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March of the Eagles - Патч 1.01
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 20.03.2013 00:48
Аватар для INOK
March of the Eagles - Патч 1.01

Разработчики из Paradox Development Studio выпустили первый патч к исторической стратегии March of the Eagles, который добавляет в игру полный набор инструментов для моддинга, а также вносит изменения в геймплей и исправляет некоторые ошибки игры.

Были улучшена система прокладывания путей отступления для войск, войска с низким боевым духом не смогут вступать на контролируемую врагом территорию. Был добавлен новый контент в виде новых исторических личностей, новой механики сражений и звуков.

- Intercept works when moving to the province.
- No merging of wars.
- Changed retreat to have maximum days.
- userdir.txt can now be used to set user directory (ie settings and save games)
- Added minimize button to single unit panel.
- low morale units cannot move into hostile provinces
- Added disable sound and music separate and just not disable master.
- Added weather effect on island fortress.
- Flanks that flee during first hours of combat take more casualties

- fixed Gameplay Small armies running around the battlefield that is quite hard to get rid of
- fixed Naval AI: tries to blockage as much as it can even with a too small fleet
- fixed Transport shouldn't increase positioning as much
- Naval ai more able to start blockades.
- Blockade ai uses intercept
- Fixed Spelling error in Military Access messages
- Fixed Spelling errors in Tutorial Chapter 5, Page 7
- Fixed [Map/Decision] Lauenburg, Berg & Kingdom of westphalia
- Fixed Objectives review - adding and moving some objectives
- Added validation data to ledger interface military tab to prevent CTD due to invalid army.
- Changed some strange garrison related checks in combat system.
- More guarantees from the ai.
- Fixed Morocco does not have a capital
- Fixed 2107: Guriev to Orenburg
- Fixed Event Mustafa IV for OE
- Fixed Map: Knin 945 complain
- Fixed Missing Berg Ruler
- Fixed Tooltip gives monthly replacement rate, but says daily.
- Fixed Can't create westphalia if satellites?
- Fixed march to sound of guns to not teleport over blocked straits.
- Fixed garrison correct retreat if attacked outside fort.
- Ai redistribution of leaders.
- Bombard phase more dependent of leader skill.
- Fixed Unit Mislabeled in the French OOB
- Fixed Map: cores changes
- Fixed Unit Graphics are the wrong countries in the 2e Corps
- Changed naval experience scale to match the 1 ship squadron size.
- Added tooltip to single unit panel minimize/maximize.
- Corrected retreat behavior when fighting at fort.
- optimized owner area pathfind
- large army ai
- fixed leader frontage trait
- automatic flank composition slightly better at getting commands.
- starting relations between aus - tur better
- peace ai more prone to accept good peace deals in long wars
- peace ai more prone to demand peace deals in long wars
- Fixed reserves getting targeted when they should be safe.
- Fixed transfer subunit issue with "dead" brigades.
- Fixed fault in checkhideinfortress.
- Fixed AI peace offer occupied check and tweaked the spam frequency.
- Remade faulty supply coeff + fixed tooltip.
- Fixed culture map mode problems
- Changed trigger tooltip to use X instead of * for false.
- Changed so CallAllyActions localization ACTOR allways is the coalition leader.
- Concede defeat victor prestige gain is now capped to the defeated prestige.
- Hide in fort units will not automatic join combat in besieged province
- Fixed repair at sea.
- Fixed redundant "Battle of" in warscore tooltip.
- Removed warscore tooltip battle entries with value less that 0.1
- Fixed automatic return of expeditionary forces when not fighting wars together and not in coalition
- Fixed AI regular army not to try to leave fortress under siege if no chance to win.
- Fixed hiding in fortress not to trigger false when enemy is moving from province and thus attacking them.
- Fixed dominant check to take the country with highest dominance score as successor. Second check is on country strength.
- Fixed Danish generals: 4 new ones + 1 correction
- Fixed Bavarian generals: 8 new ones
- No ref count graphics optimization
- Large army fixes
- Long war peace deals.
- Morale from out of supply not blocked.
- Fixed Map: cores changes
- Fixed Saxony generals: 5 new, 3 corrections, 2 moves
- Island fortress interface fix
- Army AI fixes
- Added sveaborg as island fortress and degraded it to lvl 2.
- Added extended island fortress tooltip.
- CanBeAnnexed only calcs peace cost from citys and not all provinces.
- Fixed rallypoint mapicons displayed not pruned by owner country.
- Fixed naval rallypoint in militaryview to show up correctly when set on province with no valid landpath.
- Tiny Soldiers(tm) fix.
- Fixed reset of peaceoffer when using back button.
- Fixed AI army missing invasion target.
- Fixed Event 10070 not working
- Attrition on zero strength brigades no longer removes the brigade.
- Super small out of supply units can still get supplies.

- Mod system from CK2
- Fixed faulty mod file handling.
- Fixed mod savegame paths.

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