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New Weapon
Автор темы: archer
Дата создания: 05.12.2003 17:29
Старый 05.12.2003, 17:29
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New Weapon
Kastetiki , bulavochki, verevochki, igolochki


vce dlya vashei somozashiti

Старый 05.12.2003, 17:48
Аватар для archer
ny oni tut eshe tri voprosika nakatali

enjoy guys

December 4, 2003. We sent a selection of questions from Stratics readers to Steve "Moorgard" Danuser this week and he selected three of them to answer.

Are there any plans to let player guilds start towns in EQ2, or perhaps even take over towns like Freeport? Rallos knows we all wanted to kick those humans out and take over their land back in early EQ!

Player-created towns are not something we\'ll be implementing initially in EverQuest II. It\'s not an idea we\'ve ruled out entirely for the future, though. As for taking over Freeport or Qeynos, the established rulers wouldn\'t take kindly to such attempts. Since the two starting cities are tied very closely to how low-level characters develop, we probably won\'t be making such dramatic changes to them in the foreseeable future.

What form(s) of mass transit are available, besides the mounts we\'ve heard about? Will there be an AC-type portal system, or a PoK Grand Central Station analog? Will there be restrictions to the use of this? Will it be tied to the world geometry (like AC/PoK) or player ability (like Druids/Wizards)?

Initially the only other forms of transit will be boats and your own two feet. The teleportation books that used to take you to the Plane of Knowledge disappeared over two hundred years ago, at about the same time that teleportation spells stopped functioning. Hopefully brave adventurers will journey out into the Shattered Lands and discover new ways to get around or find some means of making the old magics work again.

Will baking and brewing be tradeskills in EQ2? Will they impart the stat boosting bonuses like current EQ?

We do plan to have baking and brewing in EverQuest II. Various forms of food and drink can provide beneficial effects such as stat boosts. You will not be required to eat or drink, however, and you will not receive messages from the game telling you that you\'re hungry or thirsty.

kto be mog podumat chto edu sokratat. ohh othodim ot realnosti gentelmens.
a hotelos be chtobi igru bolee k rialnosti podvodili ------ vnature

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