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Ну что, кто уже был в сабже, расскажите о phat lewt


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found this on an EQ Site...

NDA lifted eh? Well that\'s cool. Here\'s a few things, if you want to know more ask and if I know I\'ll spill it.

I was able to go on several raids in the new zones, and they make what we\'re used to look like cheesecake with strawberries on top. Very tricky events, often with a twist to throw you off. They are alot like LDON raids in thought and planning and execution. LDON raids would be good practics for us, this isn\'t going to be your typical raid type thing.

Tacvi, the end zone of Discord is pure lethal. I think it\'s the zone that the devs said "Lets take out our frustration on these people" and then proceeded to unleash hell. It\'s not at all forgiving. The dev responsible for that zone as well as three other end zones, said this about it "Time gear in Tacvi is like wearing brown chitin in NToV". You will need to upgrade your gear as you progress through the expansion in order to survive Tacvi. The two raids I attended there were shattering. Fully time geared with full aa\'s and we didn\'t stand a chance. The dev said this was as he had hoped. Sadistic little gnome he was.

You may have heard rumors that mobs would be strong/weak vs different weapon types. This was removed along with the Openings system. Getting the players to swallow the fact that their uber dagger of piercing would do only 4 max damage to a mob would be impossible without the backdoor of the openings system, which would have let you do full damage even against resistant mobs.

There\'s new class armor quests for all classes, the quest givers are located on the Queen of Thorns, the ship city based in the abysmal sea. They are much more like the velious armor quests than the pop ones. I have NO clue on the stats of these, they didn\'t show us any of it.

And how to get to the new land. Taelosia is the name of the continent. The entryway to Taelosia is Natimbi, the Broken Shores. To get there you will take any Magus to Nedaria\'s Landing. Once there you wait for the ferry. This was about every 5 minutes on beta. The Ferry takes you to the Abysmal Sea, where you dock with the Queen of Thorns. From here you take another Ferry, to Natimbi, also about a 5 minute wait. Once we find out how to get the druid/wizard port spells, it will make getting to natimbi easier, though you will still need to take a boat to get to the Queen of Thorns.

Once you get to Natimbi the Ferry will first pass a camp akin to an adventure camp, although you don\'t get adventures there. It\'s a good place to start and is the only safe spot in the zone, as in there are no wanderers here, however you can still get trained. Natimbi is a 50-60 zone with xp even for 65 players if you kill the darkblue mobs, there aren\'t alot of dark blues but they seem to give too much xp... may have been changed in the live patch however.

From Natimbi you will eventually find a huge fancy stone arch, this takes you to a canyon that leads to the only zone line in the place. Expect massive trains through here daily. That canyon leads you to Qinimi, Court of Nihilia and the true start of the expansion.

Main thing, hail everyone on the Queen of Thorns, get your adventure starter kits and things, begin the progression quest and then go have fun.

Berserker as most of you already know is a chain class. They DO NOT dual wield as some of the rumors have been flying about. They are specifically a 2handed weapon/throwing class. Means, they can use 2h blunt, 2h slashers, and 2h piercers. They will be able to summon their own throwing weapons as well. These throwing weapons however do require regents, but the regents are cheap. The level 65 throwing axe was 43 damage, 29 delay, 175 range. The component for it cost roughly 100pp a stack. That equals to about 400 throwing axes. Each component is worth a stack of axes. Berserkers get kick AND an ability called frenzy. However, they are on the same timer, so once you hit 6th level, you\'ll never use kick again. Frenzy is basically an extra hit with your 2hander, and if you look at your toon when he/she does it, they frenzy with one hand. It does basically the same damage as a normal attack as well. At higher levels, your frenzy can do up to 2 or 3 attacks. As for the aura\'s, I didn\'t really get to test them out, noone could even turn in the tomes for the aura until about a week or week and a half ago. Berserkers already have their epic finished, I didn\'t get to see it, because they wouldn\'t put it on beta, but they have assured it\'s been completed already. They already also have their different armors already set up, IE kunark, velious, ornate, planar, and any others. All in all, I would have to see the berserker is a nice class to have. Not many more ideas can pop up for new classes and they\'ve done it successfully enough.

Next is the Tribute system.

The Tribute system is pretty awesome. Everquest states that you can start using it at 10th level, but in actuallity, you can\'t use anything until 20th in level. Their are a ton of different abilities, and they tier up. You can have up to 5 different abilities on you at any one time. You donate plat, gems, items, etc... to your racial tribute person (usually found in your home town) and then select the ability or abilities that you would like. The more favor points you get from donations, the longer these abilities last. If you want them to keep going, you have to keep donating. It\'s probably their way of managing the economy a bit, but who knows. Some of the abilities are for example...

increased mana regen
increased hp regen
increased endurance regen
increased max hitpoints
increased mana pool
increased endurance pool
increased armor class
see invisible
enduring breath
increased stats/resists
focus effects (ie improved healing, mana conservation, etc...)
bonus effects to bard instruments
and more...

I don\'t know too much about the new zones, but here\'s what I do know. There are only 2 or 3 different zones for 55+ to group in, and similar to dreadlands in kunark, at least one of them has a mob that wanders and is stronger than most people have ever even met. There is a mob in Natimbi that is meant for a raid of time/elemental geared people, the Cragbeast Queen. Here\'s a note and a hint for those of you out there, a lot of the mobs in the new expansion will mitigate certain weapon types. For example, the Cragbeast Queen mitigates 50% of slashing and blunt damage. So the best route to go when even attempting her is piercers or hand to hand weapons. She\'s also got a spell shield, so don\'t think it\'s caster friendly just because of the mitigation. The Cragbeast Queen has at least one AE that i\'m aware of, it\'s an AE snare or snare/dot.

The basic zone lineup kinda goes like this... at least from what I saw. Some of the zone names may be spelled wrong, but they are close enough.

You have Nedaria\'s Landing, which you can get to through jagged pine, or by using the wayfarer\'s at any of the wayfarer camps. That zone has already been out, but it\'s been modified so you can get to the new GoD zones.

Nedaria\'s Landing leads to the Abysmal Sea. It\'s a BIG sea, with a BIG boat on it. This boat is basically a city, and where most of your quests will originate. Along with supplies, banks, guildmasters, soulbinder, etc., it has quite a bit to offer. If you fall off the boat, there is an area at the north side where you can swim to and get back on. The north side is also where the raft/boat/whatever comes to take you to the shores of Natimbi.

The next zone you\'ll come accross is Natimbi, the broken shores. It has a small camp where you can safely rest and if I remember correctly, where you can buy supplies and also a couple quests originate from there as well. You\'ll come accross the race of the Talesions(spellin may be wrong). This race is basically a peaceful race that was overrun, their main focus was and is still tradeskills, mainly those of weaving/tailoring. But there may be others that focus on the other tradeskills as well. This is most likely where you\'ll start quests similar to the coldain shawl, but not as complicated and just as rewarding. It\'s one of the few zones people in their 50\'s can group. It also contains the Cragbeast Queen, which is geared towards time/elemental guilds/raids.

After you are done sightseeing in Natimbi, you\'ll come to Qinimbi. This is sorta like the nexus in a way, it leads you to 3 others zones. But, unlike the nexus, this one has stuff in it you can kill, or that can kill you. Running here at 65 without invis IS NOT a good idea, it will get you dead quick. This is also where you\'ll meet the Kyv, as you may have seen on eqcastersrealm a couple weeks back. They hit hard and they can hit from a distance as well. I didn\'t see too much of this zone, because other than it linking to 3 other zones, there isn\'t much to be had here, just stuff to kill. There is one area that is a raid encounter however, pretty much only other thing to do in the zone other than hunt. I don\'t know anything about the raid encounter except that it starts in the clear aqua dome in front of the Fatimbi zoneline. Qinimbi splits off 3 ways to 3 different zones. Riwwi, Barindu, and Fatimbi.

Riwwi is a colleseum of sorts, you hunt here, you kill here, etc... not too much info to give here since i didn\'t hunt here much. You can get to Fatimbi through this zone as well.

Fatimbi I don\'t know much about, you can get to Barindu and Riwwi from it however.

Barindu, the hanging gardens is a place you can do a couple quests I think, and also has an area or two where you can enter a couple of the instanced zones.

As for the other zones, I never got to them, was too busy testing low level berserkers and testing the tribute system out.

Leadership Experience is nice, I didn\'t get to test it out much, but I did get to see the results of what someone with all the raid/group leadership points have. If you are in a group and the leader has enough points, you\'ll be able to tell the level and class/class type of what you have targeted. The more points you have, the more info you\'ll get... IE special enchantments (buffs), immunities/resists, and some info on whether slows, snares, charms, etc will or won\'t land on it. You\'ll also see a little more to the name of your target if the leader has the points, IE hitpoint percentage. There are more benefits as well, but I\'ll let you see them for yourself. The main idea is once again to focus on grouping.

I was given the pleasure to lead a group in a new ring style event. The group we had wasn\'t balanced at all (cleric/2wiz/rogue/ranger/shaman) but we made due for the first 6 parts easy. To start this peticular ring event you need to do a subquest in the zone but the GM tester gave me that flag so we could start testing. The event starts in riwwui(whatever the spelling is) in the middle of the coliseum there. There are 4 guardians that don\'t attack and 6 slave mobs in the arena pit. You talk to one of the slaves in the arena and send them the trigger phrase to start the ring. The first part is very easy, it was a dog that faught like a tier 1 plane mob. When you start each phase of the ring you receive a bag, the mobs you kill have heads that you combine in the bag. You take that combined bag to another NPC in the zone and he give you your reward. The reward starts out bad but gets better as you progress (like the coldain ring). When you want to start phase 2 of the ring you just hand in your reward. The kicker is if you lose, you have to start over from phase 1 so make sure you don\'t lose. The mobs in the ring can\'t be rooted/snared, don\'t summon at the time of this writing, mitigate slow, and can be mezzed but not charmed. As the rings progressed the mobs got harder obviously and sometimes more numerious. Sometimes named style mobs would come on waves that hit harder and have alot more hp so be ready for those.

I asked the GM tester what was stopping a raid from assisting in the kills. Instead of telling me, he showed me. He started up a phase of the ring for himself and told me to attack it, the instant I did I was booted to the zone in. He said whatever group starts that phase of the ring is the only group that can kill it. My group got to phase 7 of the ring before our first wipeout. We wiped out 3 times before we refined our tactics and got a few aa/gear upgrades to help us perform more like a balanced group. Two of our group members had to log after the 7th phase so we grabbed a necro and enchanter (yay) to help us. With an enchanter to mes the 8th phase went easier than the 7th.

The 9th phase was alot harder. The GM said we might need defensive to make this work so right away I\'m thinking "damn I\'m screwed". The 9th phase was a single named, hit quaded for 1100 and migitated slow very well. Well I died 2 times before the mob made it to 90%, the GM would freeze the zone between my deaths so we didn\'t have to start the phase over again. On the 3rd attempt we preslowed the mob while it was frozen and I started tanking. I had to use weaponshield near the end but the named went down. With the 9th phase my reward got much better (like a 25ac neck/waist with 7 to most stats, 125ish hp/mana/end and ft3/vengence 3). The 10th wave was alot of mobs, some where easily messed, some were easily slowed so figure those out fast. They went down and the event was finished. The reward didn\'t gain any stat ipgrades but it gained some ldon slots so you can upgrade it however you want to.

Only the person running the event needs to have the proper faction and only they receive the reward. The GM took our suggestions to make the event more attactive. We suggested having the hard named be the 10th wave instead of the 9th, having more cash loot drop, having named drop items useful to those helping instead of the quest runner getting everything. This ring is ment for a balanced pre elemental group so Time people don\'t expect the reward to be attactive to you, it is basically a single group VT item. Good thing about this is you control when the name wave of the ring will spawn so you can do parts 1-5 one day. 6-8 two weeks later, and 9-10 two months later.

During the testing of this we generated at least 10 zone wide trains, one of them brought a named that could hit fast for 4500 points a swing. Hopefully the trains will be no more when this goes live.

---------Testing of the Crag Queen---------

Have done alot of testing on the Crag Queen over the past few weeks. The Crag Queen is a mob that is ment to rival the hardest of Time mobs. It is tailored for a 72 person time equipped raid at the time of writing. The beast has a high regen ability, is resistant to cold (seems to change weekly), had 50% resistance to blunt weapons, and almost total to slashing. Piercing. h2h, pets, and archery work fine against her. We beat her once but the other times she kicked our butts good.

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короче вот надыбал на борде . Блин не знаю как карту тока переписать сюда.

Sewers of Nihilia - Purifying Plant

This is the first of the trials to begin flagging in GoD, just like the PoJ trials it is to gain access to new zones and designed for a maximum of 6 players.

The trigger for the expedition is in Barindu, seek out High Priest Diru Riwirn as shown in the map below:

Hail the scribe npc near him, say ‘what issues’ then hail the High Priest to spawn the instanced dungeon. You should get the following response:

ALL members of the group MUST do this or its likely you will not complete the quest properly and thus not be flagged.

Follow your compass (just like ldon missions) to the dungeon marked on the map and drop down the pipe to enter. Clear, or invis/lull your way through to find ansharu who is basically down the first turning on the left, in this rather linear dungeon.

See this link for in game maps or just to check the layout, Ansharu is marked on it, as is the target stonemite room.

Purifying Plant Map

He looks like the other ghosts in this dungeon but is not kos, again ALL group members must hail. Continue south and down the underwater pipe, then west to take the next turning on the left that you find. Here there is a named mob to kill just before the target room that drops loot, kill him to spawn the aged stonemites in the final room just ahead.

When you get there, you will find 9 Aged stonemites in formation in the middle of the room. I set up camp in the immediate left corner when entering the room, enter invis where possible. The level of the water in this room can become problematic in terms of casting spells, I found that getting levitate on the whole group and staying above water level was the best solution, use the pipe supports to get height out of the water if needed.

Each stonemite should be single pulled where possible, they have similar dps to the rest of the mobs in the dungeon, but have aoe rampage so watch the overall group health. Kill 8 of the aged stonemites leaving 1 left and med to full, pull and kill the last one and the moment it dies the Ancient Kayserops will spawn seemingly it charges for the doorway so I tag him to the corner before it heads out of sight.

Kayserops is again similar dps to the rest of the dungeon but I believe is flagged slow immune so backup heals are likely to be needed at this point. Here is where you find out if you messed up the hailing sequence or not, if you hailed each npc correctly you should get the following.

If you didn’t you will get this, however it seems hailing the high priest does not currently complete the flag and you may need to do the quest again. (Apparently this can be fixed by hailing the scribe, unconfirmed)

Gate, succor or port out ideally as unlike ldon there IS REPOP in these expedition instanced zones, this would make a wipe more of a problem, however there it seems there is no timelimit set. Return to the high priest and hail him which should return the following.

Hailing him again gives the text to start the second expedition seen below:

It seems the one you are in does not close automatically so you will need quit it and trigger the new one by hailing. This is done with the new UI for expeditions the default key for it escapes me but you can check it in your keyboard layout > UI options at the bottom of the list.

Important notes

Trash hits for 1000-1200, these things can get rough unless slowed fast think of it as ldon hard on crack.
Lull works on all mobs I came across.
Abandon workers are unslowable.
Cubes and Ghosts see invis, pretty much everything else does not.
Be sure all group members hail all npcs involved.
Bind outside if you can, it may help on a wipe if repop has not started.

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