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SWTOR 5.0 Shield Tech Powertech Guide
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SWTOR 5.0 Shield Tech Powertech Guide
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Intro to Shield Tech

“Launching into the fray with a jetpack-propelled attack and able to
withstand powerful offenses, the Powertech trained in the Shield Tech
specification takes the brunt of the assault while employing a wide
range of tech-based attacks to scorch and trip up even the most
formidable adversaries.”

The Shield Tech Discipline of the Powertech AC is one of the 3 tank
Disciplines in Swtor. With 5.0 PT tank has gone through some rough times
having lost almost the rest of its ranged abilities and nerfs to Kolto
and Oil Slick. While gaining nothing new while playing the same in 5.0
and compared to the strength of Assassin tanks right now, it is in the
right hands more than capable of clearing the most difficult content in
the game.


  • Threat Generation: 9/10
  • Mitigation: 7/10
  • Damage: 6/10

5.0 Changes

Compared with 4.0, with 5.0 all classes are going through several
changes that will affect how the classes play down to their core level.

Universal Changes

With 5.0 all base classes will be removed from the game and
characters starting from level 1 will have be choosing an Advanced Class
and choosing a Spec at level 10. Utilities also have been reworked with
not only change but an additional Legendary tier of utilities including
new ones. Also all abilities for melee classes will be instant
including PT with very few channeled abilities that can be used on the

PT Shield Tech Changes

Base Class abilities have been mostly reworked with the PT.
Flamethrower has been replaced with Searing Wave which has been removed
from the game. Death from Above has been replaced with the new Ordinance
Onslaught and Explosive Dart with Shatter Slug. These two old abilities
will be now exclusive to the Mercenary class.

Gearing and Stats

Listed Below are the Optimal Numbers as suggested by Bant’s Theory Crafting. This is his work and indebted for it (Source: Bant’s Thread on SWTOR Forum)

Iokath MK-5, Tier 3: Legendary (242 ilvl)
73.42% Reduction | 7379 Endurance (2xC,
Stim) | 6714 Mastery | 910 Power | 3793 Defense | 2201 Shield (7xE, 6xA)
| 1413 Absorb (3xE, 8xA)

Iokath MK-3, Tier 3: Artifact (240 ilvl)
73.12% Reduction | 7067 Endurance (2xC,
Stim) | 6451 Mastery | 910 Power 3605 Defense | 2138 Shield (8xE, 4xA) |
1370 Absorb (2xE, 10xA)

Eternal Commander MK-15, Tier 2: Legendary (236 ilvl)
72.84% Reduction | 6924 Endurance (2xC,
Stim) | 6315 Mastery | 910 Power 3523 Defense | 2102 Shield (9xE, 2xA) |
1352 Absorb (1xE, 12xA)

Eternal Commander MK-13, Tier 2: Artifact (234 ilvl)
72.52% Reduction | 6634 Endurance (2xC,
Stim) | 6065 Mastery | 910 Power 3337 Defense | 2100 Shield (10xE, 1xA) |
1248 Absorb (13xA)

Eternal Commander MK-3, Tier 1: Artifact (230 ilvl)
72.14% Reduction | 6382 Endurance (2xC,
Stim) | 5830 Mastery | 910 Power 3183 Defense | 2015 Shield (9xE, 3xA) |
1237 Absorb (1xE, 11xA)

Notes about numbers: Numbers are based on modeling and therefore have
limitations. Use with a grain of salt. Gearing is based on maximizing
mitigation but due to extreme amount of defense use of either Warding B
mods or even Lethal B Mods is preferred.

Set bonuses

Set Bonus: Supercommando

  • 2 Piece: 2% Damage Reduction when Heat Blast is activated
  • 4 Piece: Activating Rocket Punch Reduces CD of Taunt and AoE taunt by 2 seconds
  • 6 Piece:Increases Duration of Oil Slick by 3 Seconds and Energy Shield by 4 Seconds

Stats and Gearing Methods

Now I will not say their is only one way and if not you will never
clear anything as you might expect from a guide as long as you gear
have proper item level, no fight will really come down to how min maxed
you did your tank. Unless you forgot to budget a stat entirely or forgot
to put your gear on (Hey it happens).

That said here are some generally agreed upon ranges of stats people use

  • Shield: 1800-2100
  • Absorb: 1300-1600
  • For PT Shield>Absorb>Defense

I leave out defense as the amount of defense is far over the limit needed.

Mitigation Build vs Higher HP Build

Higher HP build whereby mostly defense is traded for HP is gained
through any combination of B Mods, Bulwark/Bastion enhancements or DPS
relics because they have HP.I personally lean towards more HP for my
builds to counter spikes since it’s mostly trading defense for HP and
many spike attacks aren’t countered by defense. Unfortunately BW has
decided that BiS is only unlettered so you will have to go with less
than BiS Mods and Enhancements for HP.


Credit to Jaymis for writing these out already thus saving my fingers
and for the simple idea of making it a table. His 5.0 Pyro Guide can be
found here . (Recommended Utilities are bolded.)


Iron WIll:

Reduced the cooldown of determination by 30 seconds and the cooldown of Hydraulic Overrides by 10 seconds.

Hydros are your bread and butter for PT
tanking from speed to ignoring lots of physic mechanics it is handy.
Especially with the CD increase in 4.0

Reflective Armor: When Close and
Personal is triggered, it will also deal X elemental damage to the
attacker if the attacker is within 10 meters.

Free Damage when attacked by AOE is useful when not a lot of adds and bosses with AOE or cleaves.

Bracer Propellant: Increases the range of Flame Burst and Magnetic Blast by 2 meters and the radius of Flame Sweep by 1 meter
Mostly worthless as a tank you will for the most part be in 4m range and its only 2 meters now

Engulfing Flames: Increases Flame Sweep damage by 25%
Good for AOE heavy fights

Suppressive Tools:Magnetic Blast,
Flame Burst and Flame Sweep reduce the movement speed of affected
targets by 25% for 3 seconds. Additionally, Neural Dart slows the target
by 50% for 6 seconds.
PVP Utility

Gyroscopic Alignment Jets:You vent
20 heat when stunned, immobilized, knocked down or otherwise
incapacitated. Additionally your next Tech ability deals 10% extra
damage or healing.
Mostly PVP utility with little situational PVE use as a tank


Pneumatic Boots: Increases in combat movement speed by 15%
Very Useful as a tank especially on with lots of movement and kiting

Sonic Rebounder: Sonic Missile
protects all friendly targets in its area of impact, excluding you,
granting Sonic Rebounder, which reflects the next direct, single-target
attack back at the attacker.

Very useful as this is your raid utility. Helps reflect damage and reduce incoming damage.

Pyro Shield: When activated, your
Energy Shield ignites in a blaze scorching attackers for X elemental
damage when they deal direct damage to you. This effect cannot occur
more than once each second.

Free Damage for pushing a phase faster

Prototype Electro Surge: Reduces the cooldown of Electro Dart by 15 seconds.
PvP Utility

Accelerated Real: Reduces the cooldown of Grapple by 10 seconds.
PvP Utility with situational use on Revanite Commanders

Hitman: Reduces the cooldown of Quell by 2 seconds.
Useless Utility


Adaptable Assailant: Grapple immobilizes
the target for 3 seconds. In addition the cooldown of Stealth Scan is
reduced by 5 seconds, and any target it reveals is immobilized for 3
seconds and increases the movement speed of all allies within the scan
area, excluding yourself, by 50% for as long as they remain within it
and for 6 seconds after it expires or they leave the area.
Pvp Utility

Enhanced Paralytics: Increases the durations of Electro Dart by 1 second and Carbonize by .5 seconds.
PvP Utility with situational use on Revanite Commanders

Torque Boosters: Increases the duration of Hydraulic Overrides by 4 seconds.
Useful for extending Hydro cheese by 4 seconds

Liquid Cooling: When Thermal
Sensor Override is activated, it vents 10 heat over the next 5 seconds
and immediately increases threat towards all current enemies by a small
amount if Ion Gas Cylinder is active, or reduces threat towards all
current enemies if Ion Gas Cylinder is not active.

Mostly DPS utility but can be taken if nothing else

Mutilating Shards: Shatter Slug reduces the
movement speed of all affected targets by 75%. This effect can only
occur once every 30 seconds.
PvP utility

Efficient Suit: Allows Kolto Overload to be
activated while stunned and causes Kolto Overload to purge stun effects
when activated. This will not work against other types of
incapacitating effects or scripted stuns, which are often used by
Flashpoint and Operation bosses or other special non-player characters.
In addition, increases the range of Grapple and Shoulder Cannon by 10
meters and eliminates the heat generated by Electro Dart and Carbonize.
PvP utility


Pressure Overrides: Explosive Fuel grants
Pressure Overrides, allowing Flame Burst, Magnetic Blast, Searing Wave,
Firestorm, Shatter Slug, Deadly Onslaught, Heat Blast, Energy Burst,
Immolate, and Scorch to be used at 30 meters for 15 seconds.
Gimmick utility and doesn’t even have Rail Shot.

Fuel Additives: Explosive Fuel
increases damage done by 5% while Ion Gas Cylinder is being utilized and
increases damage reduction by 5% while Ion Gas Cylinder is not being

Helpful for tight dps checks

Shield Cannon: Damaging a target with your Shoulder Cannon Missiles heals you for 3% of your total health.
Since nerf has limited use but can be taken if nothing else needed

Overdrive: Hydraulic Overrides increases movement speed by an additional 45% while active.
Useful on fights with heavy movement

Reel and Rattle: Grapple deals tech damage
to pulled targets and grants Reel and Rattle, causing your next Rocket
Punch or Flaming Fist against the pulled target to deal 20% additional
kinetic damage and stun the target for 1.5 seconds. This effect lasts
for 6 seconds.
Due to being in 4m range at most times pretty useless due to Grapple minimum distance being 10m

Battering Ram: Using Jet Charge grants
Battering Ram, resetting the cooldown of Jet Charge and increasing
movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds. While Battering Ram is active, Jet
Charge may be used once within 10 meters of the target and deals 50%
additional damage but does not cause an additional interrupt, immobilize
or charge. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds.
Situational use if nothing else is taken

Passives and Abilities

Listed below are a general outline of a PT Tank’s abilities and passives.



The strengths of PT tanking lies in its passives abilities and heavy
armor along with its ability to dish out damage from range. With this in
mind PT tanking is all about keeping up your passives which luckily is
quite easy to do if you use your abilities right.


With Ion Gas Cylinder your Armor, Shield, Absorb, Damage Reduction
and Accuracy (you have full accuracy while in tank stance) are increased
while your damage is decreased. When using it has a chance to deal
extra energy damage when you use an attack

The core element of PT tanking is maintaining its passive stacks of Heat
Screen and Shield Enhancers. When you reach 3 Stacks of Heat Screens
Heat Blast will become available to use significantly increases your
absorption by 25%. Building stacks of Heat Screens which increase your
Absorb revolve around shielding an attack and proc’ing your Ion Gas
Cylinder through attacks particularly Rail Shot and Rocket punch. These
last two abilities are used to build your Shield Enhancers which
increase your Shield.

Shield Tech Passives

Ion Gas Cylinder
Loads your blaster with ion-charged gas,
giving ranged attacks a 15% chance to deal <<1>> additional
energy damage once every 1.5 seconds. While this cylinder is active,
armor rating is increased by 60%, damage reduction is increased by 5%,
shield chance is increased by 15%, threat generation is increased by
100%, accuracy is increased by 10%, and all damage dealt is reduced by

Ion Overload
Dealing damage with Rocket Punch triggers
Ion Cylinder on the target and dealing damage with Rail Shot triggers
Ion Cylinder on the target and up to 7 additional enemies within 5
meters. In addition, when Ion Cylinder deals damage, it will also shock
the target for X additional energy damage over 6 seconds. None of these
effects damage sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated enemies. Generates a
high amount of threat.

Flame Burst and Flame Sweep cause trauma
and weaken their targets. Weakened targets deal 5% less damage with
ranged and melee attacks for 45 seconds. Targets with Trauma receive 20%
less healing from all sources for 6 seconds.

Heat Screen
Shielding an attack or triggering your Ion
Gas Cylinder generates a Heat Screen, increasing shield absorption by 1%
for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. This effect cannot occur more
than once every 1.5 seconds. In addition, each time you build a Heat
Screen or refresh your Heat Screen stacks, the active cooldown of Heat
Blast is reduced by 1 second.

Flame Engine
Direct damage attacks have a 50% chance to
trigger Flame Engine, which finishes the cooldown on Searing Wave or
Firestorm and causes your next Searing Wave or Firestorm to generate no
heat and deal 100% more damage. This effect cannot occur more than once
every 15 seconds.

Shield Vents
Increases shield chance by 2%. In addition,
shielding or defending an attack vents 1 heat. This effect cannot occur
more than once every 1.5 seconds.

Hydraulic Shield
Increases the critical chance of Rocket
Punch and Flame Sweep by 10%. In addition, shielding or defending an
attack has a 50% chance to finish the cooldown on Rocket Punch. This
effect cannot occur more than once every 7.5 seconds.

Power Armor
Increase damage reduction by 2%, armor rating by 15%, and the damage dealt by Ion Cylinder by 10%.

Flame Surge
Increases the damage dealt by Flame Sweep
by 15%. In addition, Jet Charge grants 2 charges of Flame Surge, which
makes your Flame Burst and Flame Sweep generate no heat. Each use of
Flame Burst or Flame Sweep consumes a charge of Flame Surge.

Ion Screen
Increase damage reduction by 2%.
Additionally, Heat Blast damages up to 3 additional enemies within 5m of
the primary target. Does not damage, sleeping, lifted, or incapacitated

Kolto Overload now heals you for 2% of your
total health every second while above 35% of your maximum health.
Additionally, Explosive Fuel increases defense chance by 35% while

Deflective Plating
Increases melee and ranged defense by 4%.

Ablative Upgrades
Increases shield absorption by 4%.

Shield Enhancers
Rocket Punch and Rail Shot grant Shield
Enhancers when activated, increasing shield chance by 1% for 15 seconds.
Stacks up to 3 times.

Heated Absorbers
Heat Blast increases shield absorption by an additional 5%.

General PT Passives and Misc

Rail Shot Ignores 60% of the targets armor and Rocket Punch or Flaming Fist deals 10% more damage

Close and Personal
Increases the duration of Energy Shield by 3
seconds. In addition, suffering direct damage from area attacks vents 2
heat and heals you for 2.5% of your total health. This effect cannot
occur more than once every 3 seconds.

Stealth Scan
A useless PVE ability that is handy for uncovering sneaky stealthers in PvP.

The greatest Meme of PT tanking BW has given us. Best use for trolling teammates.


Offensive Abilities

Firestorm (FS): 10 meter
conal attack and hardest hitting attack now an Instant. Double Damage
with Flame Engine and causes targets to become Impaired reducing their
F/T attack damage of enemy by 5%. 10m

Rail Shot (RS): Ignores
60% of armor and with Ion Cylinder can cause damage to multiple targets.
Builds Heat Screens and Shield Enhancers. Use on CD. 10m

Shoulder Cannon (SC):
Loads 4 missiles to be used off GCD 1 every 1.5 seconds and goes on CD
for 1.5 minutes. With heal utility can provide a now small heal but
should not be delayed as very useful in building threat and doing
damage. 10m

Rocket Punch (RP): Builds Heat Screens and Shield Enhancers. One of your hardest hitting attack. Use on CD. 4m

Heat Blast (HB): Uses Heat Screens to boast absorb by 25% for 6 seconds. Should be used on CD unless saving for a major hit. 10m

Flame Burst (FB): Main
filler and causes Enemies affected to be Weakened and do 5% less M/R
Damage as well as Trauma. 10m or 12m if Utility is taken.

Rapid Shots: Secondary filler as it costs no energy. 30m

Shatter Slug: AOE does moderate damage. 10m.

Ordinance Onslaught: AOE does moderate damage. 10m

Flame Sweep (FS): Filler AOE and does moderate amount of damage. 4m.

Grapple: Pulls Enemy towards you if capable and/or generates a lot of threat. Utility allows it to deal damage if taken.

Jet Charge: Gap Closer and provides 2 free FP or FS.

Carbonize: AoE Hard Stun

Electro Dart: Single target hard stun


Oil Slick: Covers
surrounding area in an oil slick and for 10 seconds (13 with 6 piece)
enemies within oil slick are slowed 70% and M/R accuracy reduced by 15%
and can act as a raid utility if you aren’t tanking or there is M/R Dmg
going out to raid.

Explosive Fuel: Increases
Crit Chance and more importantly gives you 35% defense chance for
duration. With Oil Slick and built in defense this can give you a very
powerful cooldown..

Energy Shield: 15 seconds (19 with 6 piece) you take 25% less damage from incoming attacks.

Kolto Overload: When
activated it goes on stand by for 1 minute. During that time when health
dips below 35% it will heal you up to 35% and if above 40% heal for 2%
of total health.

Hydraulic Overrides:
Increases movement speed by 30% (45% with utility) and grants immunity
to physics and movement impairment for 6 (10 with utility) seconds

Vent Heat: Reduces Heat by 50.

Thermal Sensory Overrides: Makes next attack cost no heat.

Rotations and Priorities

A Standard “Opener” (Will Vary):

Preload SC–>Grapple–>Jet Charge–>RP and SC
Spam–>RS–>FS or HB –>FBx2 or FS–>RP or FB–> HB or FB–>
Taunt and FB–>RP/RS—>FS–> AOE Taunt->…… Priority


  1. HB (Heat Blast)
  2. SC (Shoulder Cannon) (off GCD)
  3. RP (Rocket Punch)
  4. RS (Rail Shot)
  5. FS (Firestorm) (with Flame Engine)
  6. FB (Flame Burst)

A few notes about PT tanking rotation. First Grapple had its threat
greatly increased making it near equivalent to the Assassin force pull.
15k threat of the bat is pretty nice. With Jet Charge you get the free 2
Flame bursts. Right away you want to build your Heat Screens and Shield
Enhancers. Now depending in a real fight if you have gotten a third
screen or not use Heat blast. If not use Firestorm to put the F/T debuff
on the target and deal serious damage. During this time you want to use
your shoulder cannon since it’s off the GCD and adds to your threat
generation and skills.

If the boss does no or little M/R dmg during at least the first two
minutes you can use Explosive fuel as an Offensive cooldown instead.
Since raid buffs go out at the beginning you can grab a metric poop ton
of threat. After first HB use your taunt then FB to get that M/R debuff
up then just go from their. Procs are mostly dependent on shielding
attacks so see it as priority not static. And here and there rapid shot
for heat management as it can build fast even with Thermal Sensors and
Vent Heat.

Advice on Tanking in General

Tanking is one of the three trinity types found in Swtor and
when it comes to defining clear goals and what constitutes good or even
great tanking is harder to quantify than DPS or Heals. That said there
are some core keys to being a great tank in Swtor able to tank any boss.
I’ll outline them below

  1. Global Rule aka No one is perfect- You will make
    mistakes and you must own up to them. This is key for any role but
    particularly for tanks. No matter how good you are you will make
    mistakes because no one is perfect. The key is to learn from them and
    admit them while at the same time focus on how to do better rather than
    you made a mistake.
  2. Generate all the threats- Keeping threat is highest
    priority and use both taunts. This is primary goal of tanking as the
    boss is hitting you instead of a DPS or Heals. Unless a boss has an
    aggro drop mechanic or you aren’t currently tanking boss use your taunts
    as much as you see fit.
  3. Go Ham on the boss: Every extra dps counts on the
    boss; the more you do the less DPS have to burn. Particularly true in
    NiM, tank DPS can help shave off a good number. Tanks can push over 2k
    in most set piece fights. Whether it’s doing over 400k+ on the Revan
    Core, shaving a few % off of Brontes, or preventing a third surging
    chain on Dread Guards, tank DPS does help. Which leads me to last rule
  4. Never waste a GCD: Doing nothing is the worst thing
    you can do: Whether throwing in taunts for extra threat, spamming rapid
    shots when far away, or carbonizing some adds, every GCD can be filled
    with something. Unless Styrak is giving you the ole Choke’aroo Kappa. :3

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