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Infantry Training
Автор темы: batteri
Дата создания: 15.01.2004 19:16
Старый 15.01.2004, 19:16
Аватар для batteri
Infantry Training
The Millenium Marines will begin to have weekly training classes in infantry and armour tactics.

Infantry Training will be the first to begin:

Saturday The 17th of January at 14.00/2.00 PM GMT (16.00 Moscow) there will be training of infantry tactics at the base EADON on FORSERAL.

All participants have to be on TS, english channel. If english is a problem, translation will be made in the second class of the day.

We will be training how to keep a squad together and the optimal use of a galaxy in resecuring a tower.

If you are interested in joining our class please try and let me know before the class.

A class is limited to 9 members. Should more show up we will run another class afterwards.

More information on the following classes will be posted shortly.

I hope to see you all there.


P.S. If you have a character with galaxy cert we really need you :)
Старый 23.01.2004, 17:50
Аватар для batteri
Re: Infantry Training
Training again!!!!

Sunday the 25th of January at 16.00 moscow time (1.00PM GMT)

We will be continuing with the galaxy training this time expanding the squadtactics.

I look forward to see as many of you as possible. If you were there last weekend and enjoyed it, this is a good chance to become an even better squadmember.

Старый 24.01.2004, 00:46
Аватар для DuBePCaHT
Re: Infantry Training
ill be there
Старый 24.01.2004, 09:53
Аватар для Tany_renamed_1035_05052021
Игрок Revelation. Проверено GoHa.Ru.
Re: Infantry Training
Sorry, but Doks and I cannot be at training this time... We gone ski at wild gorge of Tsei ;)
Wish you luck and patience, you will need it ;)
We are with you, fellow marines, in our thoughts ;)

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