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New One
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Дата создания: 11.01.2004 13:26
Старый 11.01.2004, 13:26
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New One
Hello everyone,

im new in the outfit (former TERRAN RANGER) so let me introduce myself.

im from germany (near Düsseldorf) and 28 years old. Im a Staff Sergeant in the german Army and a hardcore Planetside player (i play since Juli 03 and have 7 char (4 on werner between br9 cr0 and br18 cr2, 2 one emerald (1 is VS) and a NC char on markov)).
I hope we have a good time in the outfit together.

cya on the battlefield

btw, i can only play on weekends, (im command to new barracks 300 km from my home and i havnt a internet-connection there (i hope i get one in a few weeks))
Старый 12.01.2004, 22:00
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Игрок Revelation. Проверено GoHa.Ru.
Re: New One
Welcome LittleT ;)
Glad to have another real army men in our outfit ;)
Cya on battlefield

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