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Maps! (dedicated group?)
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Maps! (dedicated group?)
So myself, DickScotchFist, and IncubatorJones are either finished with, or soon to finish merciless difficulty, and we'll be looking to start doing maps groups (softcore). Hopefully there are others here interested in doing maps, and if so it would be great if they could post their character names here once they've finished a3 merciless and are ready to start maps.

What are maps? Maps are the end game of PoE. Unlike Diablo 3, where you find yourself endlessly farming act 3 over and over again, PoE has item drops called maps, which you take to the eternal laboratory to open portals to the map zone. The eternal laboratory waypoint is unlocked by talking to the gemling queen after beating the game.

Most maps that drop in the game will be white items. You can increase their quality with orbs just as you would any other item. The properties maps gain generally make them more difficult, but also increases the quantity of items they drop. A good strategy for how you should orb your maps is outlined in this post on the official forums:

Map Management Resource

Map looting etiquette appears to generally be that items go to the person named (so people aren't rushing to pick stuff up and getting killed - or wiping the group), and that any additional maps that drop go to the person who opened the map - thus if you use your maps, your maps get replenished. As a group we have also decided that valuable white/blue items (namely 5/6L armors and weapons) will go to the map opener.

Higher level maps only drop inside maps themselves. In merciless only level 66 maps will drop. In 66 maps you can get 67 and 68 maps, and so on. The map drop rate is good enough inside of maps that having to go back to farm more maps in merciless is not too likely, so long as you start with 10+ maps (to account for the RNG).

When you open a map in the eternal laboratory, six portals are opened connecting to the map. Going through one of the portals consumes it, so that if you die or town portal out, there will be five remaining, etc. Town portals don't take you to town, they take you back to the eternal laboratory. Conveniently, they are also permanent in the map. Opening a town portal has the effect of simply moving the entry portal for that map to your current location.

Happy map running, looking forward to playing with you guys!

For convenience, I'll edit the map runner list into the OP here, as they are posted:

Character name - incgamers name
ArsVishnu - magicrectangle
Incubator_Jones - IncubatorJones
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