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SMITE Tactics - ЗБТ-патч 4. Вы сможете поиграть за Guan Yu
Автор темы: Nature_renamed_562435_14022021
Дата создания: 23.02.2017 12:20
Старый 23.02.2017, 12:20
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SMITE Tactics - ЗБТ-патч 4. Вы сможете поиграть за Guan Yu
Завершилась прямая трансляция с разработчиками пошаговой стратегии SMITE Tactics, посвященная ЗБТ-патчу 4. Добавлены две новые китайские карты. Стал доступен новый лидер – Guan Yu (1/20, и за 2 маны он призывает Crescent Blade вам в руку). Введены три новых карточки:

- Blademaster. Нейтральная, эпическая, 7 маны, 4/7, Charge, Warcry: вылечить вашего лидера на 3 HP.
- Discord. Китайская, эпическая, 0 маны. Передвинуть всех врагов в случайную клетку, находящуюся рядом с ними.
- Judgment. Греческая, обычная, 2 маны. Нанести два урона (не лидеру). Если на поле боя уже есть два ваших бога (или более), то тогда нанесите 4 урона.

Теперь вы получается больше Favor’а за квесты. На карте Norse Night удалены клетки с лавой. Визуально улучшились эффекты на разных карточках. Характеристики Медузы теперь выглядят следующим образом: легендарная карта, 5 маны, 4/4, боец дальнего боя, и если вы атаковали поврежденного противника (который не является лидером), то тогда он превратится в камень.

Полный список изменений ЗБТ-патча для SMITE Tactics находится в комментариях к новости.

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Старый 23.02.2017, 12:20
Аватар для Nature_renamed_562435_14022021
Награжден за: За победу в 2х конкурсах на GoHa.Ru Зомби мутанта
Награжден за: гЫх! Признанный автор
Награжден за: Ведение и создание стартовых гайдов по Warhammer Online Просветитель
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Re: SMITE Tactics - ЗБТ-патч 4. Вы сможете поиграть за Guan Yu
New Chinese Maps!
  • This patch will introduce two brand new maps, Chinese day and night.
New Chinese Leader!
  • Guan Yu
    • Legendary, 1/20, Ability: Spend 2 Mana to add a Crescent Blade to your hand.
New Cards!
  • Blademaster
    • Neutral, Epic, 7 Mana, 4/7, Charge, Warcry: Heal your Leader for 3 Health.
  • Discord
    • Chinese, Epic, 0 Mana, Move all enemies to a random adjacent tile.
  • Judgment
    • Greek, Common, 2 Mana, Deal 2 Damage to a Non-Leader. If you have 2 or more Gods in play deal 4 Damage instead.


Daily Quests
  • We have increased the Favor reward for every Quest by 30. After reviewing the rate in which players are earning Favor, we have decided to increase the rewards for Daily Quests. As the game continues to develop and grow there are further plans to readdress favor gain, including events similar to those seen in SMITE.
Attack Indicators
  • This patch includes new Attack Indicators. These indicators are designed to better communicate the different attack options you can take.
Egyptian Day Map changes!
  • We have added Ceremonial Urns to the Egyptian Day Map! This map will feature three ceremonial urns that the players are able to use to their advantage.
Norse Night Map changes
  • After reviewing this map, we have decided to remove the Lava Tiles.
Improved FX!
  • This patch we have improved the visual fidelity for many card effects.
  • Campaigns are being brought back in CB4 with new changes.
  • Many keywords have been removed and replaced with plain text to more clearly indicate what each card does.

Leader Changes

We’ve made some adjustments for how Leader Abilities functions in this patch. Using a Leader’s Ability no longer exhausts your Leader, meaning you are able to attack and use your ability on the same turn. With this change you are now able to “click” a Leader Ability Button in the bottom left of your UI. This is our first pass and we will be improving the UI elements in future patches.
Leader Balance
  • Freya (Norse)
    • Leader
    • Spend 3 Mana to Banish a Non-Leader Enemy until your next turn.
  • Isis (Egyptian)
    • Leader
    • Leader Ability: Spend 1 Mana and give a Friendly Protect 1.
  • Poseidon (Greek)
    • Leader
    • Leader Ability only hits one tile.
  • Zeus (Greek)
    • Leader
    • Free, 1/18, Ranged, Spend 3 Mana to draw a card.

God Changes

Throughout the Closed Beta we have been keeping a close eye on God Abilities and how they function, and this patch we are making adjustments to these Mechanics. God Abilities will no longer be activatable, and will instead trigger more fluidly during combat, adding new strategic options and gameplay.
We found the old iteration of activated abilities had a few primary issues we wanted to address:
  • Making Meaningful Choices
    • There was almost always clear distinction to use an ability on cooldown or to just attack instead. We wanted all gods to feel impactful once they came into play, but some just fell flat when their activated abilities were only usable in very specific scenarios. Gods like Serqet always had trouble finding meaningful situations to use her Poison, but with Afterlife she will always have to be played around by your opponent and give you more options to trade her effectively.
  • Improved Deck Building Strategies
    • The original ability design had almost every god trigger the same; try to survive your spawn exhaustion then use your ability. Under the new design Abilities trigger at different times; on spawn, on first attack, on death, or under unique conditions. This means when building decks you can now make more meaningful choices about the timings of your attacks, and create new combinations previously unavailable.
  • Mechanics feel better automated
    • Knowing when and how to use Activated abilities was an issue for many players. Under the new system, gods like Aphrodite, Enyo, and Thanatos will continue having the same effectiveness with Warcry.
  • Longer Gameplay
    • As games drew out, keeping track of Ability Cooldowns felt more like a chore than an added tactical benefit. Now Instead of constantly highlighting over friendly and enemy units to figure out what options you have as a player based on cooldowns, you will always know what a unit is capable of. Players will have a much easier time quickly assessing their situation and planning out their turn now.
These changes aim to make it easier to jump in and understand SMITE Tactics, while still retaining the tactical depth for tenured players. As this is a change to one of the core mechanics of SMITE Tactics, we are going to be keeping a close eye on balance over the next few patches as players adjust.
Taunt has been changed to Guard
  • Guard is a new mechanic in Smite Tactics! Units with Guard prevent adjacent Friendlies from being directly targeted by Enemy units. However, Guard does not protect Friendlies from Items and AOE effects.
God Balance
  • Anhur (Egpytian)
    • God.
    • Epic, 4 Mana, 3/3, Ranged, Attacks knock units back 2 tiles. If the tile is occupied the unit is stunned.
  • Anubis (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Legendary, 6 Mana, 4/5, Ranged, Warcry: Deal 3 Damage in target area. Enemies in target area at the end of their turn take 3 Damage.
  • Ao Kuang (Chinese)
    • God
    • Epic, 5 Mana, 5/5, Afterlife: Leave behind an 0/5 Illusion. If the illusion is not killed by the end of turn, it deals 2 damage to all adjacent Enemies.
  • Aphrodite (Greek)
    • God
    • Free, 4 Mana, 1/4, Ranged, Warcry: Target a Friendly and give them Protect 1 and heal them for 1 at the start of your turn.
  • Arachne (Greek)
    • God
    • Rare, 5 Mana, 4/ 5, At the end of your turn spawn a 1/1 Spiderling.
    • Spiderling
      • Increased Movement from 2 to 3.
  • Ares (Greek)
    • God
    • Common, 7 Mana, 3/8, Warcry: Pull an Enemy to you and Stun them.
  • Athena (Greek)
    • God
    • Free, 6 Mana, 2/7, Guard, Warcry: Can be deployed anywhere on the map.
  • Bastet (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Rare, 3 Mana, 2/3, Afterlife: Spawn 3 Cats.
    • Bastet Cats (Egyptian)
      • Movement increased from 2 to 3.
  • Chang’e (Chinese)
    • God
    • Free, 3 Mana, 0/5, Ranged, At the end of your turn heal all adjacent Friendlies for 1.
  • Enyo (Greek)
    • God
    • Legendary, 5 Mana, 5/5, Warcry: Place an 0/4 Flag from which your units can be deployed from.
    • Enyo Flag (Greek)
      • Now provides +1 Attack to all Friendlies.
  • Fenrir (Norse)
    • God
    • Rare, 2/3, If Fenrir has not attacked when your turn ends, gain +2/+2.
  • Geb (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Rare, 2/7, Warcry: Give a Friendly +2 Health and remove all Crowd Control effects.
  • Hades (Greek)
    • God
    • Free, 2/6, Ranged, Warcry: Force adjacent Enemies to move away and Root them.
  • Hou Yi (Chinese)
    • God
    • Epic, 4 Mana, 2/4, Ranged, Attacks also hit a random Enemy adjacent to the target.
  • Khepri (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Common, 5 Mana, Attacks deal Damage in a line and give +1/+0 to all Friendlies they pass through until the end of turn.
  • Loki (Norse)
    • God
    • Legendary, 5 Mana, 5/3, Stealth, Loki’s first Attack teleports him to the target and deals Attack Damage.
  • Medusa (Greek)
    • God
    • Legendary, 4 Mana, 3/5, Ranged, Attacking a damaged Non-Leader Enemy turns them into stone.
  • Neith (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Free, 5 Mana, 4/4, Ranged, Attacks Root Enemies.
  • Osiris (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Epic, 6 Mana, 5/7, Warcry: Tether all adjacent Enemies until your next turn. If a tethered Enemy moves out of melee range, they are stunned.
  • Scylla (Greek)
    • God
    • Epic, 3 Mana, 1/3, Ranged. Charge. If Scylla kills an enemy she gains +3/+0 until end of your next turn.
  • Serqet (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Common, 3 Mana, 3/3, Afterlife: Poison a random adjacent Non-Leader Enemy. They Die at the end of the next turn.
  • Skadi (Norse)
    • God
    • Epic, 3 Mana, 2/3, Ranged. Warcry: Add a Kaldr to your Hand. Add a Kaldr to your Hand and reduce its cost by 1.
  • Sobek (Egyptian)
    • God
    • Free, 2 Mana, 1/3, Attacks throw enemies enemies up to 2 tiles behind Sobek.
  • Sol (Norse)
    • God
    • Epic, 2 Mana, 1/2, Ranged. Stealth. Ranged. Attacks deal damage to target and all Enemies adjacent to the target.
  • Sun Wukong (Chinese)
    • God
    • Legendary, 6 Mana, 6/7, Warcry: Discover an animal form.
  • Thanatos (Greek)
    • God
    • Epic, 4 Mana, 3/2, Warcry: Travel to any Non-Leader Enemy with 2 or less Health and kill them.
  • Thor (Norse)
    • God
    • Free, 4 mana, 4/4, Gain +1/+0 for each adjacent Enemy.
  • Ymir (Norse)
    • God
    • Free, 5 mana, 2/7, Attacks Stun Enemies.
Disabled Cards
  • Due to the changes to God Abilities, we have temporarily disabled Temporal Beads and Rod of Tahuti. This means that you are unable to unlock these cards from packs for the time being. For those of you who own these cards, we will be redesigning how the cards work to fit our current game.
Beasts Category
  • Starting with this patch and continuing into future patches, we will be making changes to Card categorization. In this patch a few minion cards will have a new label called Beasts which allow for specific interactions with cards of this type.


  • Bull Demon King (Neutral)
    • Minion
    • Epic, 4/5, Whenever this unit attacks, deal damage to all adjacent Enemies.
  • Brute (Greek)
    • Minion
    • Free, 1/4, Guard.
  • Chaofeng (Neutral)
    • Minion
    • Common, 2/4, Guard.
  • Divine Intervention (Greek)
    • Item
    • Rare, 2 Mana, Draw two Gods from your deck.
  • Evolve
    • Item
    • Free, 4 Mana, Spawn a random Beast.
  • Guard (Neutral)
    • Item
    • Rare, 3 Mana, give a Non-Leader Friendly Guard and +0/+2.
  • Hunter’s Sigil
    • Item
    • Free, 2 Mana, Deploy 2 Cursed Hunters.
  • Imperial Guard (Chinese)
    • Minion
    • Common, 3 Mana, 2/4, Whenever you play an item, gain +1/+0 and take no return damage this turn.
  • Manifold Blade
    • Item
    • Common, 1 Mana, Deal 1 Damage. This item gains +1 Damage for every Friendly Beast in play.
  • Meditation (Egyptian)
    • Item
    • Free, 2 Mana, Restore 2 Health to all Friendlies in target area.
  • Oogway (Chinese)
    • Beast
    • Rare, 4 Mana, 4/4, At the start of your turn, gain +1/+1.
  • Scarab’s Blessing (Egyptian)
    • Item
    • Epic, 2 Mana, Target a Friendly. If it dies, bring it back to life with 2 Health.
  • Spartan (Greek)
    • Minion
    • Free, 4 Mana, 1/4, All adjacent Friendlies have Protect 1.
  • Warrior’s Sigil
    • Item
    • Free, 2 Mana, Deploy 2 Cursed Warriors.
  • White Tiger (Chinese)
    • Beast
    • Free, 2 Mana, 1/3, At the start of your turn, gain +0/+1.
  • Wind Demon (Neutral)
    • Item
    • Rare, 3 Mana, Give a Non-Leader Friendly +1/0, +1 Range, and +1 Movement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where banished units with an aura would still provide the aura while banished.
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked matches were not providing quest progress.
  • Fixed a Stone Guardian targeting issue.
  • Fixed an issue with Elder Harpy not animating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with slow FX on Basilisk.

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