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Что в последнем патче.

Вот, просто захотелось для людей написать, что было в 2х последних патчах беты.


* More Mission and Region server issues have been fixed.
* Faction and Team chat (/fc and /tc) no longer clip messages to a single word.


* Downtown and International District are now available for testing.
* Exile hideouts have been added and hidden throughout the world.
*Character creation has been redesigned with a focus on more avatar customization.
* Characters now have attributes that can affect Abilities and other gameplay.
* A brand new Tutorial is now available where players can choose the red or blue pill.
* Dozens of new abilities added (up to level 50).
* Dozens of new items added, including some code-enhanced items.
* Items now destabilize based on usage and damage, not time.
* Combat UI revised and updated.
* Special move damage was reduced.
* User Interface has been updated with new functionality.
* Players can swap out ability code from hardlines.
* Players can teleport directly from hardline to hardline.
* Players can access the Marketplace from any hardline.
* Loading Area screens revised and updated.
* New emotes are available. (Try /dance.)
* New icons for points of interest added to the in-game map.
* Over 250 missions are now available, including the beginnings of the ongoing Matrix story.
* Mission Summary is now working.
* More mission server stability fixes.
* Gangs should now fight and coordinate more intelligently.
* Agents have received an upgrade.
V poiskah
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