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C.A.R.S. - Новый Junior-билд
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 14.06.2012 15:17
Аватар для INOK
C.A.R.S. - Новый Junior-билд
Пока взоры всех геймеров и журналистов были прикованы к проходившей в Лос-Анджелесе выставке-конференции E3 2012, компания Slightly Mad Studios выпустила очередной Junior-альфа-билд гоночного автосима C.A.R.S., который уже доступен для скачивания и игры за минимальный взнос в €10.
Релиз ожидается в 2013 году на PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U и PC.

Build 226 (1/6/12, Junior Member+)
Fix for ps3 compiles
Fix for the broken track select navigation. SetMenuAutoScroll and SetMenuScrollOnlyOnClip needed set for the location and map screen menus
Code fix for menu data flag issues in car setup screens (similar to track select fixes)
Ghost system:
- Ghosts will be recorded (and potentially saved and uploaded) in all game modes, to mirror the behavior of stat uploads
- Lap Data Header chunk contains information about bit precision used for the data stored in the Lap Data Stream chunk. This makes the compressor more extensible for the future and increases backward and forward compatibility of the data format
- Reordered fields in the Lap Data Header chunk.
- Ghost player sets up participant for the ghost that is supposed to be replayed in the race
- Ghost participant is set up with the correct upgrade specification (fixed a bug where physics and render specifications were mixed up).
Belgian Forest - update trees and crowds for new inner terrain
Additional Track Photos submitted by the WMD community
Caterham R500: camber animation source files added
Palmer JPLM: added TM hotlap contest livery
BAC Mono: Tiny UV fix
Caterham SP300: added CPIT meshes, prepared for 1st export, fixed various issues
Updates on textures of Harrison Pike. Rescaled , replaced polished up
Added missing strings for the Tuning Slot screens
BAC Mono: texture tweaks
Ariel Atom - Added LODD meshes to all 3 cars
Caterham sp300r : animation pack1
Added helmet view for 70', 80' and stock
Sakitto: new textures for kartbuilding
Stockcar90: Added 2 more liveries
X4: LODC reworked, LODD added
Additional textures for bathurst
X4: fixed damage on LODC and LODB, LODD refined rear a bit
Basic_windows shaders modified to use a parameter to scale the emissive strength - this is so that a wider range of effects can be achieved without suffering from texture banding issues
New Thrustmaster Static Adverts for Thrustmaster Sakitto Event
Grid texturemap bologna
New Emmissive maps added to tents and vendors assets
New Emmissived added to Illuminated Trackside Trucks
New Dynamics Scene for Sakitto GP
Caterham SP300: added livery 01.02 names
Sakitto_GP Thrustmaster event dressing
Caterham SP300: added new black rim
Caterham SP300: added new livery
Separated VSOUTPUT and PSINPUT in cloud_model.fx to allow for centroid usage (PS3 doesn't like it on VSOUTPUT)
Thrustmaster specific textures .dds files
Sakitto - Concrete Barrier Fix for Thrustmaster event
New BAC Mono export
New Caterham R500 export
Caterham SP300R added
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Harrison Pike export
New Satikko exports

Build 225 (31/5/12, Senior Manager)
Implemented additional session calls (and App API for them):
- Change session attributes
- Promote users to session admins
- Advance session state
- Kick users from session
Updated physics to record actor-related events to replay buffer with up-to-date simulation time
Timestamp for start of wheel release phase is now set to up-to-date simulation time
Ghost system:
Fixed ghost decompressor not dealing properly with event id and event version
- Renamed some variables called ghost to ghostId to make it clear when the internal ghost ID is used.
- Ghost player can have either owning or aliasing pointer to the ghost data it is replaying.
- Ghost system will initiate load and decompression of ghosts that should be included in the race.
- Ghost system has a list of ghosts that are being loaded for the upcoming race.
- Ghost system will delay race setup until the ghost data needed to create participants are either loaded or known to have failed loading.
- Format of the ghost car visual chunk has been extended to be more flexible when adding new visual information in the future.
- Ghost format supports interior livery indices.
- Decompressor supports chunks that can be present multiple times in the data stream
- Added support for vehicle upgrade spec to the ghost data stream
Animation fix: gear_to aniumation modified, so that hand never cuts through car mesh in 3PV
Sakitto GP and East tracks: Added pit lane support with 27 pit spots and 54 garage spots. Increased grid size to 54 to match
Fixed up new Track Select and Layout Select screens
Fixed scrolling for car setup load and save screens
Tidied scrolling code for track and layout select
Cloud Work in Progress. (currently the code is disabled)
Basic Cloud Manager creating clouds in a circle in the sky
Setup of Cloud model fx shader that allows passive lighting
Build pipeline changes required for clouds
Setup code for MorphMesh Type
Sakitto: new textures
Ariel Atoms: setup range adjustment, damper ranges from Koni reference, engine/gearbox data matched to source Honda parts
PALMER: vinyl cover update over wood splitter
Stockcar90: Added painting contest winner liveries (Top20)
Stockcar90: added wildcard liveries
Controller Images w-i-p
Set initial wet parameters on treaded tires
Stockcar90: Added LODX/Ultra setup
Stockcar90: fixed missing CGP file for Oval version
Stockcar90: checked/fixed LODs
Update to cloud loading and new changes for shader so it pivots from the pivot center
Belgian Forest - add missing textures
New Stockcar export

Known Issues: Track select screen has some issues with scrolling.

Build 224 (30/5/12, Senior Manager)
Changed attribute parsing to skip over unknown attributes
- Error information from CSAPI is kept in the storage manager job structure so that it can be examined later
- Added an assert that guards from using uninitialized server URLs before they are known
Ghost system:
- Ghost cache entries have a reference to the cache
- Implemented ghost data server upload and download
- Added development-only code to set up ghost testing
- Added a handy shortcut function to calculate CRC32 of any ghost data, even if it's not in the CompressedLap data structures (which allows to perform full sanity checks before the full data structures are allocated)
- Added an extra print debug level to separate reasoning information and detailed information about jobs
- Implemented pruning of compressed and uncompressed ghost data from memory cache when the data is no longer needed
- Added interface for locking uncompressed ghost data in memory. This will instruct the ghost cache not to prune the data when it's locked, because someone outside the cache will need access to it in the future
New GUMPERT Apollo export

Build 223 (29/5/12, Manager+)
Game manager now checks that the server reported all session members before finalizing session create or join
- CSAPI will not append certain automatic parameters to the requests if the requests override the automatic handling
- Stat manager will properly pass user id through all layers of API and callbacks
Ghost system:
- Implemented support for changing ghost magic for ghosts in memory or the disk cache, if the ghost magic hasn't been set yet
- When upload is requested by the server, the ghost cache will set the ghost magic to the value sent by the server
- Implemented background compression and decompression of ghost data in ghost background thread
- Implemented support for compression and decompresison tasks in the ghost cache
- Save and load tasks will gracefully fail if their prerequisities are not fulfilled, instead of asserting. This is especially important in case of compression or download failure preceding a save
Fixed ps3/360 compiler error
Track photos asynchronous folder for Track Select screen
Placeholder images updated for TrackPhotos
Harrison Pike initial version of viewer spotlights
Memphis textures initial versions
New Memphis export

Build 222 (28/5/12, Senior Manager)
mplemented handling of all game session-related notifications from the server: user joined session, session member updated, session member left, session attribute changed, session state changed
Special handling of user and attribute updates while joining/creating session
Added logging of various networking/data issues to game manager
Updated adjustment of contact constraint orientation (preventing vehicle scooping) to correctly handle the case where constraint primary axis is perpendicular to vehicle's XZ plane
Fixed helmet cam audio so it doesn't remain on during replays or when switching to an AI car. Bug reported on WMD forum
Added on-demand reload of FFB tweaker file to F1 menu (Input/Load/Reload FFB Tweaks). Rename F1 menu option "FFB Grip Multi" to "FFB Grip Multi (Legacy)"
Ghost system:
- Added explicit initialization and cleanup calls for the object encapsulating the ghost background thread
- Implemented task queues (pending and finished) for the ghost background thread
- Ghost background thread is started on demand and stopped when it's idle for some time
- Compressor and decompressor have now a better interface for returning and/or releasing ownership of the output buffers
- Moved Entry class out of the Cache class, so that forward declaration can be used
- Moved the Cache and CacheEntry routines to more appropriate source files
- Implemented a skeleton of ghost background thread that will perform lengthy tasks like compression or decompression in the background
- Cache entries now have a list of tasks they're queued for and information about task that is in progress
- Added job queue for the ghost cache
- Deleting cache entries locked in memory will only queue them for deletion, instead of deleting them immediately.
- Ghost cache will now process certain tasks on ghost entries: load/save is implemented, upload/download and compress/decompress will be implemented later. The cache will either perform the tasks on its own, or will offload them to the background thread, as appropriate
- Added API to initiate ghost download. The cache will decide from where the ghost should be retrieved
- Cache search functions will ignore ghosts queued for deletion
Latest Loire HUD maps tweaked.
Delaware: New AIW. Added raceline, pitlane path, corridors edited to usable track width surface
Harrison Pike. removed trees intersecting with tribunes
Harrison Pike Raceway - add new textures for curved wires
Adding Autograss to the Harrison pike track
Forced rolling start and limited participant to 42 on Delaware
Memphis, Henrico, Delaware logos added to splash screen
BAC MONO: Livery colour updates
WTC overcast fog fix
Latest Belgian circuit HUD map added
Added co-ord's for : Belgian/Memphis/Harrison_Pike_Raceway maps
New Harrison Pike Raceway export
New Sakitto exports

Build 221 (25/5/12, Team Member+)
Managers and Senior managers
Please note that due to an unfortunate bug in the patch installer anybody who installed patches 218, 219 or 220 this week will need to uninstall the game completely before installing patch 221 (or later).
This will mean installing the 207 base build from scratch and then applying patch 221.
Apologies for the hassle this causes.

Increased number of LODs allowed from 3 to 4
Updated processing of terrain triangle edge collision constraints, which don't satisfy the removal condition. Such constraints have primary axis adjusted to be equal with triangle (i.e. terrain surface) normal
Game manager WIP:
- Added GameManager class, responsible for creating/joining/leaving game sessions and maintaining their state + member information
- Added GameAttributes class, keeping game session attribute state (also used when creating or searching for sessions)
- Implemented low-level join, create and leave requests and response handling.
Ghost system:
* When a stat is uploaded and a ghost is not requested from the server, the ghost system will be informed about it, so that it can remove the data from memory (which it was keeping for the case it'd be needed for upload)
* Made Ghost manager's physics callback a member function.
* Recorder now remembers whether or not the recorded lap is the participant's best track or event time, so that it can later decide what to do with it
Ghost system:
* Runtime ghost format is now copyable
* Recording buffer no longer inherits from runtime recording format, instead it encapsulates it. This makes it possible to transfer ownersip of the recorded data
* Added functionality to save a recorded ghost to the local cache, replacing any previous (slower) version of the user's ghost on the same track
* Added management of in-memory ghost data, including locks that keep it in memory while other tasks need it.
Ghost system:
* Added a define that I use in development to enable unfinished features (that may not function properly yet). The define is temporary and will be removed once the ghost system is in a more complete state
Removed experimental heating and pressure
Labels added to FOV and Min/Max Speeds sliders on Camera page
Added new Harrison HUD map
Added new Memphis HUD map
Tweaked pitlane on the HUD map for Harrison Pike
New Sakitto AIW's for the new geometry changes. Updated grid sizes to 46 for the GP and East layouts, and 30 for West layout
BAC MONO: livery19
Added Delaware 'temp' icon for testing
Updated Memphis HUD map
Added placeholder track map for Delaware
Harrison Pike Raceway - add new textures for safer zone
New logo added for Delaware
Removed clutch position from CDV for specific cars, that are operated by 2 pedals during race
Added plms' overcast, moved mine to heavy cloud. added cockpit exposure values back in from old wtc although they only work on helmet now
Ariel Atoms: engine braking adjustment to control lift-off oversteer
Added Loire National HUD map
Console specific settings for lens flare intensity
Stockcar90: Added red wheel variation
New Harrison Peak export

Build 220 (24/5/12, Senior Manager)
Implemented game session browser:
- Create GameBrowser class which maintains and refreshes list of running game sessions
- Added game browser query functions to Online Interface
- Fixed the order in which in which online components are terminated. This fixes issue where the game could get stuck in infinite loop on exit
- Fixed bug where the CSProtocol class would not handle messages incoming after the initial HELO response correctly.
- Regenerated header+source with DS server definitions.
Added support functions for game browser testing
Fixed console compilation issue
The DSProtocol class will now remember state changes internally and notify all interested components from the main update tick
Hooked up the remaining speed sensitive FOV sliders in the camera options, so the min/max FOV (75%-115%) and min/max speeds (0-100 mph and 100-300mph) can now be tweaked (if Speed Sensitive is On). Added a workaround for the appfunc checks to avoid block nesting issues
Online: Added ghost present flags and ghost magic data to leaderboard query responses
Fix path for saving statistics file after generation
Rouen: New faster raceline, more accurate raceline. AI behaviour fixed in hairpin
Rouen and Rouen Short: Added support for 42 cars in the AIW and TRD file
BAC MONO: New liveries
Added track HUD map for Loire
Added track HUD map for Henrico
Added track HUD map for Heusden
Tracks, Sakitto. Tweaked textures/PSD files
Added new Anhalt HUD map
Aries:console specific textures for lens flare star and rainbows, compressed to dxt1 to save mem
Racer L4 & V8: fixed exploding damage, offset tires and mismatched mirror mapping in cockpit model
Stockcar 90: CPIT meshes WIP002
Added Anhalt GP HUD map
Re-arranged T1/T2 icons in HUD map.
Updated Anhalt HUD map colours
Added Anhalt, Heusden, Henrico, Euro24 co-ord's for HUD maps
New Racer exports
New Delaware export

Build 219 (23/5/12, Senior Manager)
Online: CSAPI:
* Requests have a pointer to the owning API object. The request is used in callbacks, instead of the API object
* Request setup API has been changed to take the request object as parameter instead of the request Id. This saves a lot of lookups and locks
* Each certificate is only checked once
* Certificate check results do not share a global result variable, which didn't work with parallel requests
* Certificate errors are now included as part of the existing request result
Implemented the initial "hello" message exchange after connecting to the Dedicated Server, which authenticates the connecting client and ensures that the game won't get disconnected by the DS in 5 seconds
Online: CSAPI:
* Added missing call to CURL cleanup
* Multiple requests share DNS cache
Online: Events
* Events are processed even outside the main menu, and even if the some GUI objects do not exist.
* Fixed a problem formatting event properties, resulting in (null) strings in the first prize.
* Fixed several problems with objects being passed as values through ...
* Removed creation of temporary copies where they weren't necessary.
BAC MONO: new liveries checked in
Henrico oval - New complete AIW with raceline, pitlane, pit spots (37) and corridor editing
TweakIt : fixed issues with user property views causing them to refert to the main selected property value
Completly new AIW for Besos GP. This is due to the new geometry in the areas around the hairpin and chicanes
Harrison Pike Raceway - add new textures for floodlights and emmisive
Crowds textures, resized crowd textures and fixed some resolution issues. Updated textures in Arts folders
BAC Mono: adjusted some suspension tuning ranges based on WMD feedback. Defaults unchanged
Added Delaware track
Sakitto track textures- Texture resaved
Badenring Historic: Fixed cut track issue in second chicane. Fixed garage start position behind door post
Wisconsin Raceway: Fixed start positions 60-64 not lined up correctly
Added 48 start positions, basic waypoints and first garage and pit positions at Delaware
New Delaware export

Build 218 (22/5/12, Manager+)
Added Wisconsin Raceway HUD map
New HUD maps for Wisconsin raceway
Added Jin Ding and Wisconsin co-ord's
New HUD maps for Jin Ding
Track lod file-Added new track lod file for Sakitto East layout, first revision
Track lod file-Added new track lod file for Sakitto GP layout, first revision
Track lod file-Added new track lod file for Sakitto West layout, first revision
Track Textures-Added new textures for Sakitto kerbs, wip, first revision
Harrison Pike Raceway - add new textures for Winners Podium
Materials library. Updated PAINT_CPIT material to use a specular map. Some minor tweaks to carbon materials
Paint_CPIT specular map. Texture update for new material
BAC Mono: suspension animations, Ultra detail setup, brake heating tweaked to reflect disc size/material vs. vehicle weight, engine braking adjustment
Collision updates for dynamic prop objects (new pit lane cone) - physics system .xml files
New dynamic objects - logo triangles,traffic cones, pit lane cones
New dynamic object scene for Harrison Pike Raceway (.xml)
Textures for Harrison Pike initial versions
Added new Anhalt HUD map
Added hud tacho files to IGPhaseHUD to fix crash issue
New BAC Mono export
New Sakitto exports

Build 217 (21/5/12, Team Member+)
PS3/360 compilation fix
Fixed problem with submitting stats for events
Updating the fastest lap time in the profile will return a combination of flags specifying whether or not a track and/or event record for the player has been achieved
Updated Monterey HUD map
Added upto date Milan HUD maps
Updated the Moravia Maps
Added Moravia and Monterey co-ord's
New Jin Ding HUD map
Fix for server disconnect/timeout

Build 216 (18/5/12, Team Member+)
New Milan HUD maps
Added new co-ord's for Milan maps
MainMenu improvements (Title area now on the left rather than the right, Profile info condensed into a smaller area now on the right, more removal of green/red buttons, Back button now placed next to the header for better balance and ease-of-use, Events screen now navigable via gamepad, Location Select screen updated, a few more icons in places)
Besos overlays textures updated
Added new Monteray map
New Besos exports
New Harrison Pike Raceway export

Build 215 (17/5/12, Senior Manager)
Added and implemented CSProtocol class, which handles generic message-based communication on top of a stream socket
Automatically unlock all tracks for Managers and Senior Managers, even if they are not available in server lists yet
Added new maps and replaced placeholder images
Animated flags - initial data for vertical flags
Animated flags - ART - export setup update
Animated flags - beach and rectangle flags added + thumbnails and ART data
BuildScript : Updated RTPatch history generation using base filename pattern

Build 214 (16/5/12, Senior Manager)
Added support for force feedback tweakers config files
Updated loading of vehicle-specific force feedback tweakers config file
Sakitto:New textures for start gantry asset
Added Milan HUD maps
Added default force feedback tweakers config file
Placeholder icon for track maps
Harrison Pike Raceway - fix tailing
Harrison Pike Raceway - add nmp texture for windows
Replaced old placeholder for track map images
New setup layout in preparation for additional setup items
Final Besos Track maps finished
New Henrico export
New Heusden export
New Sakitto exports

Build 213 (15/5/12, Manager+)
Fix for crash that could occur if AllocStreamBuffer was used
FXAA Enabled on PS3
Replaced placeholder map with finished version
Re-arranged the Trigger icons on HUD map
Harrison Pike Raceway - update textures
Added placeholder Milan HUD map
Loire track textures-Extended a bit the map and removed tents and vehicles
Badenring - Added some trees and bushes around the porsche curves area
Stockcar 90: LODA WIP
Brake squeal levels increased for audibility. React differently to temperature and wheel speed
Memphis textures intial versions
Added Memphis track
set max AI participants to 31 at Memphis oval
New AIW for Mephis oval. Supports 32 with pitlane
BAC Mono - Added AO to all LODs
BAC MONO - New liveries in
Corrected Memphis TRD - forced rolling starts, AI max set at 42
Sakitto:New Textures for Sakitto Time Tower Asset
Memphis raceline initial version
Henrico base textures initial check in
Henrico initial version of the trd file
Henrico initial version of the AIW file
Added Henrico track
3D crowd male variations:Added ingame 1st male variation: head + body.
Harrison/Memphis/Henrico - Update track TRD data for correct Long/Lat/Timezone/Race Dates/Rotation Offsets
Force rolling start at Henrico and set opponent limit to 42
Added new logos for UI
New BAC Mono export
New Loire export

Build 212 (14/5/12, Senior Manager)
Fixed build issues of the OneSock library on PC, PS3 and 360 platforms
Fixed UDP support build issue on 360 platform
Sakitto:New textures for Ferris Wheel asset
Ariel atom : fixed left hand on steeringwheel leaving too early from steering wheel while turning right
Kart02: placeholder livery replaced with new texture
Kart02: livery entries of #17,18,19 and 20 updated
F68 fixed steeringwheel lock
Stripping of legacy reverb and thining out crowds and tannoy placement
BAC MONO - Interior texture. Initial check in
Added new Northampton Hud map
Kar1,kart2: removed clutch settings from cdv as this is only 2 pedals operated vehicle.Repositioned feet on pedals
Added new Florence maps

Build 211 (11/5/12, Team Member+)
Do not shift into neutral when stalling and using manual gears
Disable crash recovery for all cars
Fix in final builds not saving out texturing information for skys
Harrison Pike Raceway - Add new textures for video wall
R500 and BAC Mono: revert tire force reduction in favor of a true FFB fix
Palmer JPLM: suspension animation runtime files. All LODs fully skinned
BAC MONO: Added new liveries
Besos foliage snapped to ground
Besos texture updates
Kart01: fixed 'gear_to' hand position, and offsets in cdv,cdp
Added applinks for the new Helmet and Speed Sensitive FOV options being added
Pagani Zonda R - Removing un-used placeholder interior texture
Harrison Pike - added white line textures for the build
New AIW for the new track and objects - Harrison Pike. Fixes most AI issues
Dropped final drive for better Harrison Pike gearing. Updated AI tyres for more straight line stabilty. Stockcar oval
New Palmer JPLM export
New Besos exports
New Loire export
New Harrison Pike export

Build 210 (10/5/12, Senior Manager)
Crash damage effect torque is now correctly scaled when applied to player vehicle while in contact with the world
Updated applying of forces to player vehicle, resulting from ground material change, while vehicle is in contact with the world
Updated comments about applying forces and torques to player vehicle
FFB: Default steering gain set to 1.0 for all wheels
Rearranged the T1/2 icons.
Harrison Pike Raceway - Add new textures for speaker poles and marshal shelters
New Pit Stands - export files .dds, .mtx, .vhf, .meb, .xml
First revision of Harrision pike inner trees
Updated HUD maps for Glencairn
Adding Besos HUD maps
Updated the Besos maps
Added Besos and Glencairn co-ords
Ariel Atom : removed duplicate files

Build 209 (9/5/12, Manager+)
Integrated particle system fixes
Change default Fanatec CSRE gain to 1.0
FFB: Reduce base drag a little
FFB: Reinstate all additional forces apart from kerbs, damper and spring
Caterham R500 and BAC Mono: Fix for steering pulling right under braking. Also set pushrods to match model so caster changes have the correct effect on weight jacking.
Harrison_Pike_Raceway - add new textures for Start finish podium
Pagani Zonda R: moved roof camera
Pagani Zonda R: fixed LODB rim UVs, fixed RR caliper pivot
Harrison_Pike_Raceway - Add new textures for Digital timer Board
Pagani Zonda R: minimum steering ratio lowered to 5.0:1
Leonus 86: added more space between feet, so they won't collide anymore
BAC Mono: Checked all LODs and fixed some minor bugs (see forum for details)
New tribunes related textures for Harrison Pike
Revert speed sensitive FOV experiment pending menu options
Fixed positioning of track HUD map
Adding Glencairn set of HUD maps
New BAC Mono export
New Zonda R export
New Harrison Pike Raceway export

Build 208 (7/5/12, Senior Manager)
Zonda steering wheel issue fixed
Few small bug fixes
New Pagani Zonda R export

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