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Space Engineers - Обновление 1.040
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 25.07.2014 20:59
Аватар для INOK
Space Engineers - Обновление 1.040
Не покладающие рук разработчики из студии Keen Software House выпустили обновление 1.040 для космического сандбокса Space Engineers, который находится в стадии раннего доступа на сервисе Steam.

В игре появились поршни, которые можно использовать для создания техники, стала доступна возможность установки автоматического принятия в гильдию, при взломе вашего оборудования выводится уведомление, двигатели теперь можно запускать с помощью простого терминала, что позволяет создавать небольшие беспилотные объекты, оснащенные всевозможными средствами разрушения.
Кроме этого в игре появились другие усовершенствования, а также были исправлены ошибки.

- pistons
- factions: enabled/disabled member auto-approval
- hacking/breach HUD notification
- thrusters can work without cockpit - through terminal
- blast door blocks (4 types, durability will be balanced in the next updates)
- rotor height adjustment
- semi-auto mode for battery

- fixed issue when player could not leave respawn screen
- fixed large antenna texture bug
- fixed steering wheels losing sync
- fixed lags with batteries turned to charging mode
- fixed few instances of death-loop
- fixed multiplayer filter issues
- fixed visible aiming rectangle when turret is of after loading new world
- fixed issue when placing a new landing gear/station block without resources in survival mode was fully built
- fixed missing permanent death configuration when starting DS
- fixed issue with block preview when in 3rd person view
- optimized netcode for creating floating objects

Corrected title to "Update 01.040"
People write they would like to see netcode updates...

I've just realized, we've optimized netcode for creating floating objects:
explosions in asteroids, throwing out items from inventories/ejectors/connectors, destroying cargo containers and possibly drilling
...this now uses much less network bandwidth [smile]
(multiple created objects are now batched into one network packet, information transferred per object was also reduced)

We're optimizing biggest network issues first and creating floating objects was one of them even though it may seem unimportant.

EDIT 07/25/14:
Update 01.040.014
- fixed two different crashes when exiting from the cockpit
- fixed crash in toolbar
- fixed crash with pistons
- fixed pistons flying away after changing the color
- fixed crash in asteroids (caused issues when loading a world or starting DS)
- fixed player cannot move issue
- fixed issues with mods not loading (there's still problem with model textures)

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