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ПиАрщеги Auran сошли с ума О_о
Автор темы: Mr. Qzmich
Дата создания: 24.01.2008 10:59
Старый 24.01.2008, 10:59
Аватар для Mr. Qzmich
Mr. Qzmich
ПиАрщеги Auran сошли с ума О_о
Chances are?. you are a

Or will you prove us wrong?
In the 3 months since release, tens of thousands of people have played FURY and every single one of them has lost at least one game! That?s right ? not one unbeaten player exists in our database. And the stats show that once you have won 3 games, you are extremely likely to play dozens, if not hundreds more games.
So, we?d love you to come back and check out all the changes and improvements and discover that winning feeling.
For a start it is easier to stay alive now, and there are new game types specifically designed for new players. We have also added AI Bots (and they love losing), new gametypes, new maps, fixed the GUI lag and hundreds of bugs plus loads of other stuff. You can find out more about all the changes at http://www.unleashthefury.com/ageofthechosen
We have also introduced the Chosen which allows you to play FREE FOREVER. Why not show your friends you are not a loser as well by bringing them along, they can play for FREE! Just get them to follow the instructions found here http://www.unleashthefury.com/free2play
Cya in game (unless, of course, you want to remain a loser).
The FURY Team
Чаво они лузерами то обзываются?) Или это крик души, в стиле: "Вернитесь к нам, иначе вы неудачнеги"? В общем имхо фьюри умерла, если они такие письма рассылают. Аминь.
Старый 24.01.2008, 20:33
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Lost Ark
Медаль "500 лайков" Jack-o'-lantern
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Ответ: ПиАрщеги Auran сошли с ума О_о
Угу, я тоже этот бред получил. Заголовок письма особенно убил: "LOSER! LOSER! LLLOOOOSSSSEEEERRRRR!". Каким надо быть дебилом, чтобы такое рассылать

Старый 24.01.2008, 21:02
Ответ: ПиАрщеги Auran сошли с ума О_о
ну народ в игрушку не играет, у них истерика, вот такой бред строчат.. xD
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