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SWTOR 5.0 Corruption Sorcerer PvE Guide by Seetsu
Автор темы: JTMarsh
Дата создания: 27.12.2016 21:23
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SWTOR 5.0 Corruption Sorcerer PvE Guide by Seetsu

Intro to Corruption Sorcerer

Sorcerer healer have always been good at single target burst healing
or triage, it’s your job to keep people alive and bursting people up
quickly, though your AOE isn’t as good as our other healer friends
Mercenary and Operative, we are able to keep up in nearly all aspects.

Though personally you will be best at quickly bursting someone up
with a few healing combos you and your friends will be sitting pretty on
health and you are nearly endless in your energy regen as you can sit
fairly low and be fine.

In my opinion this class is a lot easier to play than other healers
just due to the easy energy management with hardly any drawbacks from
your energy regen, but there are definitely some tips and tricks that I
will fill you all in on – on how to make yourself a better Sorc healer!


6 peice Force Mystic set bonus.

Stats, you will want to look under ‘Force’ not melee. Experiment with
your Critical and Alacrity, there is really no ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ here
but here are some of my suggestions.

  • Critical: Shoot for 40% Critical; and 67-70% Critical
    Multiplier, can go higher or slightly lower, this is mainly up to your
    personal preference.
  • Alacrity: This is mainly up to personal preference, though I
    recommend at least 8-10% alacrity minimum, I personally run 15+% ,
    Alacrity but this is just my personal preference, because it simply
    feels like it flows better.
    • As if fares right now you want to aim for both Alacrity and Critical
      to be in similar stats, but you can definitely favor one more than the
  • Accuracy: Accuracy? What are you doing, you’re a healer. Completely useless stat, your heals will never miss.
  • Shield Rating, Defensive Absorption: Also completely useless to healers.
  • Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution are
    the best possible relics for healers; no contest whatsoever as they are
    optimal in any situation. If you have to prioritize upgrading one before
    the other, Focused Retribution is impacted by your alacrity and
    therefore has greater uptime.



Force Suffusion
Overload heals you and 7 affected allies for ‘X’ amount of healing. (X being dependant on gear)

Sith Defiance
Increases damage reduction by 3%

Tempest Mastery
Increases the damage dealt by Force Storm by 25%

Empty Body
Increases all healing received by 5%. Does not affect redistributed life.

Dizzying Force
Reduces target’s accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Whirlwind ends.
Additionally, your Whirlwind affects up to 2 additional standard or weak
targets within 8 meters of the target

Dark Speed
Dark Heal increases the movement speed of the target by 50% for 6
seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds


Activating Cloud Mind grants Suppression, which increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds

Corrupted Flesh
Reduces the damage taken by all periodic effects by 15%

Dark Resilience
Reduces the damage taken by the target of your Extrication by 25% for
6 seconds after you Extricate then. Additionally increases the healing
done by Unnatural Preservation by 30%

Conspiring Force
Targets affected by your Affliction are slowed by 30% for its duration

Lightning Barrier
Your Static Barrier crackles with electricity, shocking attacks for
energy damage when it absorbs direct damage to you. This effect does not
affect Static Barriers placed on allies and cannot occur more than once
each second

Torturous Tactics
Reduces the cooldown of Electrocute by 10 seconds. In addition
targets stunned by your Electrocute deal 25% less damage for 10 seconds
when Electrocute wears off.


Force Speed grants Emersion, removing all movement-impairing effects and granting immunity to them for the duration.

Shapeless Spirit
Reduces all damage taken while stunned by 30%. Additionally reduces damage taken from area effects 30%

Surging Speed
Reduces the cooldowns of Force Speed by 5 seconds, Force Slow by 3
seconds, and Force Barrier by 30 seconds. In addition, Force Speed lasts
0.5 seconds longer, Polarity Shift increases your movement speed by
100% while active, and the active cooldown of Force Speed is finished
when Force Barrier ends.

Static Barriers you place on yourself erupt in a flash of light when
they end, blinding up to 8 nearby enemies for 3 seconds. This effect
breaks from direct damage.

Haunted Dreams
If your Whirlwind breaks early from damage, the target is stunned for 2 seconds. In addition, Whirlwind activates Instantly.

Electric Bindings
Overload binds its targets in electricity, immobilizing them for 5
seconds. Direct damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect


Force Mobility
Thunder Blast, Innervate, and Force Leech can be activated while moving.

Galvanizing Cleanse
Expunge grants Galvanizing Cleanse, making your next ability with an
activation time activate instantly. The effect cannot occur more than
every 30 seconds and lasts up to 15 seconds.

Corrupted Barrier
Your Static Barrier, Force Barrier, and Enduring Bastion heal you for
1% of your total health every second for as long as they last. This
scales up to 4% with the charges for Enduring Bastion.

Unnatural Vigor
Unnatural Preservation increases your damage reduction by 15% for 6
seconds. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of Unnatural Preservation by
5 Seconds

Shifting Silhouettes
Using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Shifting
Silhouettes, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you
immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for the next 10
seconds. Additionally the cool down of Phase Walk is Reduced by 15
seconds and all defenses are increased by 30% for the duration of
Shifting Silhouettes

Enfeebling Strike
Lashes the Target with your lightsaber, dealing x weapon damage

and immobilizing it for 3 seconds. When the Immobilization effect ends, the target is slowed by 50% for 5 seconds.

Replaces Saber Strike.


Build A:

  • Skillful: Force Suffusion , Sith Defiance , Empty Body
  • Masterful: Suppression, Corrupted Flesh (If fight has dots, if not then Dark Resilience)
  • Heroic: Shapeless Spirit, Surging Speed
  • Legendary: Force Mobility

Build B:

  • Skillful: Force Suffusion, Empty Body
  • Masterful: Dark Resilience , Lightning Barrier
  • Heroic: Shapeless Spirit, Surging Speed
  • Legendary: Force Mobility, Unnatural Vigor

*Utilities can be changed around slightly for each fight but it’s
not that necessary to change for each fight but it can definitely help.

Abilities & Rotation


Offensive Cool Downs:

Cooldown: 90 seconds.

Two charges of Recklessness increase Force Critical Chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60%
Stacks are consumed with each force ability.

Best combo:

Resurgence <Recklessness> + Roaming Mend.


<Recklessness> Dark Infusion + Insta Dark Heal (especially good with the set bonus proc of Dark Infusion)

Polarity Shift
Cooldown: 120 seconds

Increases Alacrity by 20% and eliminates
pushback, good when you need to do a lot of healing at once and quickly.
Recommend activation attempt whenever encountering a sustained incoming

Defensive Cool Downs:

Static Barrier
Cooldown: None, but can only be placed on a target every 15 seconds.

Absorbs a large amount of damage for 30 seconds, with a 15 second lockout.
When placed, applies 10 charges of Sustaining Darkness
to the target. If the barrier breaks before duration ends without using
it’s full ten stacks the target will healed for whatever stacks they
had left over.

Charges are removed whenever you heal the target directly. (All but Revivification and Overload heal will affect this)

Force Barrier
Cooldown: 3 Minutes.

Makes you completely immune to incoming
damage, however you cannot move or do any abilities while this is being
channeled or it will break prematurely. Grants stacks of enduring
bastion, which absorbs a massive amounts of damage based on how long you
hold it and lasts shortly after used.
This will also drop any current threat you have on enemies and can
also be used while stunned. Should be saved as a last resort defensive
due to it’s long CD.

Healing Abilities

Dark Heal
Short cast, heals for a moderate amount.
Can be instant cast with a proc from Dark Infusion, Lightning Strike, Crushing Darkness or Revivification.

Healing over a channeled cast, builds Force Bending with a critical hit.

Dark Infusion
Long cast large heal, has the chance to proc an instant cast Dark Heal.

AOE heal that heals over time, can affect
up to 8 targets. Once Target receives healing effect they can leave the
AOE and still receive healing.

Roaming Mend
Instant Cast heal that bounces from target
to target once they take damage, grants resistance which grants a 3%
resistance to internal and elemental damage

Instant cast heal over time, grant’s Force Bending , and protected which grants target a 10% armor increase for 45 sec

Unnatural Preservation
Powerful off-gcd self heal with 30 sec cd;
should be used to top off whenever available and you’re missing more
than 20% health so you can focus on the party/raid

Rejuvenate grants Force Bending for 15 seconds, which will be consumed but increase the effect of your next healing ability in the following ways:

Resurgence + Dark Heal will give Dark Heal a 60% Critical Chance Increase.
Not the best to use on it’s own, used best when Dark Heal is abled to be instant cast, because it will do a surprising amount.

Resurgence + Innervate, Critical chance increased by 25%
This is the best way to build Force Surge which is used to regenerate your energy without penalty, great sustained heal.

Resurgence + Dark Infusion activation time is reduced by 0.5 seconds
Not as great but can come in handy if both Innervate and Roaming Mend is on cool down.

Resurgence + Revivification the force cost is reduced by 30%
Probably the least used, mainly used in
down times in fights where you just need to throw down a drive by
Revivification (ie going up ‘’the stairs on Revan)

Resurgence + Wandering Mend, instantly bounces between its targets without having to wait for said target to take damage.
This will be your most used, this effect is
great for burst healing. Always pair Rejuvenate and Wandering Mend
together. It is a must.

Force Regeneration & Optimal Force Management:

When your Innervate crits, either simply on it’s own or with rejuvenate it will build stacks of Force Surge, which stacks up to three times, these can be spent to to activate Consuming Darkness without reducing your force regeneration rate and will apply Reverse Corruption
(2 force/s regen buff over 10s) . If no resplendence stacks are
available, you can also purge your Reverse Corruption buff as an
additional stack, it’s recommended to do this near the end of its
duration if the need arises.

On average you will need one Consuming Darkness per Innervate to
maintain force-positive rotation or 2-3 when catching up after a burst
phase. During healing downtime, you should attempt to maintain force
above 80%. During burst phases you may need to skip some Consuming
Darkness, but keep in mind that falling too far behind will lead to
Revivification (causing missed gcds) and longer heal downtimes as you

Using Consuming Darkness without stacks of Force Bending will cause you to become Weary (25%
reduced force regen, stacks up to 4 times) and should be avoided at all
costs as the Weary debuff will end up costing you more healing loss
over time. If you find yourself in a stressful situation and debuff gets
stacked, Force Barrier can be used to purge the debuff. This tactic can
be useful for reliable regen between tight burn phases or after being
revived during combat.

Other Abilities

Consuming Darkness: Force
management on gcd. Restores 40 force and applies regen debuff unless
used with stacks of Force Bending (read above for more on force

Static Barrier:Likely the most
forgotten ability in fights. Static Barrier is an instant cast and low
cost. It will remain on the target for 30 seconds or until it absorbs
approximately 13k, but it can be put on any player every 15 seconds. As
of 5.0, placing Static Barrier on a target also applies 10 charges of
Sustaining Darkness which will heal the target if the bubble collapses
for 6-11k (depending on gear/crit). Charges are removed whenever you
heal the target directly, so it’s best to swap targets or start a cast
after placement to ensure effective use.
Take advantage of this ability, place liberally on targets who are
actively taking damage and currently missing some health or in
anticipation of a big hit on the target. It can also be effective as a
precast or during healing downtime (but ensure force % is high first) on
any targets expected to take damage or as simply a filler. So bubble my
friends! Bubble them all!

Reanimation: Combat-rez; only one
can be used raid-wide every 5 minutes, If Reanimation is down, notify
your co-healer just in case. CD proceeds through death.

Phase Walk: Teleport. Mainly used
strategically but can also be used to get away from something if you
have it already placed. It marks a location for 10 minutes, when the
ability is activated and if you are within 60 meters of the location,
you will return instantly to said location. If you are 60 meters away
from the location the ability will not activate and the location will be
lost, resetting the cooldown.
Should be set strategically to improve mobility in certain ops or in pvp, it should be set out of LoS before engaging an enemy

* If you click it while too far away, or you manually click off the buff from your buff bar, it will not go on cooldown.

Expunge: Cleanse on 12s CD, can be
used to remove up to 2 negative status effects including certain DoTs in
pve and force stuns/roots/slows in pvp

Unlimited Power: Raid buff- increases mastery/endurance/pres by 5% raid-wide for 10 seconds (5 min cd)

Jolt: Interrupt – used to stop the
cast or channel of enemy abilities most bosses are immune, but it is use
occasionally for pve mechanics, if you are to interrupt something as a
healer you will usually be notified on what.

Cloud Mind: Threat drop on 45s cd (can also be used as a dcd, mitigating 25% dmg for 6s if you take the Blackout utility)

Extrication: Friendly pull with 30m range that will lower threat of target (and reduce their damage taken by 25% for 6s if you take the Dark Resilience utility)

Overload: Knockback cone on 20s CD – typically used defensively for kiting in pvp (especially w/ Electric Bindings utility for root) or as an aoe heal in pve w/ Force Suffusion utility (effective when 4 or more players within the cone of effect are missing health)

Whirlwind: 8 second stun, this stun
can be broken if target takes damage, used to manage certain adds,
don’t be afraid to use it on certain trash packs, it can make everyone’s
life a little bit easier.

Electrocute: 4s hard stun on 60s cd; can be used offensively to lock down a target or defensively to get an enemy off you (especially melee)

Force Slow: Another valuable kiting tool, slows target by 50% for 6s (12s cd), bosses are immune to this effect.

Force Speed: Increases movement
speed by 200% for 2s (30s cd); should be saved for when you need to
escape or quickly reach a player who needs healing

Unbreakable Will: CC breaker (2m
cd) should be used to avoid mechanics in certain ops or when resolve is
filled (white bar) in pvp and you need to escape

Healing Rotation

Primary Healing Rotation:

Static Barrier -> Resurgence( Force Bending Proc) Roaming Mend -> Innervate(Force Surge) – > Consuming Darkness

  • The Primary healing rotation focuses mainly off of a good balance of
    single target healing and force management, always keep an eye on your
    force and make sure you do not drop to low or you can put yourself in a
    corner, try to keep yourself around 40-50% force.
  • You can bubble more than one person in the Primary Rotation, try to
    always keep bubbles up on your tanks and dps that seem to be taking
    damage , or have an uncleanable dot on them.

AOE Rotation:

Revivification-> Overload (If taking utility) -> Static Barrier
-> Instant Dark Heal (Will have proced off of Revivification, on
target with the lowest health) -> Resurgence -> Roaming Mend.

  • Static Barrier in AOE situations is greatly beneficial, our party members will receive Sustaining Darknessand even if you do not directly heal them they will receive a moderate heal from the bubble bursting even with full stacks.
  • Sustaining Darknessstacks are affected by anything except
    Revivification and Overload heal, This makes it a lovely ability in AOE
    situations because it is low cost and spammable, don’t be afraid to
    throw out many bubbles!
  • Even when doing AOE remember to throw in a Innervates to build Force Surge stacks to sustain AOE healing

Single Target:

Static Barrier -> Resurgence -> Roaming Mend -> Dark Infusion -> Dark Heal (Proced) -> Resurgence-> Innervate

  • Even if you do not have the Dark Infusion set bonus and it does not
    proc, Dark Infusion is still a good way to get a good chunk of health
    left, and after a Resurgence proc’ed Roaming Mend your target should be
    in a decent place
  • Following up with a Resurgence and Innervate to build Force Surge is
    always a great option in case you need to restore force or quickly
    switch to AOE healing.

Of course these rotations are simply examples and recommendations,
there will always be adjustments in your ‘rotation’ simply because
healers don’t necessarily have rotations simply guidelines they should
follow, such as Resurgence and Roaming Mend or Innervate for large burst
or sustained healing, always make sure you are using your Force Bending
buff in one way or another.

There will be times where you accidently dry yourself out of force, I
have done it on more than one occasion, but don’t panic because force
is easy to get back, even if you have to spam Consuming to get it back
you can easily drop the stacks by using your Force Surge stacks as they
will remove a penalty stack one by one.

Before fights always expect some sort of damage and try to bubble up your team before engaging in a fight.



You necessarily don’t have that much powerful AOE in your arsenal, however you can spam Force Storm on adds with low health, and tab target (Rotate between targets) and place a Affliction on said targets. However this can drain your force surprisingly fast so use with caution.

Single Target:

Shock -> Crushing Darkness -> Affliction -> Force Lightning -> Shock

  • You should be able to rotate between Shock and Force Lightning with
    perhaps a GCD or two in between which you can use to Innervate to gain
    Force Surge stacks to regain your force or to simply apply a bubble or
    two onto your party members.
  • With dpsing , you can easily drain away your force without realizing it. Keep an eye on your force.
  • When you can, and at the minimum it is good to keep a Affliction on
    the boss or larger targets, even though it is low hitting it will add up
    over time.
  • Try to always use abilities that either have short casts or are instant, your dots Affliction, Shock and Crushing Darkness
  • Lightning Strike is not really a good damage ability for you as a
    healer, it has a slightly longer cast and the damage is a lunch bag let
    down, always prioritise your instant damage abilities and dots, or
    abilities that start damage as soon as you cast (Force Lightning and
    Force Storm)
  • Force Storm is fairly reliable because it starts instant damage and
    can be canceled with little drawback in case of needing to heal

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