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Ok, to get the perma key to the Dalja garden in Adonis you have to do some traveling but an overall easy quest...

You need to be aligned to the Unredeemed to do this quest

Step 1: Preparations

Head to the Redeemed village in east Adonis, NE from where you zoned into Adonis, the lush green place on map with white bubbles (too lazy to get coords), next to a island. Inside the village kill a mob named with the prefix "Watcher". He/she drops a Note.

Step 2: The Quest

Ok now you need to find Prophet Man Dal. He is in a temple in Adonis Abyss, yes... under water. Head to either

1940 2580 - Sacellum
1407 2080 - The Prominence
2314 1438 - Lament Lagoon

to enter the Abyss. Once under water you get a huge snare wich makes you practically move at walk speed, and a DoT hitting pretty often for 250 dmg. Make your way to 1898 1265 while watching the nice fishes, I recommend entering at 2314 1438 Lamnent Lagoon and head SW once zoned into water.

When you find the temple, zone in and head to the 2nd room, take the stairs to your right and go through a door. At the end of the room is Prophet Man Dal. Talk to him and start the quest, after getting the quest talk to him again saying you have the note. [He ate my note so you will be needing another one to finish it, either get it at Redeemed camp again now, or after observing the 2 devices]

He wants you to locate 2 Redeemed Ark artifacts(Ancient Control Panel), these are boxes that should be targetted, treated as a observe mission on Rubika (although you cant pick them up).

One is located at Ancient Control Panel - 2801x2533 in east Adonis, at the 2 huge black weird looking things on map, north of the Redeemed village where you got the note.

The other one is located at Ancient Control Panel - 1670x3021 on the biggest island in the middle (the one next to 3 small ones).

Once completed, your mission will turn into a return item type mission where you should return the note to a Visionary in the garden of Dalja. If you dont have a note, grab one at Redeemed camp, if you got another after talking to the Prophet, initate dialogue with the Visionary and hand him the note when asked for.

Locations of Dalja Garden statues:

1582 x 1484 - Statue near Adonis City

2621 x 1419 - Statue at Entrance to Redeemed Camp

Grats, you should now have The Key to the Garden of Dalja... gogo

Other than granting endless entry to the garden, the keys can be used to teleport from one garden to another by using the key of the garden you want to go to on a "Vibrating Statue of Transport" found in all gardens.

Some additional info:

To find the "Watcher Gil Hume-Wei" or "Sipious Gil Hume-Wei " that drops the Note, follow these instructions:

Walk to the Redeemed village, pass through the gate and follow the path north a little. The stone altar on your left is the place he spawns.

Все полезное должно быть под рукой и рядом :)
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Re: dalja_permanent_key

Переведите пожайлуста кто-нибудь,так будет больше пользы,тока не надо говорить что без знания анг-го нечего делать в АО,я это и сам знаю ::)
Спасибо алфавиту за любезно предоставленные буквы.
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Re: dalja_permanent_key

а в санктуарий адониса апгрейдить ключик слабо дать? хоть на английском, гдето ведь даже на русском читал(, что то там про блю принт с инфернала было..

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