
  • Industrial Cynosural Fields can be jumped to by Jump Freighters and Black Ops Battleships.
  • Requires Cynosural Field Theory I to activate.
  • Data and Relic analyzer modules can no longer auto-repeat, since auto-repeating is almost always an incorrect choice for these modules.
  • Removed all overheat options from the module r-click menu if you do not have the thermodynamics skill trained.

Missions & NPCs:
  • Ventures are no longer able to capture Faction Warfare Complexes.
  • The Triglavian Collective are proceeding to exert their influence in new areas of New Eden. Systems located in Low Security regions have reported the presence of invading Triglavian forces.

Science & Industry:
  • Added blueprint for Industrial Cynosural Field Generator.

  • Added 50% bonus to Cynosural Field Duration for Black Ops Battleships.
  • A number of ships have had their trait icons adjusted to reflect the creation of the new "Armor or Shield" tanking trait.

  • New characters no longer start with the Thermodynamics skill automatically trained. This change has been made so that new players can choose when to begin engaging with the higher complexity of overloading their modules rather than having the system pushed on them immediately.

Text & Descriptions:
  • Renamed the "Medical Clone Location" to "Home Station".

User Interface:
  • Returned the Wallet button to the default Neocom layout.
  • The settled system tab for NPC corporations has been improved to more clearly show their nearest station.
  • Added a Buy all option in the Kill report window.
  • Added Skills on Demand in tooltips on items and in the fitting window.
  • When attempting to repackage multiple items, if at least one of them is a container, a special warning message will be shown.
  • New button style for the action buttons in the info panel.

New Player Experience:
  • Update the UI for the tutorial page in the Agency.
  • Tutorial operations can no longer be repeated.
  • Removed an instruction during the tutorial to stop the players ship.

Defect Fixes:

  • Returned the Simulation button to its previous more prominent version.
  • Simulation: Modules on T3 cruisers are now being offlined, if they are being invalidated due to a subsystem change, which removes the slot.
  • Simulation: Ships will now only show as unflyable if the pilot is missing the direct required prerequisite.
  • Simulation: T3 Subsystems are no longer listed as offline in tooltips when simulating T3 Strategic Cruisers

  • Addressed issue that would allow multiple Ancillary Armor Repairers to be fit to one ship
  • Corrected the Market Group for the Arbitrator Triglavian Twilight SKIN.
  • Fighters are now returning closer to the ship, when recalling them while in warp.

  • Tweaked location of the killmarks on the Phobos.
  • Adjusted material maps for the Caldari Cruiser Blackbird and variations.
  • Fixed issue with blinking black square inside Amarr hangars.
  • Fixed issue with Tactical Destroyer not updating mode while changing SKIN in space.
  • Fixed issue with the sound on the Command Burst module so it doesn't repeat itself when quickly zooming in and out from the target ship.
  • Fixed issue with Aura alert not playing with Energy Weapons.
  • Fixed issue with Combat Music not resuming when raising Music Level Bar from 0.
  • Fixed issue with missing logo on Astrahus.

  • Addressed non localized Connection Lost notification.

Missions & NPCs:
  • Some tweaks have been made to the career agent mission "Angel of Mercy" to reduce the likelihood that a player will bring the wrong ship into the mission location.
  • The mission now provides a disruption frigate from the player's faction as the intended ship for completing the mission.
  • The acceleration gate used to enter the mission location is now more restrictive about which ships are allowed to pass.

  • The Description of the Networked Sensor Array now clearly explain its Warp Scramble effect.
  • Removed unnecessary attributes from the show-info window of Cynosural Beacons.

  • The Logistics Control Array structures within the Override Transfer Array incursion site have been updated to use the hacking minigame instead of the old random chance mechanic.

  • Buying a skill through Skills on Demand no longer buys and trains further missing
  • skills if they are not a direct required prerequisite (for example if a pilot is missing a secondary prerequisite due to a previous skill balance).

  • Addressed distance in space rounding error.
  • Fixed an issue where logs from the client would indicate when a cloaked ship on grid initiates warp.

Text & Descriptions:
  • Various spelling, grammar and punctuation fixes.

User Interface:
  • Addressed placeholder text at end of Tutorial video
  • Updated Loyalty Point Exchange dialogue to properly reflect purchase amount when adjusting Points using arrow inputs
  • Improved the behavior of linking an inventory filter.
  • Reducing the character limit for inventory filter names to 100, to fix issues that were occurring when sharing the filters.
  • Improved the ordering logic for importing skills into the skill queue.
  • Improved the client performance when opening a kill report which includes many attackers.
  • Fixed an issue where the undock warning popup was being ignored after having cancelled a previous undock attempt.
  • Fixed an occurrence of an issue that could cause a module to be missing from the HUD after undocking.
  • Improved the loading speed of information in the Planetary Production page of the Agency.
  • Fixed an issue where in the Agency Asteroid Belt page, in the Ore Availability tool tip, Ores were being associated with the wrong race.
  • Fixed an issue where the highlights in the tutorial could block the contextual menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the entries for the Epic Arc in the Agency could become duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where the standings requirement for the Blood-Stained Stars epic arc was listed as -10 in the Agency.

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