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баланс ресурсов
Автор темы: Atomic
Дата создания: 15.08.2012 16:36
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баланс ресурсов
Howdy folks,

The resources setup you saw on Beta was basically a tech demonstration where we verified all the sources and spending pieces were in and working. In the near future, we'll be updating Beta with an update to the resource system that ideally will make resources start to impact gameplay.

Overall, resource rewards are increasing dramatically and prices are slightly increasing. You will receive more rewards than before for fighting in contested bases. You also won't be able to hold as many resources, so you'll have to constantly acquire new resources. You should also have an easier time establishing areas of control to prevent the enemy from acquiring certain resources. However, keep in mind that the enemy has the same opportunity you do, so you'll have to defend your land in order to maintain your supply lines and keep the resources flowing.

Please note that the resources still won't impact the infantry gameplay as much as it should - we're planning adding more useful items that use resources in the future, in addition to tuning rewards and prices outside of some of our other plans. However, don't let this fact prevent you from letting us know what you think about the system once the updates hit Beta - we're always interested in feedback!

Here's a more detailed list of upcoming changes:

Added resource display to the HUD (there is an option to make them permanently visible) and resource reward notifications are in place
Arranged region resources so that alloys, catalysts, and polymers are clustered
Each third of the map should approximately have one cluster of each resource
This setup should allow factions to control specific areas in order to establish control over certain types of resources or deny other factions access to those resources
Increased periodic resource rewards for each small and large outpost region to 9 to 11 resources per 5 minute tick (affects alloys, catalysts, and polymers)
Increased auraxium periodic resource rewards for each major facility to 10 auraxium per tick
Adjusted facility capture event rewards to be granted starting from 25 points instead of 100 points, which should overall increase the rewards in facility capture events.
Adjusted resource prices on vehicle weapons items
Some prices are higher, some prices are much lower
Prices are subject to change
Adjusted costs of vehicles
Quad - 50 Alloys
Sunderer - 200 Alloys
Lightning - 200 Polymers
Magrider/Vanguard/Prowler - 300 Catalysts
Scythe/Reaver/Mosquito - 200 Polymers
Liberator - 300 Catalysts
Galaxy - 400 Alloys
Lowered building resources' storage caps to 750
Players can now only hold 750 of each building resource at a time
Affects alloys, catalysts, and polymers
Unfortunately, if you had more than 750 building resources of any type, the first time you receive a reward of that resource your count will drop down to 750 - this is a bug which regrettably won't be fixed in time for the update, apologies - the intended idea was that you retain your resources until you spend enough of them for the cap to start coming into play
Lowered auraxium cap to 25,000
It's not quite down to the often rumored cap of 10,000 (the former cap was 85,000) but it should allow you to still unlock anything that is available on the store
Adjusted prices of infantry consumables
Frag grenades are 30 alloys each
Special explosives are 40 resources each, same resource types as before
Med Kits and Restoration Kits are 50 resources each, same resource types as before

- Nak
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Re: баланс ресурсов
Довольно спорные цифры :) И, имхо, донатное направление с учетом капа ресурсов видно невооруженным взглядом. Впрочем - пока не обкатают можно много фантазировать на эту тему.
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