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Epic Weapons:
Epic weapons are a result of completing an "epic quest." These hand-tailored quests will be available to all classes. The quest themselves will be a combination of solo, group and raid content. However, these weapons are being designed for people at the upper end of the level spectrum.

The weapons themselves will be unique in design. Additionally, the weapons will have specialized characteristics that set them apart from traditional weapons.

Level Cap Increase:
The level cap increase is being designed to allow players the ability to reach levels above 65. With the level cap increase, new items, spells and quests will be available.

Guild Tribute System
This system is extremely similar to the Tribute system that\'s currently in game. However, the main difference is that Guild Tribute will affect the entire guild, instead of the individual.

Task System:
The task system allows players to go to various zones and request a task. These tasks are being designed for quick completion and are initially aimed at lower level players.

Custom PC Titles:
Players will be able to select titles for their characters based on various accomplishments. These titles will be available across all levels.

New Disciplines/AAs/Items/Spells/Quests/Tradeskills :
New disciplines, AAs, items, spells, quests and tradeskills continue to make EverQuest the most compelling and persistent online world ever created.

Improved Graphics:
Discover rich new zones, detailed environments with expanded graphical features, improved spell effects and all-new NPC character models to fight.


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