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here my explored Instance-Access-Quest-Areas:

I hope we can build here one big database for all the secret areas in EQ2.

Entrance located in: Antonica Lighthouse
Entry: 3-6 Groupmembers (a whole group can enter than)
LVL: 8+
Quest: Find key in Antonica, NPC-Drop
Retimer: no one

Crows Resting Place - Flippy the 4th
Entrance located in: Down Below
Entry: Solo
LvL: 14+
Quest: Intriguring Eye
Retimer: no one

Firemyst Gully (Access Quest)
Firemyst Gully: a foul Wind - (Prestige Zone - Drop-Quest)
Entrance located in: opposite of Blackburrow in Antonica
Entry Access Quest: Solo (a whole group can enter than)
Entry Prestige-Drop: 3-6 (a whole group can enter than)
LvL: 14+
Quest: Lord Glaymores Sense at Claymore Monument / Presige = Drop in Anonica
Retimer: 8h

Vale of Shattering (Quest & Guildraid Access)
Entrance located in: Antonica
Entry: 4-6 Groupmembers who must have the quests
Guildraid-Entry: 6-12 Guildmembers
LVL: 14-21
Quest: In Elddars Grove behind japanese style house for normal access
Guildquest: Your guild must be Level 5-quest Npc in Qeynos Harbor- Guild Registar
Retimer: 8h

In Caves of Moaning?
Entrance located: In the Caves one door deep inside
Entry: ?
LVL: ?
Quest: Keydrop in the "square room"
Retimer: 30-60 min

Bloodsaber Secret Hideout
Entrance Located: Antonica Cliffs at Kaltorsis - only at highest Point on cliffs, jump on a nose, there a small cave, put juwel in statue
LVL: 19+
Quest: NPC: no, its Locationstart - Juweldrop from Kaltorsis Knights or waylayer (Highwayman)
Retimer: ?

Lord Tomerks Grave
Entrance located in: In Vernyms Snye
Entry: 4-6 Groupmembers who must have the quest
LVL: 17-?
Quest: Search for the Grave of Jahnda
Retimer: 8h and 7days if lord tormerk was activated

Tomb of Valor
Entrance located in: In Stronghold, bars on the floor
Entry: Everyone in group needs the quests
LVL: 20+
Quest: a key to the past in Stormhold-libary
Retimer: 60 min

Harbor of Decay
Entrance located in: Vermyns Snye
Entry: Solo
LVL: 18-19
Quest: priest class quest
Retimer: no

Varsoons ruins/hideout -2 areas -no exact infos now-
it seems to be a dungeon and a hideou
Entrance located in: thundering steppes
Entry: solo
LVL: 20+
Quest: Zaen Kalystir (in vernyms snye)
Retimer: no
The Zone maybe named Keep of Immortality, the key is named so.

Hive of deadly scarabs
Entrance located in: Crypt of Betrayel at Cryptkeeper Maglus on the second floor (after vermyns snye)
Entry: solo, everyone who also want to enter must have quest
LVL: 20-30
Quest: forgotten potion, Cryptkeeper Maglus
Retimer: 8h

Zarvonns Tower
Entrance located in: In Commonlands
Entry: ?
LVL: 15+
Quest: Lady in Tower at Crossroads
Retimer: ? min

Deathfist Citadel
Entrance located in: Zek
Access: for 6-12 people
Lvl req: 26+
Quest: Operation Greencap
Retimer: ?

Cove of Decay - A Threaty for Treasure
Entrance located in: Thundering Steppes
Access zu: Cove of Decay (at dead river south end)
Access fuer 3-6 people
Lvl req: 20+(?)
Quest: The Cove of Decay: The Treaty for Treasure - Thundering Steppes common drop
Retimer: no

Access to: Keep of Immortality
Entrance located in: Ruins of Varsoon
Entry: 3-6
LVL: 20+
Quest: barbar in Thundermyst - where to go?
Retimer: ? min

Access to: Aqueduct Storage 1b
Entrance located in: in the forest, near the place where the umkempt druids spawn. It is a grate in the ground between the 'legs' of the aquaduct.
LVL: 10+
Quest: Drop Bronze Key
Retimer: ? min

Orcish waste (Passage to Island of Zek)
Entrance located in: Thundering steppes dock
Entry: any once the quest is completed
LVL: 25+ /automatic granted at lvl 32
Quest: starts at the docks/Capt. Abella Coranis and you will get jumped by orcs right on the spot, be ready for it or have a group with you. I'm having trouble remembering the sequence of this quest, but I believe it goes somethin like this:
Talk to the Captain, kill orc group pop, talk to captain again, go to Antonica and go to the wagon down on the road as you zone in from Steppes, kill orc group pop, go the Captain again, go to the gnome Engineer in the first building on your right up on the Steppes docks, go to the Crypt of Betrayal and go deep into the mino area (watch for possible lvl 36ish Assassin pop at the entrance of the mino area) and retrieve part, back to Engineer, over to Blackburrow and down to the Brewery for booze, back to Engineer, over to Varsoons and kill essentially yard trash up top, back to Engineer, to the Bell at the end of the docks and have a group of 25+ with you to go fight waves of orcs and finally kill the orc boss in the last wave, quest done.
Retimer: no

Enchanted Lands access quest
Entrance located in: Nektulos Docks
Entry: any once quest is completed
LVL: 25+ /automatic granted at lvl 32
Quest: starts at the docks by talking to Daisy. You then proceed to beat up crabs (25?), talk to Daisy, kill Owlbears (13, must be ash I believe), and then back to Daisy. Next speak with the Seamist Fairy under/just to the right of the Nek Dock. She request that you kill basically a Demon which is done by speaking to a fisherman on the shore I believe south of the docks. After having him blow you off, walk over to the fishermen on the shore by the docks and he will coming running at you and turn into a demon. Kill him then speak to the fairy again. Next talk to the Captain on the docks and be ready to go aboard the Maiden of the Mist instance and fight off waves of goblins and fairies (hint: keep your group camped at the front of the ship) before finally fighting a groupx2 demon and his skellie minions. My advice is take a well balanced full group and remember all must be at least 25+ to go with you on the boat.
Retimer: no

Fallen Gate Entry
Entrance located in: In Commonlands
Entry: Any one person can go in once you have the key
LVL: lvl 17+ (maybe 14+?)
Quest: Key to the fallen gate quest starts with Kanos over by the Thieves Way grate in North Freeport (note: goody goody races can sneak right to him by going Commonlands --> Vermins Snye ---> The Serpent Sewer ---> Thieves Way ----> North Freeport then use the nearest guard for a fast exit back to Commonlands). He sends you out to Fallen Gate (western zone wall of Commonlands) where you have to talk to a guy at the entrance. That guy has to go kill Sandgiants in the valleys around Fallengate then sends you back to Kanos. Kanos sends you into an instance where you have to go upstairs and kill the boss. Once killed, you have your key can get in FG.
Retimer: no

A Call in the Forest (Nektropos Castle)
Entrance located in: Nektulos Forest up in the Northeastern area of the zone - head up the ascent then take the first road that leads east. If you follow that road it will take you straight to the castle, major aggro as you get closer to the castle though.
Entry: Every person must have access to the zone and you must have 3-6 people to go in.
LVL: - Castle is LVL25-35 from what I've been told. At lvl 29 the dogs right inside conned yellow + ^
Quest: Starts by crossing the bridge at the zone in from Commonlnads in Nektulos Forest. The quest will pop up as you cross, you then proceed to the Nomad just a bit down the road west of the bridge (she's off the road on the northside so keep your eyes open and watch aggro near her). She has you find various landmarks throughout Nektulos Forest - a waterfall (SWish area - just follow the river to its end and walk around the shore until you get quest credit), the ascent (follow the n/nw zone wall from the waterfall and it will lead you over to the ascent), the lake (head east from the top of the ascent until you reach a river, take the river north to the lake and walk along the shore of the lake until you get quest credit), head back to the Nomad then go kill the Lieutenant over in standing guard in front of the Thyx(?) Citadel (located north/nw of where you enter the forest from the docks), then go over to the Castle and walk around it clicking on the various monuments and finally the shrine which is located on the northside of the castle, go talk to the herald at the castle entrance and your done!!!
Retimer: 8 hours before you can reenter, remember if you die you can right click on the door of zones like this and retrieve shards that way.

Zone: Cauldron Hollows
Entry location: North end of the Beach in Nektulos (same door as The Witch's Cove)
Quest: http://eq2.ogaming.com/db/quests/The...dronHollow.php &
Type: 12-18 person raid zone
Level: 25+

Retimer: Unknown, but likely to be 8 hours, or 7 days if you kill nameds.

Zone: The Serpent's Lair
Entry location: Grate on the west side of Serpent Sewer, on the side of a tunnel.
Quest: http://eq2.ogaming.com/db/quests/MurkwaterUniform.php & http://eq2.ogaming.com/db/quests/BackandForth.php (quest info incorrect at this time, but I've submitted correct info so hopefully within 24hr it will be right).
Type: 3-6 person raid zone
Level: 20+
Retimer: Unknown


Level Automatic Access is Granted: 42
Level to Start Access Quest: 32 to get first part, 37 to complete access
Starting Zone: Zek
Starting NPC: Rath'Adran in tower by docks-Quest Name, Part I: The Crossing of the Fanged Sea
Difficulty/Recommended Group Average Level Minimum: Reportedly very hard, want lvl 40 ish group
Tier of Resources: 5 - (for crafting levels 40-49)
Quest Walkthrough:


Level Automatic Access is Granted: ??
Level to Start Access Quest: 35?
Starting Zone: Nektulos Forest
Starting NPC: fire elemental at door to lavastorm?
Quest Name, Part I: ??
Difficulty/Recommended Group Average Level Minimum: ??
Tier of Resources: 5 - (for crafting levels 40-49)
Quest Walkthrough:

Quelle: http://eqiiforums.station.sony.com/eq2/board/message?board.id=quest&message.id=15304
Level Automatic Access is Granted: 42
Level to Start Access Quest: 37
Starting Zone: East Freeport; Qeynos Harbor
Starting NPC: Slaughterrott the Vigilant; Boulden Smitestone-Starts by talking to either the Dwarf (Boulden Smitestone) who yells at you in the Qeynos Harbor dock area (good) OR the Ogre (Slaughterrott the Vigilant) who yells at you in the EFP dock area (evil).
Quest Name, Part I:
Difficulty/Recommended Group Average Level Minimum: 37, easy
Tier of Resources: 5 - (for crafting levels 40-49)
Quest Walkthrough:

Sanctum of Bone
Entrance location: Fallen Gates
Entry: ?
LVL: 20
Quest: Drop in Fallen Gates ( Illucid Journal ), apparently need a code for one point of quest 1 4 2 6 3 5 is what worked for one person.

Den of the Darkblade Assasins
Entrance location: Serpeant Sewers
Entry: 3-6
LVL: 10
Quest: Zatzy of Thiefs way

Decrepit Crypt:
Entrance: Commonlands ( Middle of the Cemetary)
Entry: 3-6
LVL: 10
Quest: Decayed Scroll drops by brittle skeletons in Commonlands

Bloodskull Valley
Entrance: Commonlands ( same door for training grounds )
Entry: 12-24
LVL 18-30
Quest: Talk to a wounded scout in Commonlands

Elephant Training Grounds
Entrance: Commonlands (same door for bloodskull valley)
LVL 18-21 ? Rough estimate, different cons grey to even at 21
Quest: In the commons kill orcs to find a broken harness and examine to start. Theres a few that i know of, just grabbed the extra info off websites. Theres also one in serpeant sewers, for access to serpeants lair..and one in the tower in commons....unfortunetly because of having to have at least 3 people to get in these i've only seen one...although i have access to most of em, either other people don't or don't care about them.

Witches Cove
: Old Witch Key, droped by a crackling skeleton
Lvl 25 ish (didnt go deep in due to time) 3-6ppl
Location: Nek. Forest (cauldron hallow gate)

Open questions for some locations-do someone know more?:
- In Antonicaat Hollys Grave/Katoris keep is a door in the hill- not usable
- In Antonica Forest of Druids is Mr. Novak and a round door in the mountain-not usable
- In Antonica in cavegnoll mountain - a door - not usable
- In Thundering Steppes - at the skindance-Gnolls a door in mountain-not usable

se post your infos in this thread!

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Когда был около Deathfist citadel внутрь не заходил,но вроде там не надо 6-12 человек,это по-моему простой данг типа РЕ(99%).Но проверю в ближайщее время.
Насчет Lavastorm:на лвл 36 fireguard мне говорил,что я еще слишком мал.Может эта зона с лвл 37 как Feerott/Everfrost.А может надо 40+
Старый 12.04.2005, 14:17   #3 

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Супер, только хоро шо бы еще перевод сделать, как мне кажется не все поймут. Пойду сегодня в нору квест делать.
Старый 13.04.2005, 12:04   #4 

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Тут мягко говоря не все :)
Как минимум Heart of Fear я тут не наблюдаю... и Mysterious Drafling тоже. А квесты интересные :) первый особенно.

А в лавасторме - большинство квестов 40+. Раньше там особо делать нечего.

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