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GoD Trials info
Автор темы: Altis Asmodey
Дата создания: 15.02.2004 18:34
Старый 15.02.2004, 18:34
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Altis Asmodey
GoD Trials info
Nadergano s nashei bordy, cheto nashimi je zapossheno, cheto eshe imi otkdua-to nadergano:

Skip down the to Trial sections if you know everything about the back ground on them.

Ok, There are 10 Trials in GoD. Lucky for you, you are a proud member of The Celestrial Rapture and dont have to do Trial 1-4, otherly known as The Sewers. Nope, consider yourself honored /nod. The bad news is, those 4 were the easy ones. First off, go hail the High priest in Barindu Twice before you do anything else. Then go on a Ferubi raid with us and get the Smither Flag. Now that you have Smither flag, go chat with The scribe, standing by High Priest. Say "What issues?" to him and you will get a invso perm flag for first 4 trials. At anytime you can go back and do the sewers for exp by talked to Garamesh. Up to 2 spells drop, and you get some nice augs and loot, and they dirt easy. Plus they pretty good exp. Once you have the 4 trial flags (by smith or doing them) you can talk to the caynon chick(Apprentice).

Important notes:
1) Only someone that has all the Trials before the one you want to do can start it. EXAMPLE. Folly doesn\'t have Sewer Trials, but we did Vexd(trial 5) with me being leader (I started it by saying I will take Heed), now, I myself along with everyone else in group can start Trial 6, but folly cant, he has to get sewers before he can start a trial 6. So i can take a completely different group into Trial 6 now, everyone will get flag for it when we win, but only I will be able to start a Trial 7 group. Get it?
Basicly that means as long as person that starts it has all the flags, anyone can get in and get that flag.

2) ALWAYS GO TO SCRIBE AND SAY "WHAT ISSUES" AFTER YOU COMPLETE A TRIAL!!!! EVERYONE IN GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!! Its only a temp flag until you talk to him.

3) If you die, and cant CR, just all around completely fucked, everyone Quit Expidition and in like 5-10 minuets corpse will pop in Barindu by the zone in.

4) All respawns in Trials are about 15 minutes and have wanderers. So be on your guard, move a lot, and keep an eye open.

Trials 1 - 4.

Do Sewer Trials 1 by 1 by talking to High Priest.
Get Flag from Smither Rondo in Ferubi. (Do this one... easier)

Trial 5 - Vxed - The Crumbling Caverns

Person with Trials 1-4 say "I will take heed." This will give your group Trial 5. This Trial is more or less easy. Kill 100 mobs to spawn the flag mob. Easy right? Nah, not really. Here is what you should do. Dont have to, but not my time your wasting. First, Dont clear up too high. The higher you go, the harder they get, the more of a chance you got they will kill you and you have to start all over. Second, i think azhure said it best "Avoiding names like a plague". Yah, do that. The names in Vexd hurt, a lot, and loots suck for the most part. Third, at 100 kills you get an Emote saying the Flag guy spawned, then you clear to top right corner of map. Oh and dont go Straight or left at begining, thats MUCH HARDER.

Summary. Kill 100 mobs, Flag mob spawns in NE corner of map. Clear to her. Hail her, Click on piece of Obolisk behind you, Go Hail Scribe and say \'What issues?" leave Expidition, Do a different one.

Trial 6 - Tipt - The Treacherous Crags

Say "I am ready" to the girl if you have Trials 1-5 to start. Clear staight up. After you cross the bridge and go up some, you will reach a big open room with nothing in it. Invso, then move in a LITTLE and slowly until the Cragbeast hatchlings spawn. It wont spawn until 3+ people move into ring range. Back up and single pull and kill them. Their easy. When 1 is left, move in and kill it. Nothing spawns in that room other than that ring. Once the last one dies a named pops on the left side of the rock in middle.
Enraged Maternal Cragbeast
Hits for 2084, slowable, rampages, easy kill. Drops 1 of two augs. btw he auto pulls so be ready no matter were you are.
Continue pulling up to the summet until you get to a open room with tomb looking buildings. Have to spawn this same as hatchlings, but they see invso, so take 3 people and move in close enough to tigger without agroing. 8 undead thigns pop. Single pull them like before. When they die another spawns in its place. So technically 16. They dont respawn. Kill them all and NPC will spawn. Talk to her if you want then continue on. This is a safe room btw. When you ready clear up more. You will get to a discord camp. These do not respawn, and one of them has a key on it. Its completely random which one. Clear them all and give key to puller, or clear till you get key, and sneak past the rest. Clear the 4 mobs up the hill and move to the riddler. Riddlers Riddles bellow! Answer it and move on, if you get it wrong, you wont get a flag at end, but will be able to continue on. Med up to full. Clear to the gates ahead, Boss is here.
Kyv Heartstriker Jhirj
Rampages, AE\'s same stuff as the other Arrow dudes, and hits for 2094 INSANLY FUCKING FAST!!!!!!!!!! He has a personal haste spell, so slow him and he loses a lot of dps. Best idea is to slow before you fight, as in have someoen WS or suicide to get it slowed, then move in and kill. Remember, respawns are 15 minutes, have to move fast or you get respawns.
Kill boss and the Flag NPC spawns. Hail her, then walk across the bridge and click on the last piece of the obolisk.

Summary. Kill everything up to the summet, be sure to answer Riddle correctly. Hail Flag NPCr. Click on last piece of Obolisk across bridge, Go Hail Scribe and say \'What issues?" leave Expidition, Do a different one. Your now flaged for normal zone ~Kod\'Taz - Sullied Ritual Hall~ Grats. Where zone in is, i dunno.

Trial 7 - Yxtta - Pulpit of Exiles

No info yet.

Дополнение: в Tipt триале сначала Hail NPC котороый появляется на месте килла босса, а потом еще одного, окторый находится за омстом налево около обелиска.

Старый 15.02.2004, 18:37
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Altis Asmodey
Ok, writing this up as a guide to how to do sewers trials.. help me with some info, as I have a short memory.

First, the person you need to talk to is High Priest something in Barindu, he\'s located in a building. Get a good group together, hail him, it will start an adventure. You then zone in through a sewer pipe (marked on your compass). There are 4 trials in all, and you must beat one in order to progress to the next one (the leader\'s flags is what determines this.. If the leader has done first 3 and nobody else has any, it will put you in the 4th one). After completing a trial, the leader gets full flag and every other member gets temp flag. IMPORTANT : After beating a trial, go to the scribe that stands next to High Priest, then say "issues". This should convert your temporary flag into the full flag. Also, having the maps from eq-toolbox.com is EXTREMELY important and helpful.

Trial 1: Kill some bugs
This is pretty straightfoward. Zone in, plow some. Off to 1 side in a cubby is a named, non kos. Hail him, he should talk about some bugs. Then plow to the bug room. In the hall before the bug room are 8 non kos bugs on a fast repop. Ignore these (they will assist other mobs though). In the room at the end should be 9 bugs, named "old something", in a 3 by 3 grid. Pull them, preferrably 1 at a time. They ae rampage and do some nice damage.. be wary not to fight them too close to the bugs in the hall. Once all 9 are dead, a named pops and rushes you. Very gimp, just kill it and you win.

Trial 2: Release some tortured souls
Plow towards the furnace. Along the way, you must collect remains of 4 different people. Once you have all 4 and enter the furnace room, 4 named should pop. Each time you kill a named, a willowisp will pop and run towards the room marked crystal room (or blue crystal). Once all 4 willowisps reach the crystal room, a named pops there. Hand the 4 remains to the named and you win. The biggest problem with this one is the time limit. The named that pops after the wisps get to crystal WILL depop after 5-10 min. There are a couple ways to get around this. 1) have a rogue looting the remains. Then just have him sos to the named and hand them in with avoidance disc up. 2) lull your way back, this can cut it close on time. 3) probably the best way, leave 1 named up and drag it along with you (mezzed) as you plow to crystal room.. Once at crystal room, kill final (of the 4) named.

Trial 3: Help rescue some dude.
This is probably the longest and biggest pain.. About 1/3 of it is fought underwater, but a lot of the pain can be avoided.. Here\'s how it works. Whoever gets the quest from High Priest will be given an item to hand to the rescuee. When you hand this item to the rescuee, the entire dungeon depops and a few mobs repop. You then clear out a few mobs from 3 rooms (Cocoon room, water wheel room, entrance). After killing a few mobs in each of these rooms, you will get a yellow message saying you have gained blah blah blah. The story is that he needs his tools and each of these messages, you receive a tool. Anyway, once you have gotten all 3 yellow messages, you head back to where he is and say something like "I have your tools" (i forget the exact message, but shouldn\'t be hard to figure out). Now, this is a longass, tightly packed dungeon. One easy way to avoid all this pain is to simply have a rogue get the quest (and thus the handin item), run to the end, hand it in, at which point, the dungeon will repop with very few mobs in it.. I have not confirmed that this will work, but it turns a 2-3 hour plow into a 30 min plow..

Trial 4: Get the map.
In the 2nd or 3rd room in this dungeon is a guy talking about his broken map. he needs the 4 pieces of his map to safely lead you into the mountains. You go to the end of this dungeon and kill a named blob, which then splits into several smaller goos, which are untargetable and walk away.. You then go back through the dungeon, killing the little goos until you have all 4 pieces, then hand them in. A trakcer is nice to have here.

After completing all 4 trials, you talk to high priest again, then to Apprentice Undranda, who is the quest NPC for the next set of missions (at least I think it\'s a set, only seen 1 so far..). These are for the zone called Vxed, which is reached by going to the end of the valley where the rocks are blocking the path... more to come on these when we get to them.

So we messed around with this last night and completed the first trial and almost the second(final mob despawned). For those who don\'t know, the person who gives the "expeditions" is the High Priest in Barindu. He/she/it is kinda close to kos mobs so invis in then back your self into the corner and you\'ll be fine.

From what we saw the trials are similiar to ldon. The rooms are a bit bigger and pulling is fairly simple and even better, you can skip lots of the rooms by going around the edges. The hardest mobs hit for 1.3k or so and some were unslowable(the huge red dudes).

As for the first trial, you just plow to a indif con npc, hail him(i don\'t recall the name), then plow to a room in the back, kill 9 mobs, then it spawns a boss. None were insanely hard but our group was pretty balanced so /shrug

The second trial is a Collect. Collect 4 remains, carry them to a furnace, spawns 4 named(not hard). Then you have to follow these things they spawn back to a crystal. Thats as far as we got since we didn\'t make it back to the crystal in time(not to mention the fact we kinda killed the crystal early...which btw don\'t do)

When we got the flag for the first trial it was labeled "temporary flag" so i\'m not sure what that means...

Anyways, I\'d recommend everyone trying these out, its very good exp when you actually kill the mobs and I think its required for progression.

Third trial: Lair of the Trapped Ones

The layout of this dungeon is simple... there are three wings to the south: the westernmost one is the Wheel Room, center room is the entrance, and the east room is the cocoon room.

There\'s a wing in the NW with a named, Alej Leraji. Plowing to him is a lengthy venture because there\'re lots of mobs ( you don\'t have to worry about collecting anything or 100% plowing yet tough, so bypass what you can). There\'s one particularly tough area underwater, where there are tons of mobs in a circular stairway room that\'s tall, but that\'s as obtuse as it gets.

When you get to this NW room, Alej is laying on the ground in the middle trapped under rocks. Talking to him and advancing the dialogue more or less respawns the dungeon... mobs will pop on you right away. He says he needs tools from 3 rooms (see above) : the entrance, the water wheel room, and the cocoon room.

At this point you can evac or plow a little bit back where you came from since alot of the dungeon is now empty. In the rooms where the tools should be, mobs are up: kill those mobs, sooner or later a yellow message will appear saying you\'ve found a tool. It\'s like a flag for an item, there\'s nothign to loot or pick up. After getting all three and going back to him, advance the dialog by making the group leader answer the phrase he\'s moaning about.

Took a while, but easy... from what we could tell there was never much of a time limit pressure after the dungeon respawns, but there\'s no reason to dilly dally and find out.

Fourth trial: Pretty linear setup. Plow along the map till you reach a named who tells you he needs 4 map pieces. At the very end of the dungeon is a Cube, blue con, pretty weak, who when killed splits into 8 untargetable pieces and they spread across the dungeon. At this point things are respawning and you can get to the Cube Fragments with lull, perhaps with plow, or with invis. Each Fragment has a chance of dropping one of the map pieces, when you got all 4 , take them back to the named guy and you\'re done with this part of it.

Mob difficulty here is disappointing: 1/2 as strong as the last part of the third trial.. the cubes are weak too. Seems like some spirits see invis, and all the green goos do also... There\'s alotta stuff to plow if you don\'t bypass it properly.

Старый 15.02.2004, 18:42
Аватар для Altis Asmodey
Altis Asmodey
Kto-nit kinte suda link pls na otvety na Riddles v Tipt triale.
Ne to chtob ih unreal bylo ugadat samim no luchshe uj znat ih naverniaka.

Старый 15.02.2004, 23:33
Аватар для alxkorvin
Зачем париться в sewers, когда можно убить weaponmaster и все


[65 Wizard] Sage Alxkorvin - Maelin Server
Старый 16.02.2004, 04:04
Аватар для Altis Asmodey
Altis Asmodey
I znau, no Weaponmaster daet tolko 54 flaga poetomy von Papazol naprimer dli vseh svoih botov paritsia s Sewers.

Link pls na otvety na voprosy v Tipt ;/

Старый 25.02.2004, 11:21
Аватар для Whopping
Problemka nebolshaya u menya, mozhet kto pomozhet...
Pytayus sdelat etot vxed uzhe nedelyu, vsyo tipo OK, 100 mobov ubivaem, idem k quest NPC, ya ego tipo Hail, "tend", click obelisk, i on portiruet menya v seredinu zoni, na most. I eta baba v barindu govorit chto tipo net u menya vxed flaga .. 4 raza uzhe prohodil, i vsyo tozhe samoe =/
Kto znaet v chem problema?..
Pervie 4 triala kak-bi est\' (WM), vxed trial brat\' mogu.. a vot proiti yego hren znaet kak =/

Старый 25.02.2004, 19:56
Аватар для kokos_renamed_4148_26032020
Гигант мысли
хмм хз мб баг? Так как там все просто 100 мобов килл---хайл нпс ---сказать what tend ----клик на камень и все. У шамана из гилды баг был кстати он из недарии не мог попасть в Баринду.Хотя у него все аддоны были куплены ,просто маг его перебрасывал не в Баринду а в ЕС назад.

Старый 28.02.2004, 03:47
Аватар для Altis Asmodey
Altis Asmodey
Durackii vopros:
1. Kogda etot flag dleal ty i tebi portalo ne tuda - kto-to iz gruppy poluchil pri etom flag vse ravno?
2. Vxed berete po slovy "Vxed" ili po "heed"?

Esli vse pravilno i drugie poluchaut falg a ty net nu togda ne znau petition pered koncom triala chtob GM lichno prisutstvoval pri tom kak tebi portat budet ne tuda kuda polojeno ;/

Старый 28.02.2004, 07:58
Аватар для Whopping
Trial beru "i will take heed".
Drugie (kto ne sdoh..) kazhis poluchali.
Petition pisal, 3 raza. 0 reakcii so storoni GMov...

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