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Plan for GoD
Автор темы: Altis Asmodey
Дата создания: 23.01.2004 17:35
Старый 23.01.2004, 17:35
Аватар для Altis Asmodey
Altis Asmodey
Plan for GoD
Plan for GoD

Day 1: Oooh and Aaa over new features, graphics and zones
Day 2: Kill trash in said zones whilst madly xtelling all our mates to get the l337 beta ino
Day 3: Slag off all the features graphics and zones we liked on day 1
Days 4-14: find interesting ring events and wipe on them due to bugs
Day 15: Browse flame boards while waiting for emergancy patch to finish
Day 16: Retry those ring events and find out they are worse than before but thats ok because they fucked up bard songs in the patch so at least we get some humour
Days 17-30 : Start killing stuff that drops loot comparible to Ssra whilst hitting fo EP damage with more hp than luclin mobs, more dps than PoP mobs and 19 random ae\'s that make your eyes bleed.
Day 31: Someone in some uber guild finds some loot that beats all previous versions for that class/race but wont of course tell you where it dropped
Day 32: rats gets Drunken master monk AA and we spend a day laughing at him for wasting 15aa
Day 33 onwards TCR leaves PoTime behind as we finally find a source of loot thats better than Time


day 100 : SoE nerfs our new loot.


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