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Вероятно халява на евро
Автор темы: ne-X-us
Дата создания: 26.06.2013 19:21
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Вероятно халява на евро
Висел тикет по поводу недоступности соул из Сторм Легион для старого перса... Сегодня пришло такое письмо

Greetings Ascended,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to your recent experiences in RIFT. We want to begin by apologizing for the long delay prior to replying to your request for support. We have been positively overwhelmed by the reaction to RIFT over the past two weeks.

Due to this overwhelming response, and the number of support requests we have received as a result, we have been unable to provide each request the individual attention that we would like in a timely fashion. We have made a number of updates over the past week, and it is our sincere hope that your issue is no longer outstanding and has since been resolved. In the event that you may have lost or not received an item in-game we understand that often times a short time later you may have acquired that item or a better item in its place.

We at Trion are committed to providing you the best player experience and customer support available. With the goal of addressing each of you as quickly as possible, while also hoping to remove these requests which no longer require assistance we have placed your request into a “waiting status”. If you still require assistance with your original issue then please update that request within the next 72 hours with the statement “I still need assistance with my original request” and we will reply to your issue in the order in which it was initially received.

To aid us in compensating you for these actions we have applied 750 credits, and the associated loyalty, to your account.
To aid us in compensating you for these actions we have applied 750 credits, and the associated loyalty, to your account.
Походу автоматом начисляют (мне уже начислили) 750 кристалов на любой тикет (моя проблема не решена). Дерзайте...

Wake up! Time to die!
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Re: Вероятно халява на евро
Ну за то что долго решают - начисляют. Вопрос за каждый ли тикет? :)

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Re: Вероятно халява на евро
видимо вопрос ни как не решался и тебе дали кристалы
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