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NPC Finder and Drop Calculator

Вроде бы работает и работает неплохо.
NPC Finder
Drop Calculator

Один минус мною замечен. Работает не очень быстро.

От автора
Let's start with the Drop Calc:
The Drop Calc is a tool that helps you finding out which monsters drops/spoils what item - additionally its quite handy, if you need the crystal/price information, just search for the item, get the information.

# search for anything (item, monster, level, levelrang), get results
# search results are sorted by monster (level) / item (spoil/sweep) (its possible to set only one looting method)
# displays npc prices (without taxes) and crystal count from every item thats lootable from monsters
# displays monster level
# fast! - average time needed to generate a page is about 0.01 seconds
# link to the npcfinder, when viewing drop data of a specific monster

# when searching all monsters that drop a specific item, option to sort droprate-wise
# more information added (hp, mob stats) and integration into the lineageii.de fansite (it'll have english translation)

Known Bugs:
# at the moment none, read the thread for more

The NPCFinder shows you where a NPC is located - NPCs are Monsters, Traders and Quest-NPCs.
It'll display a map of Aden, Elmore or both, depending where the NPC can spawn and mark the position with a red X - if only one NPC is found, the X is bigger and a green circle is around it, to make it easier to find it - additionally the coordinates (/loc coords) are displayed.

To minimize the traffic, the map of aden/elmore is a background picture, which is covered by a transparent png (which is created by a script), that marks the points.

That makes it impossible to save the picture to get the map including spawns (workaround: screenshot it, mspaint, crop!)

# better search, which includes title of NPCs
# a better interface (new design)
# showing multiple NPcs with different colors (means: Bearded Keltirs in red, Elpys in green) on one map

Known Bugs:
# Elven Ruins (Talking Islands) mobs are located south of Giran harbor - it looks like this is because of some in-game mechanics

Finally, thanks to my hoster http://www.onlinewelten.com (german site) and all users that contributed suggestions and bug reports.

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