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Старый 28.02.2004, 03:49   #1 
Altis Asmodey

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Infy po Ikkinz hochy :(

Podelites pls...
Opiat segodni dohnut tam a eb TAK VPADLY ...
Best poka Diablo do 30%

Старый 28.02.2004, 05:30   #2 
The KoT KoT_renamed_564_05042020 вне форума

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Алтис - у самих та же беда .. все что могу - наши измышления с борды кинуть

Its so simple its comical really.

Ok, group make up should be:

Enchanter (REQUIRED)
+2 DPS/others

Clear the room as best you can. We found we only need to kill the mobs on the left hand side of the room before we could pull the DD without any agro. She spawns 4 adds when damage is done to her. Everyone needs to be INSIDE the room.

Clerics heal the tanks as normal. Enchanters MES the adds!! Each add you mes makes another add spawn, until there are 7 total. Once 7 adds spawn, no more will pop when mesed. Having all 7 mesed \'apparently\' makes them take damage over time and kill themselves. Max DPS on the DD, when the DD dies, the adds despawn and a cruell illusion will spawn in its place.

You have EXACTLY 4 seconds to agro this pop in some form of fashion. Apparently, you can agro it and SoS away, or mes and what not to med up. If you dont agro it, it will walk out of the room and chain warp/ch etc. Once this mob is down, you get an artifact that you return to the quest giver and the trial is completed!!

Note: This is unconfirmed, but it was suggest to me by the same person who gave me this strat that its POSSIBLE killing the other 2 named mobs in the zone will make the adds not summon, and the encounter that much easier. Just a thought to keep in mind.

ещеOk here\'s the skinny.

First we tried with warrior cleric paladin bard shaman rogue.
This was an excellent group for clearing to the DD. However the group was problematic for the DD itself. Mezzing was not an option - 4 adds and 1 bard. Rooting was problematic b/c with weak healing the shaman (me!) didn\'t have time to debuff the adds at all. Leashing while it may work, apparently has been nerfed to cause additional adds to spawn, I can\'t confirm. This group got *nowhere* on the DD fight.

Second group - war cleric shaman ench bard paladin.
Better. Again an excellent group for clearing, however when it came down to fighting the DD it simply wasn\'t enough healing on the MT, and DPS was weak. Best effort was 65 percent on 2 attempts. CC was strong with even just 1 ench.

Ideal group for the DD fight:
War cleric cleric/druid ench + 1 + 1.
Even more specific:
War cleric cleric/druid ench druid/shaman/paladin + 1.
In order to keep the MT alive against the DD *solo* you need at minimum a cleric + druid. Cleric + cleric is even better, and having a 3rd healer in one of the additional spots would be ideal to protect both the MT and protect CC (the 1st 2 healers *cannot* heal anyone but MT). DPS is important.

So to summarize, this is going to suck, hard, unless they tune it. With group composition severely limited like this each core "group" will be able to flag at max 2 additional people a night. I hope that people get creative and can come up with additional ways to succeed, but over the course of 2 full nights we tried pretty much every means possible of pulling the DD. In the end, it comes down to his DPS and the healing required to counter it.

и еще

1. Just one person in whole guild need the Ikkinz tier 1 flag to start raid on following tiers. It means make the best possible combo to kill DD. I think they used best geared warrior (10K HPs without buffs), 2 clerics, enchanter (slow and mezz), bard (pull and songs), roque for DPS (need best time dps).

2. To start raid trial after this is done, roque or bard has best change to reach the start up guy (I am unclear of this part but the start guy seems to be hard to reach).

Если в этой стране перестанут варить ПИВО - буду пить его СЫРЫМ!
Старый 28.02.2004, 23:27   #3 
Знаток Taciturn вне форума

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rina do 3 % ego dobila, hz ybili oni ego so 2 raza ili net ja spat yshol

Exarch Belka , KB.

Старый 02.03.2004, 07:06   #4 
Altis Asmodey

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Trial 1
Yesterday our group (Igneous, Cold, Rast, Ortenga, Ardorea, Oculus) killed the DD in Trial 1.
The fight isnt hard at all but you need some good dps and healage there. I think is is possible to do with 1 druid and 1 cleric but its VERY hard.
Right after the kill I was oom. Cold at approx 20 mana and then spawns a lulu mob you have to kill and loot the key(flag) pieces out of it.

We cleared the gangway and the boss room (I think Rast maybe can tell us more about that). Respawn of the roamers is now approx 25 minutes (try to time them a bit)!
After clearing we zoned out to kod taz and got druid and enchanter buffs (its extremly HARD if you dont have your buff mules there!).
All had DI up and I casted my ward near the wall (doesnt help much but yeah better than nothing). Igne stand at the wall and pulled the lamer. I was in the doorway and motr the mob (doubt it makes a difference without).
Fight was pretty good DI didnt went off Igne and the mob was down after about 1 to 2 mins. We had some aggro probs at the beginning with Ardorea (maybe pet) but wasnt that bad an all survived. I think Igne died then if I am not wrong. Ardo overtook tanking of the lulu mob who drops the key pieces (the mob hits like a baybe compared to DD). Killed it and looted pieces.
Went to kod taz and gave the questigiver our item.
Ding you got experience. go back to the npc almost at zone in and speak with him. you can ask him progress update and he gives you an overview what you did so far. go to the whole conversation! Trial 1 DONE!

Well I think basic setup for this trial: WAR, CLE, CLE (DRU, ver well equiped one), MNK (SHD), 2 dmg dealers (1 should be a melee like dmg dealer)!
Best is if you have some buff mules right outside the trial so you can get the buffs after you wipe (yes you willl wipe there, like we did 3 or 4 times yesterday in trial 1 if I am not wrong)!

Trial 2
Same map as Trial one. Boss (2 priest with 5 noob mobs arround). Boss calls AE and the two bosses are in the opposite room as DD. You have to kill the lamer mobs in their rooms after the clearing! each time you kill a lamer mob you ll see both bosses go down with their hps. 2 of the minis mobs (well I think its boss) cast some nasty DD on the dmg dealers. you its good to have a rogue here I think and cast ch on him (ortenga and igne can tell you more I think).
Kill the two last lamers and boss becomes targetable! Both bosses at 10 or 12 percent (the regen fast).
Now you have to tank both. we tried it several times with ardo on one and igne on other while dmg dealers going to kill ardos. but I couldnt hold er up long enough
For our sucessfull try we invited Vyncent in place of Ortenga and it was pretty easy (it becomes very easy if you killed 1!) 1 cleric can heal the mt without probs (if its a war) but they hit not that bad at all. so be fast and you ll make it!
We killed the right one and then went to ignes one and killed 2nd one. after the 2nd goes down 2 skulls spwan (no mobs) in one of them is 1 lootpiece in the other again the 6 key (flag) pieces. turn them in at your trial giver and speak again with the mob at the zone in and you ll get the flag.

Старый 02.03.2004, 07:08   #5 
Altis Asmodey

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Fight took little over 3.5 minutes, not \'1 to 2\'
No one died, but mana about ran out, and when Cruel Illusion spawned after,
no one healed me so I took a nosedive there, which was really no big deal,
since its a weaker-than-trashmobs type mob. We downed it and looted key

Yes, properly executed this fight is possible with druid, but you need that fat
type manapool thing, past 6500 maybe upwards 7k. It will make fight go faster though.

Старый 02.03.2004, 07:09   #6 
Altis Asmodey

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We will be able to complete the first trial with a variety of classes.
Note that we arent exactly at the win-easy stage yet, only won it a single time.

Hard requirements at the moment:

1clr : boss dps is harsh.
1war : same reason.
1positioner : this may be monk, pal, canadapets. monk is by far the best, due to their survivability.

That\'s it.
Note, a slower is not -required-. Just means a bit more downtime in clearing trash.
A second cleric is not -required-, druid can work, and as Rhagz said, they can get mana help.
Everyone can do damage - the higher the easier it will become, of course you cannot bring pal/shm/clr as 3dps in the same group.

As we try this more and more, it will get easier, but we know at least one way of beating it, and possibly two (the second not tried yet).

I have looked at the parses for all the fights I\'ve done versus the Diabolic Destroyer, and how much impact different classes have/make. If you are awake, and play your class well, you won\'t be a liability

Старый 02.03.2004, 07:09   #7 
Altis Asmodey

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Po bordam tolko infu v originalnom vide ne goniaite... A to vdrug mne po bashke dadut


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