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Vot ne za chtobi ne dogadalsya bi ...
Автор темы: Papazol
Дата создания: 06.12.2003 09:31
Старый 06.12.2003, 09:31
Аватар для Papazol
Vot ne za chtobi ne dogadalsya bi ...
I kot-to posle etogo budet govorit\' chto kako-n inoplanetyanin s dev team SOE ne bil zameshan ?

Within a couple hours of this being posted up on a few EverQuest message boards the EverQuest servers all went down for a two hour emergancy patch so this may be fixed. If its not it is nice to know about either way.

"There is a "banker" named Banker Aderodh that has been spawning in the dungeon Befallen off the adjacent zone WC. The bankers account is not tied to your global bank. When you transfer coin from gold to platinum, it goes at a 1/1 rate. But when you transfer it back to gold, it goes at a 1/10 ratio. This process can be quickly used to earn a "monumental" amount of platinum. I am a bard, thus I have track. I had never seen this name in befallen before, so I checked it out. Its a nervous habit of mine to transfer all of my change into platinum, so I noticed the bug."

-Welcome to EverCamp! You\'re sitting on your ass in our world now!!
Старый 06.12.2003, 10:48
Аватар для Ponovolk
Какой там банкер в бефалене??
Наверное и вправду черти замешаны.

Хотя может это кто-то придумал.
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