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Space Engineers - Обновление 1.041
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 31.07.2014 21:04
Аватар для INOK
Space Engineers - Обновление 1.041
Разработчики космического сандбокса Space Engineers выпустили очередное обновление к игре, которое существенно оживило возможности контроля различных блоков, добавило возможность устанавливать оружие на роторы и поршни, появились дополнительные панели инструментов, усовершенствованы сетевые протоколы, а также исправлены некоторые ошибки.

- control blocks through toolbar
- fire weapons which are attached with rotors and pistons
- multiple toolbars (switching by dot and comma)
- re-enabled the save confirmation on leave for autosave worlds

- reduced network bandwidth for all moving objects
- reduced idle network bandwidth (when player sits in ship and doing nothing)
- fixed VSync crash
- fixed few spelling errors
- fixed too fragile piston
- fixed piston copy/paste glitch
- fixed issue when piston was pasted without top part
- fixed issue with piston physics
- fixed pistons functioning without power
- fixed issue when piston was not working on converted platform
- fixed crash while adding cargo container under the piston
- fixed issue when piston’s top part gets separated when platform is merged with ship
- fixed crash when retracting a chain of pistons at once
- fixed spamming reverse breaking pistons
- fixed issue when pressing "No" on exit the world was saved anyway
- fixed overriding thruster force causes all thrusters facing the same way to fire
- fixed custom color was not saved after exiting the world
- fixed cost of recharging battery is called "Sprint"
- fixed 1x1 wheels popping out after merge
- fixed explosives not doing damage after explosion on dedicated server
- fixed rotors floating in the air after client merges two grids
- fixed turret rectangle is visible when weapons are not enabled in world
- fixed issue when control panel items were clickable even when they were invisible
- fixed delete block sound volume was too loud when deleting many blocks with symmetry
- fixed full batteries still using energy
- fixed crash when ":" was written into search-box
- fixed turrets target stuff on when moving

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