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SOE Summit, June 4-6
Автор темы: Jeese
Дата создания: 09.06.2004 07:42
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SOE Summit, June 4-6
check this out

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Here\'s a brief summary of the things I found most interesting:

- We will have new PC models by the end of the year.
- New high-end high-cost items will be available on LDON adventure merchants.
- Gates was designed for level 70, thats why its so hard.
- Rallos Zek is a chaotic server of horror and villainy.
- Gilfalas just wants "a little something!"
- Omens of War has only one locked zone, the rest of it is open to all players.
- While Epic 2.0s are for the uberist of the ubers, Epic 1.5s are available to the rest of us.
- Some sort of instanced solo adventure is in the works.
- The Omens of War task system, a small 30 minute quest system, will be available to levels 20 and above.
- There will be a quest for Gates of Discord spells, though details aren\'t available.
- Chat channels cross over between Everquest and Everquest 2.
- The development team wishes they never called it Everquest 2.
- Soon augments can be removed and replaced on other items.
- Smedley loves pirates.
- The graphic engine update we went through will help EQ stay graphically competitive with other MMOGs.

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Guild Summit Notes

1. Developers
First and most importantly, it was great to talk to all the developers and see how much they loved the game too. There was a lot of passion and excitement about Everquest. Everyone was extremely nice, they seemed genuinely glad to have us there and very interested in our opinions about the game. They definitely brought us there to hear our ideas on how to fix things.

2. Representation
I was expecting the guild summit to be 100% uber guild representation with a handful of class representation sprinkled in. I was very surprised to see there was a representative from the Roleplayers invited as well as someone from EQtraders.com. There was definitely a voice for players of all levels. The mage representative (Lumenus) and the enchanter representative (Juwel) who were in my roundtable group did a great job of asking questions about all player types.

I confess to a few moments of "eq groupieness" when I met Woody and Baelish. I also had to laugh, the RZ guy from Ascending Dawn was SO NICE and really cute in a blonde, preppy way. Definitely did not match my pre-conceptions of a PVP player! (still bitter about level 3 mage that killed my level 1 cleric and looted her newbie tunic). I really really enjoyed meeting Chenier from the Druid\'s Grove, she is awesome!

3. Revamp of the Guide program
According to Michael Woods, the CS representative who spoke at my roundtable, they have big changes planned for the guide program. Guides will no longer answer "regular" petitions. They will have their own petition line and will handle more "community" issues. They will provide over weddings and name changes. They will also run quests (they will be able to create NCPs, etc). I thought this sounded awesome!

4. Revamp of the Customer Service tool
SOE was really excited about their new system to answer petitions. It was a little technical to me, but I was impressed by their new goal - they hope to lower response time to 1-2 hours. They said in the past, the main reason their response times were so long was because they had to wait for the player to be online. They now have a lot more capability to answer petitions offline (such as item reimbursal).

Players will also have the ability to "amend" petitions without deleting and resubmitting. IIRC, players will also be able to see their petition\'s status in the queue. They also said they have recently added to their numbers of GMs, it was all very positive and I have high hopes for long petition times!

They are also piloting a program for a special queue for guild leader petitions. They passed out a form for the guild leaders present at the summit and they plan to expand the program to other guild leaders if it is successful. I\'m sure this has been discussed everyplace, so I\'ll just mention it here, if you have any more questions, let me know.

Fun fact - I got a chance to peek at server populations:

Erollisi Marr - 1670
Stormhammer - 600 something
Sullon Zek - 500

I was surprised to see FV with over 1600 people!

5. Automatic consent for corpse dragging
All kinds of cool things about corpse dragging:
* Corpse would be "carried" so no need to spam the button
* Add the ability to drag multiple corpses
* Radius expanded
* Guild wide consent

6. Better testing of expansions
There was a lot of discussion about why GoD testing wasn\'t successful. Expecting individuals who weren\'t raid savvy to test high level raid content with strangers was probably the most common complaint. One of the proposals was to offer Beta testing to an entire guild of high level players who were used to raiding together. In order to further entice these players to thoroughly test the content, they talked about various incentive programs (tokens etc.)

As was noted on other sites, SOE stepped up to take the blame for the lack of testing and said they were committed to avoiding a repeat in the future.

7. Everquest 2 demo
Okay, this probably should be farther down on the list, but dammit, I was blown away. I got a chance to see the "new" Cazic Thule with lizardmen who ripped out their eyes due to their God. I got to see the beautiful new water and a gorgeous evil Bixie. I was all goo goo eyed over the character creation of a female wood elf - at least TWENTY hair styles including an amazing crown of flowers (I was also amused by a female troll model who had nails down her head). Everyone will be able to toggle helm graphics on and off.

Apparently, you can customize nearly everything: lip size, nose size, eyes, etc.

I was a little disappointed that the Everquest 2 elf models were a little "stocky." I always thought elves should be tall and willowy. Still, it was absolutely amazing, such a pretty game! (have no idea if my current computer could play it).

8. Guild Banker
There was some discussion around a guild banker. They were still kicking around some ideas of implementation: should it be all guild members who have access, should guild leaders be able to grant access to certain individuals, should there be a log of what was put it in and what was taken out?

9. Raid Stuff
Improved raid exp was a hot topic as well as a raid message of the day (which was very popular and mentioned by multiple people). There was also discussion about ways to kick guild members who are afk in other zones. One of the most intriguing ideas was concept of "drag and drop" group formation where the raid leader would be able to easily switch raid members between groups. I wasn\'t there, but Trapper from Magister told me he raised the issue about raid leader points staying with a guild since it tends to be a guild that really earns the points for an individual. I don\'t know where that discussion went, but I know the issue was raised!

10. Re-using augments
SOE is definitely considering ways for augments to be re-usable. One of their ideas is an alchemy created solvent! (although several people in my round table meeting booed the idea). They appear to be considering the following solvent options: alchemy made, tradeskill made from drops to allow lower level players a chance to make something they can sell to higher level players and vendor purchased solvents.

They are also considering "tiers" of solvent. For example, if you wanted to get a nice level 8 Time caliber augment off your gear, you would need a more powerful (expensive, harder to get) solvent.

11. Focus items
I brought up the focus items (sorry, it\'s a pet peeve of mine!) and they are considering having focus items have a reduction in power for higher level spells rather than being completely useless. So, if your high level focus item saved 25% mana on a level 65 spell, it would save 20% mana on a level 70 spell.

Of course, I would prefer level 4 and up focus to just keep working until level 70, but that is actually a decent compromise.

12. Full instancing of Time .
Everybody wants it, it was mentioned A LOT.

13. Buff/debuff real estate
Very exciting to think of more debuff/buff slots. They are considering having extra buff slots cost AAs, but I firmly told them they should be FREE. Let\'s see if they listen to me!

14. Backflagging
The heartache of having to constantly back flag as members leave/retire was raised in several meetings I attended. There were some far out suggestions, like raid mobs that would drop tokens that raid leaders could pass out for flags. There was also a suggestion that killing a boss mob of a zone would flag the raider for the zone (for example, killing Fennin Ro would flag the raid attendee for Fire). There was also a plea for an improvement of the "piggyback 15%" system, where the raid leader would know exactly the number of flagged members currently in the raid and exactly the number of non flagged members who could be invited and successfully enter the zone.

15. Sounds
There was a very intriguing discussion about the ability for a raid leader to trigger sounds. Like "Time to Move." There was discussion that a lot of people didn\'t play with sound on and how could they keep people from griefing with sound. Several people present in my round table group talked about a better integration of Team Speak into the game. There was a lot of note taking on both sides during this discussion and I hope something pans out.

16. Lore
The more casual player types would have been amazed at the all the uber raider types begging for more "Norrathian" content. There was a lot of dissatisfaction for the Wayfarer guild and zone names you can\'t pronounce and aliens and weird mobs. Players begged for gnolls and dragons and a chance to see unseen EQ gods like Prexus and Quellious or the evil King and Queen of Neriak. There was a huge demand for the current game lore to be fleshed out. (one of the developers casually mentioned a level 20ish Bixie dungeon, I hope this gets implemented!!) This was the overwhelming response from nearly everyone present.

Fun fact -
While even on this board, Velious was a huge fan favorite, according to one of the developers it is the "Empire Strikes Back" of EQ - the fan favorite that is the lowest performer.

17. Level advancement tied to AAs
A myth. Completely dispelled.

18. Epic 2.0
These are going to be TOUGH, you should consider epic 2.0 to be two times as hard as epic 1.0. They are going to be earned with some solo work, some group work and DEFINITELY a raid for the final fight. There was assurance that if you get a raid together, the piece you need WILL DROP (so, no more 20 Phinny fights to get a lousy wizzie epic piece). Holly the developer (ha, one of the FEW names I remember) says that each of the quest scripts is pages and pages long. Holly also said:

* They took great care to make the difficulty comparable between classes (no more mage epic vs. rogue epic)
* There would be incremental rewards a la shaman sow boots
* There would be no difficulties with faction (no one has to worry about wrecked home town faction).

I got a chance to see the concept drawings for a lot of the epics and they are all beautiful art. I still think the shaman epic is the UGLIEST, though. I was really impressed by the rogue epic and the wizard epic.

19. FT cap
There is some talk about raising the FT cap. Of course, all the power players in my round table group said it wasn\'t necessary, they never run out of mana I said I was definitely in favor of raising the cap!

20. New class titles
New incremental class titles can be based on class, race, tradeskill (the tradeskill class title would be based on actual skill level). You can only pick one title. I begged, but Holly was a tough nut and wouldn\'t give me any examples.

21. Vext/Tipt time length
A 6 hour Vext/Tipt raid is a mistake, it was never intended to take that long (straight from the dev\'s mouth!). He said it will be retuned.

22. Stackable Spells
Sadly, no. Coding won\'t let spell scrolls stack.

23. Racial AAs
The developer was pretty anti racial AAs. He said he didn\'t want anyone to feel punished for a race decision they made 5 years ago.

24. Tribute
1. Guild tribute will stack with regular tribute (hitpoints, mana etc).
2. No plans to make no drop items tribute-able (is that a word?) since there would be no reason to tribute droppable items

25. Uber guilds and money issues
*cough* I\'m just reporting here, people, don\'t shoot the messenger. There was complaint that GoD was bankrupting large raid guilds since they had no real way to make money (no droppable spells, little droppable loot, no tradeskill items worth any money).

26. Raid Size
I complained that the constant fluctuation of acceptable raid size was detrimental to my guild. We recruited for the 72 limit for POP and we might be forced to send people away for a 54 person GoD instance. The developers said that it was a mistake to make the number so variable but there would be instancing in OoW that would require limit the number of attendees. The developer also said there would be outside zones which would have no limit to the number of people who could help with the fight.

27. Holy Trinity
I was lucky enough to have the Gilfalas (Paladins of Norrath) attend my round table meetings. He was quite vocal that some classes were marginalized by GoD and raised a lot of good points. The few times he stopped to take a breath, I mentioned the fact that there were few reasons to take a shaman, when so many other classes could fulfill the slowing role while adding other benefits to the party. The devs pretty much said this was a tuning issue, events should not be tuned so hard that only a warrior could tank or a cleric could heal.

28. Shaman Issues
Okay guys, to be honest, there just wasn\'t a lot of opportunity to talk about shaman issues. The round table issues were intended for general game issues. I did manage to corner Ryan (the spell guy) and the AA guy (I wish I could remember his name, he was really nice) at the Padres game. It was hard to have a discussion over the roar of the crowd, but this is what we talked about :

1. We will be getting an improved Cripple with OoW which should really do something, especially on raid targets

2. Ryan is very interested in something he calls a "chain lightning" effect. Spells would bounce from target to target. If you healed a person in your raid, the heal spell would travel to any people close by. Shaman might also have this ability to debuff. Ryan called it an infection which would spread from mob to mob. I did bring up concerns about stackability, so hopefully he will take that into consideration.

3. I did my best to convince Ryan that stat buffs were marginally effective at best, but he wasn\'t convinced. On a positive, we are going to gain the ability to buff OVER the cap limit. Say a warrior is capped at the new limit of 330. Our 70+ (or whatever) sta buff will raise him to 400+. I did point out the stat returns are increasingly minimal after a certain level, but Ryan insisted that it would help.

4. I talked about cannabalize and passive mana regen, but I don\'t think we\'re going to be getting any sort of passive mana regen. Ryan was agreeable to the idea of a cannabilize that would match the percentage that can 5 USED to do, back when players had mana pools of 3K instead of 6K. Ryan had concern that we would mem the new spell with can 4 and alternate them. I tried to give him the innocent look, but he wasn\'t buying it. He is looking into the spell timers so the two spells could not be used concurrently.

5. Crit affliction causing aggro - All the devs agreed that poison did a freaky, unintended amount of aggro. Ryan said he had heard that crit affliction was doing untoward aggro and had run some testing on his own that didn\'t show that it was. So, all of you number crunchers out there, we need some documented evidence that we are getting weird aggro on critical affliction.

6. Shrinkable bear form - Ryan was surprised that bear form doesn\'t get super tiny. When we were talking about spells to get excited about, I mentioned that bear form was the big spell for me in Velious. I told him that we were definitely looking for something with a big cool factor for OoW.

7. We are not getting a pet bixie We are also not getting winged courier

8. Doing things faster in order to better adapt to a fast paced world. Ryan seems to think that the faster slow solved this issue, no amount of pleading on my part could budge him. When I said that we spent more than half the fight malosing and slowing, he said that slow was a huge effect, even if it only lasted the last 10 seconds of a 30 second fight. I really really tried on this one.


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