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Старый 21.02.2004, 05:03   #1 

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Какашка.(даосская притча)

Какашка.(даосская притча)
Гавноед, а гавноед, не ешь меня пожалуйста, я тебя ещё пригожусь, мне тут так хорошо на травке, я стану твоим духовным учителем и ты познашь ДАО.

Хорошо быть какашкой, лежишь себе на травке, отдыхаешь. Солнышко светит, пригревает. Покрываешься тёмной корочкой, загораешь. Благоухаешь своим мндивидуальным ароматом, сигнализируешь окружающему миру о своём существовании. Мол, Я ЕСТЬ ЗДЕСЬ И СЕЙЧАС. Ты любишь своего родителя, он сотворил тебя и оставил в покое, отпустил во своясьи. И никто тебя не тронет, не будет доставать - бояться вымазаться в говне и ходить вонять. Только бы скупердяя не встретить, а то он специально наступит на тебя что бы денег было много. А ещё хорошо попасть в какую нибудь реку. Ты лежишь, минимум напряжения, усилий, и путешествуешь по всему миру. Хочешь пить, пожалуйста, вокруг воды - дофига. Вокруг проплывают, утки, лебеди,и другие водоплавующие птицы. Вот рыбак на лодке проплыл. Но тебя он не поймает, нафиг ты ему нужен. Если кто тебя увидит, обязательно улыбнётся, и скажет – смотри Какашка! Только не наступи! Эххх, хорошо быть какашкой!

Hunter Kakashka (KaneBayle)
Старый 22.02.2004, 20:57   #2 
Altis Asmodey

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Na tebe eshe pro rangerov

Q: How can you tell a ranger tried to break into your house?? [−]
A: Your cat is camping his corpse.

Q: Why don\'t rangers get FD? [−]
A: Because the fall to the ground would kill them.

Q: What do you call a Warrior with no arms and no legs? [−]
A: I don\'t know, but it\'s better than a Ranger.

Q: How do you know when a ranger has been tanking? [−]
A: They\'re ususally standing naked at their bind spot.

Q: Why do Rangers get some of the best haste items in the game? [−]
A: So they can die faster.

Q: Why is ranger armor green and brown? [−]
A: Green so they can find their corpse in the dirt and brown so they can find their corpse on the grass.

Q: Why is a Ranger like a cheap $20.00 whore? [−]
A: They go DOWN on anything and everything

Q: Whats the shortest Ranger joke ever? [−]

Q: What do you call a druid that doesnt have any spells and thinks he can melee? [−]
A: A Ranger!

Q: What is the difference between a ranger and a corpse? [−]
A: 30 seconds of combat!

Q: What did one ranger say to the other at the soulbinder? [−]
A: Do you come here often?

Q: Why did the Ranger cross the road? [−]
A: Because the chicken got him down to half a bub!

Q: What\'s the difference between an Orc Pawn and a Ranger? [−]
A: An Orc Pawn doesn\'t get teased as much as the Ranger.

Q: What did Emperior Crush say when the 100th Ranger tried to solo him? [−]
A: DING...!!!!!

Q: What\'s the difference between a Ranger and the security detail that accompanies James T Kirk on away missions? [−]
A: Rangers don\'t have red shirts.

Q: What inspired Absor to come up with the Ranger class? [−]
A: By watching Kenny in the various South Park episodes.

Q: What\'s the difference between a Ranger and Harry Potter? [−]
A: One of them is a scrawny, 125lb weaking nerd that couldn\'t fight his way out of a paper bag and the other is a wizard.

Q: Why did Absor create the PoP expansion set with so many portal books?
A: To help Rangers reach their corpses faster.

Q: What name did Absor gave to forest warriors in EQ2? [−]
A: Rangers 2.0

Q: What do you call a level 60 Ranger? [−]
A: Blessed

Q: What do you call a level 65 Ranger? [−]
A: Gifted

Q: What do you call a Ranger with over 356 days of play time? [−]
A: Masochistic

Q: What\'s the only difference between Wild E Coyote and a Ranger? [−]
A: A Ranger\'s death is usually not the result of items ordered from Acme.

Q: Why do Clerics not heal Rangers? [−]
A: It\'s more mana-efficient to res a ranger then to heal one.

Q: Why do Necros alway follow Rangers around? [−]
A: There\'s always a body available for them to cast Wake the Dead.

Q: What are 3 things to ask rangers? [−]
1.) Ask if they need to get Aego before going in out door zones just in case it rains and they start losing HP.
2.) Ask them if they\'ve made a "/consent" hotkey yet to save time.
3.) Ask them why they came to this raid, since there will be no need for them to eat any DT\'s.

Q: What is the cheapest form of Rune? [−]
A: Lvl 65 Ranger.

Q: Did you hear about the level 65 Ranger who was really tough and was always wanted in groups? [−]
A: And you never will either.

Q: How many rangers does it take to change a lightbulb. [−]
A: None, the bulb was still cooling and the damage they took from touching the barely warmed glass killed them instantly.

Q: Why do they call them rangers? [−]
A: Because no one would play a "RezMe".

Q: Did you hear about the ranger who killed Vox? [−]
A: He got caught in her throat on the way down and she choked to death.

Старый 23.02.2004, 03:15   #3 

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Мама, ну зачем же гадить на высокие чувства? ;)

Hunter Kakashka (KaneBayle)
Старый 23.02.2004, 07:10   #4 

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^ [img]images/smiles/icon_smile_applause.gif[/img]

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