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PvP server ne sposobstwuet osdorowleniyu nerwow...
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Дата создания: 16.02.2003 22:15
Старый 16.02.2003, 22:15
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PvP server ne sposobstwuet osdorowleniyu nerwow...

Na nashej besposhjadnoj wwwboard TZT pislalos wsjakoe - no takoe ja uwidel wperwie...

Why do you think Germany (which i lived in for 10 years) has such great benifits <payed med,dental, schooling ect> because they dont put almost anything into the military budget like canada and why is that?? because AMERICA does, we protect the world from the tyranny.If america didnt keep russia in check durning the cold war, building more nukes to balance russia ect.. guess what?? the world would be speaking russian right now with no other country to hold them in check. Not saying they wanted to take the world, but with them holding the nukes what could we say if they wanted to??

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Старый 18.02.2003, 05:38
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А прикольно бы было если бы весь мир по русски говорил , в EQ бы легче было бы играть[img]images/smiles/icon_smile_hmm.gif[/img] . Вот почему сони руссифицированную EQ невыпустила ?

Baron Duegar Warhammer/Quellious
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