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Список срочных исправлений патча 5.2 от 11 марта
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Список срочных исправлений патча 5.2 от 11 марта

Опубликован список срочных исправлений от 11 марта 2013 года к обновлению 5.2 «Властелин Грома» для MMORPG World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, сообщил официальный американский сайт этого проекта от Blizzard Entertainment. Предприняты изменения рейдов, подземелий и сценариев, исправлена ошибка с задержкой сигнала в начале полей сражений, а также некоторые баги.


  • Blind should now break on damage from Frozen Orb.
  • Beast of Fable: Players should now be able to obtain credit for defeating Greyhoof.
  • More Giant Dinosaur Bones and Many More Giant Dinosaur Bones can now only be completed once per day.

  • Players visiting a different realm are no longer eligible to receive loot from Oondasta or Nalak, The Storm Lord. A forum thread discussing the reasoning for this change have been created.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Oondasta to not award loot to some players.
  • Fetid Meat Pile now properly lets players that are sufficiently far away to drop out of combat.
  • Zandalari Dinomancers now have a much lower chance to drop the Zandalari Anklerender, Footslasher, Kneebiter, and Toenibbler.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • All raid bosses now drop the appropriate number of tier tokens for Raid Finder, 10/25-player normal and heroic modes.
  • Fixed an issue where Luck of the Draw would sometimes be incorrectly applied to Challenge Mode groups.

Throne of Thunder
  • Combustion now deals 100% of the player’s damage to Primordius while the player is under the effects of Fully Mutated.
  • Reduced the health of The Council of Elders for 10-player normal and heroic mode.
  • Fixed an issue with Durumu the Forgotten where Life Drain's stun was not transferring correctly.
  • Reduced the health of the Gurubashi, Amani, Drakkari, and Farraki adds on the Horridon encounter.
  • Iron Qon for 25-player normal and heroic modes had the following change: The amount of damage dealt by Unleashed Flame and number of people needed to trigger Unleashed Flame had been reduced.
  • Iron Qon for 10/25-player normal modes had the following changes: Shatter damage have been reduced by 20%, damage from Arching Lightning have been reduced by 10%, and Rising Anger stacks more slowly.

  • Fixed an issue where Lilian Voss' Dark Blaze was invisible.

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
  • The Prophet Skeram and any illusions created during the encounter no longer drop loot or provide reputation when killed. This is a temporary change to address an issue with the encounter.

  • Fixed an issue with latency near the beginning of a Battleground.


  • Creation of Lightning Steel Ingots now requires at least one of the factions to have unlocked the Thunder Forge.


  • Saurok Ritualist's Sacrificial Dagger is no longer bind-on-equip (BoE).

Bug Fixes
  • The Skin of the Saurok disguise in Ihgaluk Crag will no longer cancel Druid Moonkin and Tree of Life forms.
  • Fixed an issue where Worgen were unable to use Two Forms after crossing into a coalesced zone while in combat.

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