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Патч Retribution 1.0.1 установлен на сервер EVE
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Дата создания: 06.12.2012 11:17
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Патч Retribution 1.0.1 установлен на сервер EVE

Первый патч к дополнению Retribution – 1.0.1 – установлен на сервер sci-fi MMO EVE Online от компании CCP Games, сообщил официальный сайт игры. В обновлении были устранены некоторые ошибки, появившиеся после выхода Retribution. Исправлениям подверглись: пользовательский интерфейс, графика, Crimewatch, дроны, награды (bounty), инвентарь и модули.


User Interface
  • An issue that has been resolved which caused the 'Track Selected Item' camera mode to stop tracking when entering warp or after using the Jump/Dock/Activate key binding
  • Right-clicking and dragging in space with your mouse now temporarily disables the 'Track Selected Item' camera mode and allows you to freely move the camera on its own axis. On mouse release the camera centers back to your own ship. *Selecting any item after this will resume the 'Track Selected Item' camera mode (*only applicable if this setting was enabled)
  • Planetary interaction icons and links have had their mip levels regenerated and should no longer appear aliased.
  • Poor performance in the Corporation Recruitment search results has been resolved
  • An issue causing planetary interaction link lines to be distorted has been fixed
Chat Channels
  • An issue has been resolved that caused chat channel links in Corporation recruitment advertisements to only be visible if you were present in the channel
  • The cloaking effect will now play again after jumping through a stargate
  • Cloaking effects on tech3 strategic cruisers should once again work on every subsystem
  • Resolved an issue with the jumping cloak effect if your client was alt+tabbed
  • An issue with the display of Limited Engagements under time dilation has been resolved
  • Assisting a Factional Warfare participant with a PVP flag who is not in your faction is now a Suspect offense
  • Timers should no longer make a noise when you change locations
  • Safety window outlines should now properly scale with the UI
  • Salvage Drones can now be manufactured by a POS Drone Assembly Array.
  • The Bounty Office window will now persist between session changes such as jumping/docking.
  • The Bounty amount in the notifications you receive will no longer show decimal places.
  • The Bounty amount in the kill report will no longer show decimal places.
  • We have now forbidden placing bounty on Developer & ISD Corporations and Alliances.
  • It is possible again to transfer items to all Customs Offices.
  • Delivery of items to corporation members has been fixed.
  • Items in corporation hangar arrays are visible again.
  • Fixed an issue where certain types of bookmarks would cause unnecessary calls to the server
  • Capital remote assistance modules (Energy Transfer Arrays, Remote Armor Repairers, Remote Hull Repairers and Shield Transporters) are now affected by the same bonuses as pre-Retribution.
  • Fixed an issue which could potentially cause a crash at the login screen

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Re: Патч Retribution 1.0.1 установлен на сервер EVE
о, пошел процесс. жду еще одного допатча, потом захожу в игру, смотрю че как и после третьего допатча продолжаю играть

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