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Mass Teamspeak Event - March 1st @ 18:00 GMT
Автор темы: Tany_renamed_1035_05052021
Дата создания: 02.03.2004 03:44
Старый 02.03.2004, 03:44
Аватар для Tany_renamed_1035_05052021
Игрок Revelation. Проверено GoHa.Ru.
Mass Teamspeak Event - March 1st @ 18:00 GMT
Mass Teamspeak Event - March 1st @ 19:00 CET Launch: March 1st @ 19:00 CET - 18:00 GMT (21:00 MSK)

Objective: Gather as many squads as possible on teamspeak with minimum squadleader and his/her assistant (#2 in squad) on teamspeak while fully using channel commander mode.

Goal: Reach the strength of Empire Poplock coordinated with all platoonleaders and squadleaders on teamspeak in 10 person channels with full use of channel commander function.

TS-Server: Planetside-TS.Kicks-ass.net
Channel: PS/EVENT/March1st

More details and updated information in channel desc.
Squad / outfits can contact a server admin to be added as Channel admin in the sub channel they plan to use for the event to save time on event launch.

Reason: Prepare the Terran Republic on Werner for the upcoming level of increasd cooperation and give everone a chance to provide feed back on how they like Teamspeak to be used.

P.S. I think we must be there
batteri, we need your help

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