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Старый 23.12.2003, 00:32   #1 

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People with squares for last names

Вот на борде у себя прочитал:

i\'m sure some of you noticed there are people all of sudden with squares for last names. well after some questioning i found out there was an everquest server owned by a company other than sony that i guess was bought out by sony. the server was totally in korean language and i guess that\'s why the last names aren\'t displaying correctly. the server only had expansions up to luclin. the people have never seen ldon, loy or pop. most do not have horses or their 61+ spells. they had to do aa in plane of hate and velks/seb.

apparently the ENTIRE server got thrown on maelin with gear for free. the korean folk are saying probably about 200-300 people.

they are nice ppl so far from what i\'ve seen, i\'ve been helping them out by giving them ethereals and what not. i feel bad because they are so far behind on content. and definetly on their own raid schedule not matching US or euro. they said they may form a guild eventually but are unaware as to how things work in the new expansions. they do have emp and VT gear though.

some useful lingo

T.T = tear
tuk = add ~ or "oh shit"

all i know, just an FYI


[65 Wizard] Sage Alxkorvin - Maelin Server
Старый 23.12.2003, 01:50   #2 
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tipa toje usefull lingo [img]images/smiles/icon_smile_horse.gif[/img]

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Старый 23.12.2003, 10:08   #3 

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aha... ja na maeline rebenku shaman-gabu sdelal (a to dostal )- povel ego po zonam nu i na bazar zashli - polovina naroda s kvadratikami...

I don\'t like the drugs
but the drugs like me...


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