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Патчноуты августовского апдейта
Автор темы: 4ertik
Дата создания: 17.08.2018 19:25
Старый 17.08.2018, 19:25
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Патчноуты августовского апдейта
Features & Changes:


New Player Experience:
  • Updated NPE with beginner tutorial sites and combat challenges available through The Agency.

User Interface:
  • The filament activation and mutaplasmid windows have shiny new NeoCom icons.
  • We've updated how events, challenges, and their rewards are displayed in The Agency, info panels, and in the Neocom menu. Players must now click to claim their rewards.

Defect Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare problem where the cargo window failed to open after losing accessing to a fleet hangar of a fleet member.
  • Unused blueprints (fresh from the market) are no longer showing up in the lock blueprint vote creation window, as they cannot be locked down anyway.
  • Corp Welcome mails are now sent from the Corporation itself and not the person who authored them (as they may have left the corporation).
  • Fixed a specific case of the issue that could cause modules to remain flashing red and not deactivate properly.
  • Fixed various issues where the corporation hangars window would close unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where moving a structure from a container to a players item hangar would fail.
  • Updated the triggers in the "A Demonstration" relic site to fix the spawning of the site.
  • Adjusted the Warp-In locations for Drone Squad and Drone Patrol Anomalies, fixing bumping issues.
  • Fixed an issue where holding down the Ctrl button while in Planetary Production would display the "Lock Target" text above the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where unit of measurement was not shown for commodities in Planetary Production pins.
  • Fixed a clipping issue in the Command Centre window of Planetary Production.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would clip into the players ship when zooming in with Dynamic Camera Movement enabled
  • Improved legibility of overlap percentages in the Extraction Window in Planetary Production
  • Unidentified Wormhole Connections should now populate correctly in Drifter Hive systems.
  • Fixed a problem, which caused ammunition to remain fitted to a ship, when using "Strip Fitting".

  • Corrected an issue with the sails on the Zephyr disappearing during warp travel.
  • Fixed a display Issue with the killmarks on the Condor and variants.
  • Adjusted the location of turret hard points on the Rupture hull.
  • Adjusted the light on the Triglavian Pylon Wreck icon.
  • Updated icons for the Triglavian Towers.
  • Imperial fighter NPC will now display firing effects.
  • Fixed a misaligned texture on Vedmak Triglavian Battleship hulls.
  • Fixed an issue causing all present UI highlights to disappear when switching from windowed to full screen display mode.
  • Fixed light in the hangars that kept blinking after undocking was cancelled.
  • Fixed an error thrown on a few occasion while saving a character edit.
  • Updated the spawn points for NPCs in the Pirate Invasion level 4 mission to prevent them being stuck in scenery.
  • Improved the SKIN already licensed warning to be appropriate for permanent and temporary SKINs.
  • Fixed log errors being thrown by the Drone Stasis Tower.
  • Fixed a log error thrown near the Drone Sentry Gun.

  • Progress has been made in analyzing Triglavian Bioadaptive Caches and it is now possible to interact with them by using Triglavian Survey Data. Destroying them and raiding the wrecks for loot remains at the same level of rewards.

Science & Industry:
  • The Facilities tab of the Industry window no longer shows accessible facilities in other wormhole systems in the same region.

Starbases & Deployables:
  • Adding details of the Athanor's docking restrictions to their show info windows.
  • Fixed an issue where text entered in a Upwell Structure's bio when it is deployed would not be saved.
  • Switching clones in a structure now correctly displays a session change timer.
  • The all structures tab of the structure browser no longer shows structures before they have finished Anchoring.
  • The dock option now appears in the radial menu of a structures sensor overlay entry, regardless of your docking access.
  • Fixed an issue where invention access and tax was controlled by the Research section of the assigned structure profile.

  • If a client does not successfully establish a connection to the solar system node when jumping to a new system within a certain time limit, the server eventually triggers an emergency-warp and will hide the ship from space (in same manner as a normal log off). This could lead to ships loaded without skills, and ships not dying correctly in high load situations. Changed behaviour: This time limit has been doubled, and the server will now disconnect the client when the ship is hidden, instead of leaving it in a half-connected, desynchronised state.

Text & Descriptions:
  • Fixed various minor grammatical, punctuation and formatting issues.
  • Removed references to structure vulnerability timers from the structure unanchoring notifications.
  • Fixed a standing tooltip which used a male possessive pronoun for female agents.
  • Notifications of structures destroyed in wormhole space no longer refer to items being moved into asset safety.

User Interface:
  • Logging back into the game with an active NPC Warp Disruption attempt will now show the Icon and Status correctly in the buff bar.
  • Fixed a problem where notifications would break for characters who got expelled from a corporation through a corp vote.
  • The show info window for destroyed and unanchored Upwell structures now displays that it is out of commission.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of the corporation employment duration in the show info window of characters.
  • The "Set Home Station" option no longer appears when right clicking on a Upwell Structure hull in the fitting window.
  • Links in chat will now correctly obey word filtering and highlighting options.
  • Dragging simulated charges form the fitting window to chat now correctly creates a link.
  • The tooltip for Assault Damage Control modules now correctly show resistances to 1 decimal place.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging items from a ships cargohold to the multisell window would not correctly display that this is not allowed.
  • Fitting Window: Fixed an issue where the DPS of a ship would be increased by Drones in its drone bay.
  • Fitting Window: Simulating a fit will now attempt to ignore non damage Drones and load the best DPS Drones by default instead.
  • Fitting Window: Fixed an issue where drone or fighter damage would not be calculated if the drone or fighter panel was collapsed.
  • Fitting Window: Fighters in simulated fits are now taken into account when listing missing skills for a fit.
  • Fixed an issue where ECM jammer strength wouldn't appear in a jamming module's show info window if the attribute is modified.
  • Fixed an issue where items would be appear to be duplicated in the summary of an item exchange contract.
  • Fixed an issue where text would be obscured in the Multifit window when 10 or more sets of Selected Fits are available.
  • Fixed an issue where the show info window of a corporation would always show your own corps number of shares.
  • The description text box for Fleet Adverts now displays its character limit.
  • Removing the now defunct station section from the details tab of the corporation window.
  • Fixed an issue where the Military Index bar in a system's Show Info window could show twice.
  • Map: Players docked in citadels are now correctly counted in the “Average Docked Pilots in the last 30 minutes ” filter instead of the "Average Pilots in Space" filter.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for Dice of Jade.
  • Various Triglavian Trinary Datastream items have been added, giving some more insight into Triglavian lore.

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