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[COVID-19] Японские магазины сообщают о срыве сроков поставок
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Дата создания: 07.04.2020 19:31
Старый 07.04.2020, 19:31
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[COVID-19] Японские магазины сообщают о срыве сроков поставок
Крупные представители рассылают заказчикам уведомительные письма о переносах сроков нынешних и непримененных последствий для более поздних поставок.

Имейте это ввиду при заказе/ожидании.

AmiAmi: Notice Regarding Change of Release Date

03:57 (7 часов назад)

кому: я, e_support
Dear Customer,

Thank you for shopping at AmiAmi.

We would like to kindly inform you that your order includes items that have had a change in release date.
The applicable items have been separated to new orders if required.

Orders containing only in-stock items will be invoiced shortly. Please understand that it may take up to several days depending on the number of orders awaiting processing,
and separated items are no longer eligible to be combined with their original orders because their release months are different.

Delayed items will be invoiced after release. If you would like the items to be combined with existing eligible orders,
please process the combination through your My Account page on our website. The items will not be automatically combined.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

PLEASE NOTE: It may take some time for these changes to be reflected on your order history page so please do not be alarmed
if the orders are not immediately displayed on our website. Please do not re-order any items."

Important Notice about Japan Post Service Disruptions
As of April 2nd (JST), Japan Post has temporarily suspended all SAL SPR shipments, and has also suspended all other shipping methods to select regions. This is due to the fact that the spread of COVID-19 has led to a significant decrease in international flights from Japan to other countries around the world, compounded by difficulties currently experienced by local postal systems in some countries.
What this means for you
All TOM Shop pre-order and special order purchases made prior to April 2nd that were slated to ship from Japan via SAL (or to countries experiencing service disruptions) have been put on pending status in our system as a temporary precaution, regardless of release date. You are receiving this email message because at least one of your future pre-order or special order shipments has been put on pending for this reason.

Note that this may include shipments with an original expected release date many months in the future. Depending on when Japan Post fully resumes service, it is entirely possible that you will not experience any shipment delay for such items, even if they are temporarily set on pending at the moment.

You can view the status of all your past and future shipments here:

Please be assured that any purchases marked pending are still safely reserved in your name. While our overall policy of not accepting cancellations for pre-order or special order items remains unchanged, if the SAL SPR suspension continues beyond the month of April, we will carefully consider what other options or compensation we can offer anyone who has been left waiting.

We understand that this must be worrisome news at an already distressing time. We'll keep you updated immediately if there are any further developments. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our support team, and we’d be happy to assist however we can.

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