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Обновление за 27 апреля

Armor / Weapons

Stat requirements have been removed from both weapons and armor.

Significantly reduced Metal Armor secondary attribute.

Added pattern differentiation to weapons:

Militant and Barbaric weapon patterns (including shields) have different variations based on attack speed and weapon damage:

Militant weapons have 5% more attack speed and 3% less weapon damage than Stoic weapons

Barbaric weapons have 3% more weapon damage and 5% less attack speed than Stoic weapons

Shields now offer some protection bonus and have the following differences:

Militant shields offer physical protection bonuses

Stoic shields offer overall protection bonuses but lower than the other patterns

Barbaric shields offer Elemental and Holy/Unholy protection bonuses

- Starting gear is now given to new characters.


Reduced player momentum, so that movement is more responsive (closer to the March 18th patch). This change will also achieve better synchronization with the server framerate, and therefore we expect better hitbox prediction/performance.

Fixes for animation desync/“iceskating” problem.


Eye Rot: Reduced radius (so it no longer blinds the caster in close/medium distance), and increased its duration by 1sec.
Mana leech: Increased stat cost, and reduced its magnitude by ~5%
Impale: Increased mana cost.
Needles: Increased magnitude by ~5%
Lightning bolt: Added camera shake to lightning bolt effect (you get electrified)
Repel: Improvements to repel spell (better aiming is more rewarding). Cooldown reduced by 20%
Attunement to Water: Duration lowered
Bastion: Duration lowered
Primal Surge: Duration lowered
Spellbane: Duration lowered
Reinforce: Duration lowered

Naval Combat
We brushed up some values sitting at default (no development was required)
General increase of speed for all ships by a moderate amount.
Adjusted ship health for mastery-level ships. Top-tier ships have benefit most from this change.

Some ships will now sink deeper when they are destroyed. People in the lower decks need to swim their way out before drowning/ship exploding.

In general larger ships accelerate slower, but can maintain high cruising speeds.
Be aware that: High ping spikes that also last long enough, might result in players dropping in the sea.

Wherry: Top speed increase by 26%
Coastal Runner: Top speed increased by 82%. Turn acceleration increased.
Pinnace: Increased acceleration by 20%. Increased top speed by 22%

Sloop: Increased top speed by 29%. Turn acceleration increased. Ramming damage doubled. Sloop is also designed to explode for 2500 damage (this caps at 150 for players, but will not cap for ships). We are still working on this functionality, but due to a bug there is a chance it will not be implemented with this patch, but as an update later.

Brigantine: Increased acceleration by 30%. Increased top speed by 60%. Turn acceleration increased.

Schooner: Reduced acceleration by 10%. Increased top speed by 100%.

Junk: Turning speed increased. Acceleration increased by 10%. Top speed increased by 42%. Turning speed acceleration slightly decreased. Sink time increased to 20sec. Explosion radius and damage increased.

Barque: Reduced acceleration by 10%. Increased top speed by 48%. Turning speed reduced. Sink time increased to 30 seconds. Sink depth increased. Explosion radius greatly increased. Explosion damage greatly increased.

Frigate: Acceleration reduced by 5%. Top speed increased by 78%. Turn acceleration reduced. Sink time increased to 50 sec. Sink depth increased. Explosion radius/force/damage greatly increased.

Ship of the Line: Acceleration reduced by 10%. Top speed increased by 57%. Turn acceleration reduced. Sink time increased to 60 sec. Sink depth increased. Explosion radius/force/damage greatly increased.

General Changes:

- Doubled repair shard recipe output.
- Fixed clan vault logs.
- Adjusted grenade range and speeds.
- Fixed Suppress Weakness potion issue (thanks to person who reported it)
- Adjusted supernode capacity and refill rates.

Fixes for Dynamic Events:

- Fixed a bug where Event UI was popping up every time a new event started
- Fixed a bug where the Event UI was not resizing properly when resize happend while in GUI mode
- Reduced Bosses attribute multiplier by half
- Reduced the event chests that spawned after killing the Alpha from 30 to 8, in order to focus pvp in less areas.
- Increased loot and probabilities on event chests.
- Added chance to get a Selentine Coin from event chests (Use this to increase your selentine gold)

Other UI Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with Progress/Revive bar unexpected popups.
- Modified the role management UI to reflect appropriately to the stat requirements removal
-fixed chat rename bug.
- Fixed a bug where typing a name for a chat tab and then accepting the changes didn't change the tab's name.
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