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Гайд Тактики на групповых боссов в Thresold of Divinity (House of Crom)
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Тактики на групповых боссов в Thresold of Divinity (House of Crom)
Most of the boss encounters are pretty simple, more so than in most of the recent group dungeons.


There are 6 adds in front of him, they spawn 2 by 2; when you kill an add, his corpse puts a cold dot on people nearby, so don’t stand near corpses. When all 6 adds are dead, the boss spawns after a while.
Breath of the Tundra: snare in a cone in front of him (80% snare for 10 sec), you can move out of it before it’s done casting.
Ice Fall: summons frost aoe on the ground, move away (or stay in and outheal it, it doesn’t hurt that much).
The rare form is called Jotunrodull Lord of Black Ice.


  • Arm-straps of the Nebulous
  • Belt of the Atlantean
  • Boots of the Wells of Night
  • Grips of the Ichorous
  • Harness of the Membranous
  • Wristband of the Sepulcher


At first there are 2 adds, Fire Guard and Ice Guard. They are tank and spank, they spawn some minions, you can fight both of them together. Shryke spawns when they are both dead.
There are two rooms attached to Shryke’s, a “fire room” and an “ice room”; people have tried various things along the lines of moving adds to their respective rooms (or to the opposite rooms) and killing them there, without, so far as I know, anything interesting coming of it.
Shryke has 2 special spells which are a frequent cause of wipes and premature baldness in this encounter:
Column Lightning: the boss targets one player at random (watch the target’s target) and sends a ray of light to that player. This player should look around himself to see which of the adds along the walls has got a blue shield particle on it; the player should then run behind that add so as to break the line of sight to the boss. This interrupts the ray, briefly stuns the boss and the fight can continue.
Until this happens, the ray is doing damage to anybody standing in its way, as well as to the targeted player himself. So the targeted player should react reasonably quickly, and most importantly he shouldn’t run around the room like a headless chicken because doing so will simply mow down the rest of the group like a giant lawnmower.
Forked Lightning: the boss runs to the center of the room, 6 adds spawn along the walls and a ray of light connects the boss to each of the adds and does damage to any player standing in its way. The adds walk clockwise along the walls of the room. So each player should go stand somewhere between two adds and walk in step with them, so as to avoid getting damaged by the rays.
It’s a good idea to move the boss to the edge of the room after Column Lightning, so that you’ll have more time to prepare as he runs to the middle before doing Forked Lightning. After Forked Lightning, fight him in the middle because he’ll do Column Lightning next and running from the middle is more convenient for the player targeted by Column Lightning. After Column Lightning is done, move him to the edges again, and so on.
With a bit of kiting (and plenty of time to heal up during Forked Lightning), some classes (e.g. tanks) can actually solo this boss, but it would take a very long time. I had to solo him from 30% to 0% once because all the other team members were dead.
I don’t know if Shryke has a rare form or not; I haven’t yet seen it or heard of it.

  • Armbands of the Inconceivable
  • Belt of the Beyond
  • Belt of the Spheres
  • Bracers of Insanity
  • Bracers of the Membranous
  • Hand-wraps of the Nebulous

Hero Plateau

Vram the Duellist, Thaex the Challenger, Am-ra the Trapper, Gor-na the Commander, Dem-ru the Mage
There’s a mob called Atlantean Conjurer standing just south of the Supply Room, at the foot of a long stairway. Near the top of the stairway there’s a small platform with a door which leads to the Hero Plateau. The door is blocked by a wall of fire if the Atlantean Conjurer is alive, so you need to kill him first. Along the stairway there are five statues, with a clickable button near the bottom of each statue. Clicking the button spawns a boss; but he will despawn unless someone is already on the plateau to fight him. So one player should wait by a statue while the others to up to the plateau, and when they are there he should click the button to spawn the boss and then join his teammates on the plateau.
Each of the five statues spawns a different boss: Vram the Duellist, Thaex the Challenger, Am-ra the Trapper, Gor-na the Commander, Dem-ru the Mage. Killing these bosses gives you 60-minute debuffs (e.g. Duellist’s Bane, Challenger’s Bane, etc.) which prevent you from spawning the same boss again. (In addition, each debuff also provides a small beneficial buff to one of your stats.) But the debuffs disappear if you switch to a different instance of the dungeon, so you can actually farm these bosses more often if you like.

Vram the Duellist

He has a deflection shield; the more people are nearby, the less it deflects, so everyone should hug him. Occasionally he does an AoE knockback; just run back in after it.

  • Boots of Writhing
  • Bracers of the Ichorous
  • Gauntlets of the Beyond
  • Headdress of the Wells of Night
  • Helm of the Membranous
  • Leggings of the Spheres
  • Tunic of the Nebulous

Thaex the Challenger

He also has a deflection shield; the more people are nearby the more it deflects! So everyone who can do good ranged damage should stay away.
Explosive Flask: the target gets a dot, and an AoE on the ground, anyone in it gets the dot as well. So the target should run away from other people until the cast is done. This attack seems to usually target the player that is the farthest away from the boss.

  • Armbands of the Ichorous
  • Belt of the Nebulous
  • Boots of the Atlantean
  • Boots of the Inconceivable
  • Bracers of Lunacy
  • Circlet of the Spheres
  • Gloves of Bedlam
Am-ra the Trapper
Viper’s Decoy: spawns a trap on the ground, which looks like an electrical circle; the boss also gets a 70% damage deflection shield at that time. Move him into the trap to remove the shield, but don’t stand in the trap yourself or you will take damage. Sometimes the traps are a bit bugged and are invisible.
The traps seem to usually land near the player that was the farthest away from the boss.

  • Arm-straps of the Sepulcher
  • Belt of the Wells of Night
  • Boots of Insanity
  • Circlet of the Nebulous
  • Girdle of the Inconceivable
  • Grips of Writhing

Gor-na the Commander

Battle Clamor: puts a 50% snare for 5 seconds on nearby players.
Rally the Troops: spawns an add (Soldier), which you should kill near the boss (this will remove the boss’s damage deflection buff that he gained by spawning the Soldier). If you kill him far away from the boss, the damage deflection buff won’t be removed..
Blow the Horn: spawns a minion, which you should not kill near the boss or the boss will heal up. Stop DPS when you see this spell being cast, someone should then aggro the minion and kite it away, and then DPS on the boss can be resumed. You can safely kill the minion when it’s away from the boss. An easy way to do this is to fear the minion so he moves away from the boss, then cc him when he’s away to prevent him from running back.
This boss has an enrage timer, not that you will normally reach it. Probably other bosses do too. I saw it when I happened to see a certain notorious ToS exploiting a ledge where the boss couldn’t reach him (but nevertheless didn’t reset) to solo farm the boss; this of course took so long that the enrage timer was reached. The boss was down to about 50% HP when he enraged; when he was at around 40%, he disappeared)

  • Armbands of the Membranous
  • Boots of Lunacy
  • Grips of Insanity
  • Hand-wraps of the Spheres
  • Leggings of the Wells of Night
  • Legguards of the Atlantean
  • Wristband of the Unutterable
Dem-ru the Mage
Blood Extraction: the target of the spell should run behind a column and wait there until the cast is done. Otherwise the boss will heal up.

  • Arm-straps of the Spheres
  • Bracers of Bedlam
  • Girdle of Writhing
  • Gloves of Lunacy
  • Hand-wraps of the Unutterable
  • Harness of the Ichorous
  • Vambraces of the Beyond

Priest Syth-Los

This boss is in a chapel-like room adjacent to the Supply Room. There are several plates in the room, labelled with words (Be, Befuddle, Faith, Feeble, I, Lose, Thee, Thou, Thy, Valka); to spawn the boss, you have to click the words in the right order to form a suitable phrase.
Three phrases have so far been reported:
  • Thou Be Feeble: spawns the boss with a Crushing Humility debuff (-20% invulnerability to physical damage).
  • Lose Thy Faith: spawns the boss with a True Humility debuff (-20% invulnerability to magical damage).
  • I Befuddle Thee: spawns the boss with a Sacrilege debuff. The tooltip on this debuff doesn’t say what it does, but it seems to make the boss do less damage on the players than normally.
There are several inscriptions in the room, which suggest that there might be four verses, not three, so presumably there is a fourth one in addition to the three above, but AFAIK nobody has yet found it.
The boss also has a rare form, called Hierophant Syth-Los, which AFAIK is again simply random and is not related to which phrase you use to spawn him.
During the fight, the boss spawns various adds which heal him up, so you should kill them quickly. He has an AoE spell called Wrath of Atlantis, so don’t stand near him if you’re very low on health.
Occasionally he casts a spell called Mark of the Pariah on a random player; this causes a new add to spawn, Atlantean Zealot, who is aggro-locked on that player. So if that player is squishy, he might have to kite the Zealot a little while others DPS him (or at least move away, the Zealot often seems content to stand still if his target is not right next to him).

  • Armbands of Insanity
  • Arm-straps of Bedlam
  • Boots of the Sepulcher
  • Gloves of the Wells of Night
  • Legguards of the Membranous
  • Vambraces of the Atlantean
  • Wristband of the Nebulous

Artificer Xan-Phon

This boss stands in the forge room near the Supply Room. Abilities to watch out for:
Punishing Throw: if someone is too far from him, he spams this attack on that person. You can use this to “offtank” — if you move far enough, he will start hitting you with Punishing Throw instead of attacking the aggro holder. But this should not be attempted by squishies as they will get 3-shotted from it.
Sometimes the boss is bugged and spams Punishing Throw from the start even if everyone is hugging him; when this happens, just wipe and try again.
Burning Salve: puts a fire dot on a random target. When the dot expires, any player nearby also takes a fairly big hit from it. So the player with Burning Salve should move away from others until the dot expires (but don’t move so far that you’ll get Punishing Throw, of course).
Power of the Forge: the boss goes to the forge and gets a buff called “Empowered!” (+10% scale, +100% damage multiplier).
Next to the forge there are two pillars called Heating Device and Cooling Device. You can increase the health of these devices by doing fire and cold damage on them, respectively (when he casts Power of the Forge, they seem to reset to 50%).
If you heal up the Heating Device to 100% (by doing fire damage on it), the boss’s Empowered! buff will be replaced by a weaker buff called “Overheated!” (5 sec stun and a +50% damage modifier for 25 sec); and when he subsequently recasts Power of the Forge, he will refresh this weaker buff instead of the original one. This makes it much easier to tank him.
If you heal up the Cooling Device to 100% (by doing cold damage on it), the boss gets a debuff called “Frosted!” (+50% hinder movement for 25 sec). This debuff replaces his “Empowered!” buff, thereby making it easier to tank the boss. However, when he next casts Power of the Forge, he’ll get Empowered! again rather than refreshing Frosted! (so you have to heal up the Cooling Device again, etc.). So this is a bit less advantageous than using the Heating Device, but it’s still very useful if you have someone that can do cold damage but nobody that could do fire damage. The snare from Frosted! would also be useful if you have to kite him.
This boss has a rare form called Xan-Phon the Master Artificer.

  • Arm-straps of Lunacy
  • Boots of Bedlam
  • Boots of the Unutterable
  • Gauntlets of the Atlantean
  • Girdle of the Ichorous
  • Girdle of the Membranous
  • Wristband of the Spheres

Alchemist Myk-ra

This boss puts a lot of debuffs and dots on the players. The following debuffs apply in a cone in front of the boss; the tank can move out of the cone (like with Frost Whip in the Palace of Yun Rau) and the DPSers should be standing behind the boss anyway:
  • Transmuted: -50% electrical invulnerability, +20% hinder movement
  • Skin to Bark: -50% fire invulnerability, -50% poison invulnerability
  • Blood to Ice: -100% cold invulnerability, -1% frost damage every 5 sec for 10 min
The following spells put a debuff on all players but this debuff AFAIK has no effect:
  • Evaporate Compound: puts a debuff called Dense Gas
  • Chemical Reacion: puts a debuff called Condensing Vapors
Finally there are 4 spells which put a dot on all the players. All these dots work the same: -22% of the player’s damage every 3 seconds, for 12.5 seconds; but each dot does a different type of damage. There are also 4 cauldrons around the boss; if a player clicks one of the cauldrons, all players in the group get a temporary buff which removes one of the dots (or prevents them from getting it in the first place, if you click the cauldron before the boss has finished casting the spell that applies the dot).
Spell Dot Damage type Cauldron Buff Ignite Burning Lungs fire Chill Heat Shield Glaciate Frozen Lungs cold Melt Frost Shield Electrify Electrical Burns electrical Discharge Grounding Shield Toxify Asphyxiation poison Alkaline Alkaline Coating It’s a good idea to assign one player to click the cauldrons, or you can try simply healing through the dots if your group is well geared and the healers are good.
Occasionally one of the statues in the niches along the walls of the room comes alive. The statue keeps standing still for some time, but eventually comes to the players and starts attacking them. If your DPS is at least halfway decent, the first statue will get really aggressive just as the boss is nearly dead, so you can have an offtank keep the statue busy until you kill the boss. Alternatively, you can focus more DPS on the statue so that you’ll kill it before it gets aggressive; look for the statue with a Gift of Life buff as that’s the one that will wake up next (the others have a Gift of Death buff and you should leave them alone for the time being although they are also attackable).
Having a Faded Keystone Fragment in your inventory and standing in front of the boss when he casts Transmute converts it into an Energized Keystone Fragment.
The rare form of this boss is called Myk-ra the Apex Alchemist.

Доты и чем их снимать
Spell    |Dot             |Damage type |Cauldron   |Buff 
Ignite   |Burning Lungs   |fire        |Chill      |Heat Shield
Glaciate |Frozen Lungs    |cold        |Melt       |Frost Shield
Electrify|Electrical Burns|electrical  |Discharge  |Grounding Shield
Toxify   |Asphyxiation    |poison      |Alkaline   |Alkaline Coating
  • Arm-straps of the Unutterable
  • Belt of the Sepulcher
  • Boots of the Beyond
  • Grips of the Membranous
  • Helm of the Ichorous
  • Tunic of the Wells of Night
  • Alchemist’s Pendant

Arcanist Khor-nu

This boss and Narvi can be reached by clicking the “Temple District” door near the Supply room.
Initially, doing DPS on the boss will drain his stamina rather than his health. When his stamina is down to 0, you can DPS him normally. Occasionally he summons adds (Call apprentice); they are group mobs which you should kill but who won’t be causing you too much trouble.
Occasionally he spawns circles on the ground (yellow and purple ones), they appear gradually similarly to the ones in the Arbanus encounter. Move out of the circles to avoid taking damage.
Apart from that he keeps nuking the aggro holder with some fairly strong electrical attacks, so the tank should put on his protection gear.
After some time, he starts casting a very slow spell called Opening the Rift. During this time, he’ll be doing damage to one of the players, but I’m not sure how he decides which one; it might be based on distance, health, damage done or something else. The main thing is that at the end of Opening the Rift, he’ll oneshot everyone within a fairly long distance away from him.
It seems to me that these things are on a timer: Opening the Rift starts 3:30 minutes after the beginning of the fight, and ends 1:30 minutes later. Alternatively, it might be triggered by stamina as IME it usually started when his stamina is at 20%. In any case, the way these things are balanced now, most groups (even groups of more than 6 people) get oneshotted by Opening the Rift before DPSing the boss down to 0%. You can avoid this by simply running away to one of the corners of the room (see e.g. the map above) where you’ll be far enough to avoid the AoE.
He has a rare form called Khor-nu the Archarcanist.

Armbands of Writhing
Armguards of the Atlantean
Boots of the Nebulous
Bracers of the Wells of Night
Grips of the Inconceivable
Leggings of the Ichorous
Tunic of the Spheres

Rune-Caster Narvi

He occasionally summons adds, which you should kill (they are weak at start but seem to gradually buff themselves up, so don’t delay too much in killing them). Every now and then he casts a damage shield and then does a slow-casting electrical AoE called Keystone Blast, but this can be outhealed without too much trouble.
Narvi’s loot is slightly different than for the other bosses mentioned so far. He drops a Rare Trophy for everyone, plus two pieces of gear. One of these will be a social item from the Excavator set (belt, boots, hauberk and tasset drop here from Narvi; the other parts drop from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity). The other will usually be one of various Vanir-style armor pieces which don’t seem to form sets but which are distinguished by an unusually high amount of constitution.
He also has a rare form called Narvi the Opener of Hideous Doors. This one drops the following things in addition to the loot mentioned above: another Rare Trophy and Vessel of Attainment (75k AA xp) for everyone; another Rare Trophy to roll on; and a Faded Keystone Fragment, also to roll on.
The keystone fragments from the rare form are the main reason why Narvi is the subject of much farming nowadays. One fairly popular trick is to have the group leader run to the rez pad in the Supply Room and switch to a different instance of the dungeon; meanwhile the rest of the group members wait at Narvi’s place and thus get ported into the new instance ready to fight Narvi there as well (if he’s alive in it). So you can be switching around in 2 or 3 instances of the dungeon and pretty much do nothing but fight Narvi all the time.

Обычно дропает одну часть Excavator сета и одну часть Vanir сета, большинсто имеют высокие значения консты.

  • Belt of the Excavator
  • Boots of the Excavator
  • Hauberk of the Excavator
  • Tasset of the Excavator
  • Throwing Axe of the Ziggurat [thrown]
  • Vanir Armguards of Subterfuge
  • Vanir Bracers of Deterrence [light wrist, 75 con]
  • Vanir Helmet of Vitality [bs/ranger, 96 con]
  • Vanir Boots of Rapidity [cloth, 65 con]
С рарной формы Narvi the Opener of Hideous Doors; дропается:
  • Square Shield of the Ziggurat
  • Talisman of the Ziggurat [торгуемый талисман]

Cross Road King

This boss can be spawned at the crossroads about half-way between Jotunrodull’s room and Shryke’s room (see map).
Most of the other bosses in this dungeon have a small chance of dropping, in addition to their other loot, a generic item called Skull (it’s a white item, so unless your loot threshold is set to white or below, it won’t appear in the loot rolls). You’ll need 3 skulls to spawn the Cross Road King (they don’t all have to be on the same player); just click the pillar at the cross roads to place the skulls on it.
The boss occasionally buffs himself with a buff called A Feast of the Breathless. This gives him a heal (823 points every second), but more importantly, it gives him retributive damage: when you hit him with melee, you take 3% damage; when you hit him with magic, you take 7% damage. This retributive damage is untyped damage, so it isn’t subject to mitigation and it bypasses bubbles too! So be careful that you won’t kill yourself; the tank might have to kite him if necessary, but since he’s healing up during this time it’s best keep DPSing him and avoid kiting as much as possible.
Antediluvian Horror: fear on the aggro holder, after which he might switch aggro to someone else, so be careful.
Touch of the Grave: a big frost nuke on a randomly chosen player. If you’re a squishie, you might get oneshotted for it (tanks get hit for around 5k or so); so if you see him coming to you, run away and break his line of sight to avoid the hit.
This boss drops a crate of Rare Trophies for each player, plus 2 Fragments of Atlantean and a social pet to roll on. The social pet is called Furious Spirit and looks like a floating ghost, similar to the ones that you’ll be fighting as trash mobs in the dungeon.

  • Pet: Furious Spirit
  • 2x Fragment of Atlantean

Халявная игра в Anarchy Online (Froob Account)
Anarchy online mass PvP//Каталог полезных статей//Тотальная война в Anarchy Online
AO: Molotoff C0cktail (RK1) Mavritanic, PvP Rank: Master
Prof: Nanotechnician, lvl: 220
NT style // Нанотехник от 1 до 205. Большой гид
Когда я был моложе, я нашел эту планету остывающей. Со всей моей веселой яростью, я благословил её проклятием сказав «Пусть все, все, все получают то, что они хотят».
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Re: Тактики на групповых боссов в Thresold of Divinity (House of Crom)
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Халявная игра в Anarchy Online (Froob Account)
Anarchy online mass PvP//Каталог полезных статей//Тотальная война в Anarchy Online
AO: Molotoff C0cktail (RK1) Mavritanic, PvP Rank: Master
Prof: Nanotechnician, lvl: 220
NT style // Нанотехник от 1 до 205. Большой гид
Когда я был моложе, я нашел эту планету остывающей. Со всей моей веселой яростью, я благословил её проклятием сказав «Пусть все, все, все получают то, что они хотят».
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