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Aion 3.7 Patch Notes (полный список на английском языке)
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Дата создания: 05.12.2012 18:33
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Aion 3.7 Patch Notes (полный список на английском языке)
На NA оффе запускают айон 3.7
Копирую сюда инфу на англ, я не очень хороший переводчик, если кто желает может перевести) или вам сюда https://forum.4game.ru/showthread.php?t=589265


1. Added a new instance, The Hexway.
Laksyaka is biding her time. She wants to move up the ladder, perhaps even become the next Dragon
Lord, but while Tiamat stands in her way, she must continue to feign loyalty. In the meantime, she begins
to stockpile valuable relics - enough to start a sizable war fund. She found the perfect place to build her
warehouse, a secret place deep in Silentera Canyon’s Unknown Lands, where she stashes artifacts from
Beshmundir Temple and other places she has raided. Her minions guard the gate, but a cunning Daeva
will be able to find a way in…
- The entrance to The Hexway is in the Unknown Lands in Silentera Canyon.

2. Added a new training area, the Unity Training Grounds, to the Crucible Coliseum.
- This is an instance where two groups of two compete until the time is up.
- Enter the instance by talking to your Training Camp Instructor NPC. (Moeris for Elyos, and Tsyarna for
- As with the existing training grounds, players can enter anytime, but will earn no reward.

[Instances] Changes to Entry Times

1. Some instances permitted reentry after certain amount of time after entry. This condition changed to
waiting until a specific hour, regardless of entry time.

2. Changed the weekend entry times for Crucible Coliseum instances.

3. Changed the reentry times for the Abyssal Splinter and the Unstable Abyssal Splinter.

[Changes to Existing Instances]

1. The Laksyaka Elite Guard Captain in Tiamat Stronghold is now level 60.

2. Fixed the teleportation device in Argent Manor that teleports you to the transformed Zadra after death.

3. Players will now exit the Arena of Unity in front of the Training Camp Instructor NPC.

4. Decreased the stats for both regular and boss monsters in the Abyssal Splinter and the Unstable
Abyssal Splinter.

5. Changed the aggro range of some monsters inside the Tiamat Stronghold.

6. Fixed a bug causing a timed instance’s timer not to appear after a character died and resurrected.

7. Added an Auto Alliance feature to certain instances. It can be accessed from the Auto Group/Alliance
option at the instance entrance.
- Note: Auto Alliance matches groups with other groups, not individual players, so players must be in a
group to use the feature.
- Using Auto Alliance will match your group with groups across all servers and transfer you to the Instance
Server when you enter the instance.
- Auto Alliance instances apply the Pledge of Victory buff as follows:

8.Players can now do the Steel Rake instances on the Fast-Track Server. Added NPCs to allow entry:

9. The timer now appears at the upper right when the final battle begins with Tiamat in the Dragon Lord's

10. Clicking the doors of the Gravity Control Lab in Tiamat Stronghold and the War Chest in the Satra
Treasure Hoard will now teleport the player.

11. Fixed the standby information icon so that it will now show up when reconnecting after quitting the
Auto Group/Alliance system request for entry mode.

[Instance] Changes to Tiamat Stronghold

Among the changes to the Tiamat Stronghold instance:

1. Increased Armor Stats
- Increased the stats on the Tiamat Guard's Armor. For example, the Tiamat Guard’s Sabatons come with
enhanced stats for Magic Resist, Block, Paralysis Resistance, and Magic Suppression.

2. Increased Item Drop Rate
- Slightly increased the drop rate of equipment dropped by the stronghold’s boss monsters.

3. Tiamat Supply Box
- The Protectorate Administrator in the Noble’s Garden now sells Tiamat Supply Boxes containing Greater
Supplements (Mythic), Tiamat Guard Armor, Tiamat Royal Guard Armor, and Shining Special Manastone

[Instance] Changes to Unstable Abyssal Splinter
1. Increased the number of reward items found in the treasure box in the Unstable Abyssal Splinter.
- Added Yamennes Painflare Weapons and Shields to the treasure box

2. Added an Unstable Abyssal Splinter Entrance opposite the Abyssal Splinter Entrance

[Instance] Increased Rewards in the Arena of Harmony
1. In the Arena of Harmony, the 1st place team will win additional rewards.
- Arena Supply Packages (grade improves with Arena level) .
- Supply Packages contain Heroic Class Godstone Bundles.
- Greater Supply Packages contain Fabled Class Godstone Bundles.


1. Increased the magical accuracy of certain Ranger skills, so that they have a greater chance to hit.
- Sleep Arrow I
- Silence Arrow V - VII
- Trap of Slowing III – IV
- Sleep Trap I
- Snare Trap VI
- Skybound Trap I
- Spike Trap V
- Explosion Trap IV
- Spike Bite Trap III
- Blazing Trap III

2. Assassin skill changes:
- Decreased the magical accuracy of Blinding Burst I by 150 points.
- Increased the Strike Resist of Sensory Boost I by 100 points.
- Increased the teleport distance of Flash of Speed I from 10m to 15m.
- Increased the duration of the buff from Killer's Eye I and Eye of Wrath I from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
- Increased the duration of the buff from Apply Poison I - IV and Apply Deadly Poison I from 2 minutes to
5 minutes.
- Increased the HP recovery of Blood Rune II - III.
- Increased the PvP damage of Rune skills by 20%. (Pain Rune I - IV, Needle Rune I - II, Radiant Rune I,
Darkness Rune I, Divine Rune, Rune Swipe, Signet Silence, Blood Rune I - III)

3. Cleric skill changes:
- Increased the magical accuracy of Festering Wound I.
- Sage's Wisdom I now takes 0.5 sec, instead of 1 second, to cast.
- Amplification I now takes 0.5 sec, instead of 1 sec, to cast.

4. Repeated application of Sleep or Fear skills on the same PC target will now increase their resistance
value against the Sleep or Fear skill.

5. Increased the attack range of the Ranger skill Bestial Fury I from 15m to 10m.

6. Fixed the problem of the Spiritmaster skills Spirit Wrath Position I and Elemental Spirit Armor I skills not
being applied correctly to summoned Earth Spirits.

7. Added a new Escape skill for characters to use when stuck in the terrain.
- [Skill<K> – Function – Escape] or enter ‘/Escape’ in chat window.

- Using Escape will take you to the Obelisk where you are bound.
- You cannot perform any actions while casting Escape. Click the [Cancel] button to stop using the skill.
- Casting time for Escape is 20 seconds, and cooldown time is 1 hour.

8. Fixed the name of the Asmodian Sorcerer skill Kaisinel’s Wrath II to Lumiel’s Wrath II to match the
lower level version of the same skill.


1. Fixed the problem that caused missing Abyss Points when getting rid of the supply soldier NPC in the
Abyss Sulfur Tree Fortress, Siel's Western Fortress, and Siel's Eastern Fortress.

2. Lowered the skill damage of the Balaur commanders who defend the fortresses.

3. The sound signaling the beginning of Fortress Battles and siege warfare now plays correctly.


1. Added Furniture Paint Guestblooms.
- They reward the owner with a new paint color.
- Available from Village Guestbloom Merchant NPCs in level 5+ Villages.

2. Added Paint Remover to remove paint from furniture items.
- Available from Guestpetal Exchanger NPCs in Oriel and Pernon.

3. Fixed a bug causing the mouse cursor to show up in the wrong location.

4. Edited the dialogs of some NPCs in Oriel.


1. Appearance modification and extraction are now available for wings.
- Currently only certain, faction-specific wings support this feature.

2. Fixed a bug where some gatherables were placed in inaccessible areas.

3. Fixed the way that item links appear in chat when players acquire the item.

4. Added new hats.

5. Added Special Manastone Bundles that can be acquired from the Golden Treasure Box in The Hexway.
- These bundles have a chance to contain Composite Manastones.

6. Changed the rewards dropped by Guard NPCs who guard Rifts.

7. Fixed issues with how certain godstone effects were displayed on weapons, particularly bows.

8. Fixed several items’ abnormal appearance.

9. Calindi Flamelord in Dragon Lord's Refuge drops new items when killed.
- These items include Eternal class Tiamat Guard Armor and Greater Supplements (Mythic).
10. Monsters from certain instances and the Abyss now drop Consumables Bundles.
- Instance monsters drop bundles containing various potions, scrolls, manastones, fluxes, and
enchantment stones.
- Abyss monsters drop bundles containing various scrolls, Balic materials, manastones, Kisks, and
silver/gold medals.

11. Added new Hidden Kisks.
- These Kisks are camouflaged with the basic Hide skill.
- Skills that detect characters in Hide mode can also detect these Kisks.
- Once detected, the Kisks do not go back into Hide mode even when the battle is over.
- There is a chance that the Traveler's Consumables Bundle dropped by monsters in the Abyss will
contain these Kisks.

12. Players can now have duplicates of the Pagati Veyron and Sharptooth Ripper mounts in their

13. Luminasiel Weapons can now be remodeled or used to skin other weapons.

14. The Consumable Item Distributor in the Empyrean Crucible now sells a Customized Skill Book Bundle.
- This bundle has a chance to contain the following skills: “Transformation: Krall IV”, “Sleep: Scarecrow I”,
“Fear: Ginseng I”, “Summon Divine Crystal IV”.

15. Reduced the prices of potions and scrolls sold by the Distributor in the Empyrean Crucible.

16. Added new Composite Manastones

The Protectorate Administrator NPC in the Tiamat Stronghold sells a Tiamat Supply Box that has a
chance to contain the following:
Greater Supplements (Mythic), Tiamat Guard Armor, or a Noble Special Manastone Bundle containing a
Composite Manastone.

What is a Composite Manastone?
Simply put, this type of manastone boosts two different stats.
This screenshot illustrates one of the new Composite Manastones, and the stats that it boosts.

17. Changed the stats of certain Mythic Class items:
- The Dragon Lord's Delight May boost attack speed instead of casting speed.
- The Dragon Lord's Agony: Now slightly boosts Magical Resistance.

18. Added Platinum Medals and Gold Medals to the Medal Bundle given to the brigade general after
succeeding at Siege Warfare in Balaurea.

19. Changed the icons of the Insignia of Light Protection /Insignia of Darkness Protection items.

20. Triumphant/Honorable Legion's Mask, and Triumphant/Honorable Legion's Shield can no longer be

21. Changed the names of the Tiamat head armor items.

22. Fixed typos in the names of Sunayaka’s Hairpin and Sunayaka’s Treasure Chest. (They previously
said Sunakaya,)

23. Switched the names of the Elyos items Abyss Award and Supreme Abyss Award to match the grade
of the item.

24. Changed the names of the level 60 “Master Noble” items, since there was already a level 58 set that
had this naming scheme. The level 60 items are now “Master Elite”. (eg. Master Elite Durable Nanyu


1. Added new quests related to Rifting defense. When a player enters the affected area, they will
automatically acquire the quest.

2. Added new quests for the new instance, The Hexway:

3. Rifting defense quests have a good chance to reward the player withRadiant Supply Boxes containing
Mithril Medals and Platinum Medals.

4. The Elyos quest[Daily] Theobomos Throwdown, and the Asmodian quest [Daily] Prevent an Elyos
Attack are now Alliance quests.

5. The campaign quests [Elyos] Kaisinel's Command and [Asmodian]Marchutan’s Will have been
enabled and can now be completed.

6. Removed the prerequisite quests for receiving Arena Tickets and Arena of Harmony Tickets.
Characters of level 46 and above can obtain tickets from the Crucible Administrator, and via the Elyos
quest ‘[Daily] Arena Ticket’ and the Asmodian quest ‘[Daily] Arena Tickets’.

7. Increased the number of reward options given by the level 56 quests [Elyos] ‘Train Falling From the
Dark' and [Asmodian] 'Five Defeated in One Session'.

8. Changed the appearance of quest item icons to highlight key quest items.

9. Fixed a number of quest titles that had the wrong quest type tags applied.

Elyos quests:

Asmodian quests:


1. Players can now customize brands even when not in a group. Upon forming a group or alliance,the
previous brands will all be canceled.

2. Improved the Legion Emblem UI.
- Both the legion emblem and the background color can be changed at once.
- When editing the legion emblem, the first image shown is now the current image, not the default image.
- Changed the system message displayed when setting a custom emblem.

3. Added a macro function that allows players to equip items from a macro.
- Type ‘/UseRight ItemName’, ‘/UseLeft ItemName’ in the macro window, as appropriate.
- When using this to equip dual weapons, use the ‘/UseRight’ command first.

4. Color-coded Kinah numbers in the trade and private store windows to prevent careless mistakes during
a transaction.

5. Trade windows now display the number of currently registered items.

6. Fixed a bug that occurred at certain graphical resolutions where Auto-Arranging the windows and then
selecting the Sell tab on the Trade Broker window would cause the window to close.

7. Fixed a bug in the confirmation window for certain actions had a grayed-out ‘OK’ button.

8. Disabled the slash commands ‘/Petition’ and ’/CancelPetition’.

9. Added a new Special Cube that can store quest items, coins, medals, and tickets.
- Open the cube by clicking the icon at the bottom of the inventory window.

- Eligible items earned during game play are automatically stored in the Special Cube, and a system
message notifies you of this fact.

- The Special Cube can store a maximum of 102 items.
- Quest items, coins, medals, and tickets placed in the inventory are automatically transferred to the
Special Cube.
- The Special Cube has its own Auto Arrange button.
- Other functions are the same as the existing cube.

10. Fixed the problem where deleting friends on a different server would not remove their names from the
Friend List.

11. Fixed a bug in the Friend List when friends entered and exited an instance on the Instance Server.

12. Fixed a bug causing some items to display twice in the inventory under certain circumstances.

13. Right-clicking in the Trade Broker window to purchase items or cancel functions now works as

14. Fixed a bug where some items would be rearranged in the inventory when a character logs in again.

15. Fixed the last option in the loot distribution settings menu from a duplicate of “Eternal or above” to
“Mythic or above”


1. Mounts are no longer scaled according to the size of the PC when ridden.

2. Changed Character Deletion stand-by period. All characters under level 36, not just those under level
20, now only have a 5-minute standby

3. Added a new chat channel, Officer Chat, for characters of Abyss Commander rank and above.
- All same-faction Officers nearby will see chat in this channel.
- Shortcut Command: /Command, /C

4. Certain instances now drop items for all characters, regardless of level:


1. Made topographic changes in the following areas:
- The Abyss Bridge in the Arena of Discipline.
- The Ready Room in the Tiamat Stronghold.
- The Naduka Legion Garrison in Tiamaranta’s Eye.
- Mitrakand Summit in Gelkmaros.
- The entrance to the Glorious Nexus in the Tiamat Stronghold.
- The Hellpath in Raksang.

2. Reduced the number of Guard NPCs around Rifts from 7 to 4.

3. Changed some previously Neutral areas in the Hero's Discus in Sarpan to Disputed Lands.

4. A sandglass icon now indicates loading progress on loading screens.

5. If a character image is displayed as default in order to improve computer performance, that character's
mount is now also shown as default.

6. Changed Dimensional Vortex times.

7. Changed Rift times.

8. Fixed a bug where rideable cannons could be transferred to other regions.

9. Increased the level cap for the Fast-Track Server from 50 to 55. However, only characters of level 50
and below will receive the Fast-Track Server XP boost.
- Elyos players have access to Poeta, Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos, Heiron.
- Asmodian players have access to Altgard, Ishalgen, Morheim, Brusthonin, Beluslan.

10. All areas of Sarpan and Tiamaranta, except villages and flight transportation points, will become
Disputed Lands at certain times of day.
- Activated daily at some point between 2 AM - 9 AM sharp, and deactivated at 10 AM.

11. Canceled display of looting rights when the NPC of the region using an active Dimensional Vortex is


1. Changed the time and probability of when Rift Guard NPCs appear.

2. The dialogue of the Legion Steward in Sanctum/Pandaemonium now includes the pre-requisites for

3. Changed the names of the Hero’s Discus Teleporters to Elyos Hero’s Discus Teleporter and Asmodian
Hero’s Discus Teleporter to differentiate them.

4. Added voices for some NPC greetings.

5. Changed when Moltenus appears to Sunday at 11 PM.

6. Reduced the stats of the Guardian General in the Divine Fortress.


1. Modified the default mount image that appears when the game client is trying to reduce computer
memory usage.

2. Flight Time recovery potions can now be used when flying on a mount.
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We will have an extended maintenance period this week to bring you the Aion 3.7 update! As an added bonus, we will be raising the level cap on the Fast Track Server to 55! Maintenance will begin on Wednesday, December 5, from 5:30AM to 11:00AM CST.
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