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Grey Goo - Первый патч
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 04.02.2015 17:05
Аватар для INOK
Grey Goo - Первый патч

Студия Petroglyph выпустила первое обновление для футуристической реалтаймовой стратегии Grey Goo, релиз которой состоялся в конце января на PC.

Обновление направлено на исправление ошибок игры в области аудио, ИИ, производства, дизайна, редактора карт, совершенствования интерфейса и геймплея.

• Fixed issue where some units’ attacks were appearing through Fog of War

• Fixed bug where the “Has been revealed” announcement was being triggered whenever a player’s units were killed
• Fixed an issue where the “Has been revealed” announcement was triggered after a vent plug was destroyed
• Fixed issue where sound effects from the impact of Howitzer mines would sometimes not play

• Fixed issue where enemy AI Beta units would attempt to use player’s Repair Pad

• “Glutton for Punishment” can no longer be achieved against Idle AI

• A unit’s extents now shrink when moving through groups of other units to make moving through groups smoother
• Disabled units pushing other units to the side to prevent further issues as a result of the change
• Fixed a rare issue where refineries could create an island of un-navigable terrain
• Fixed crash caused by loading a save game from a previous version
• Fixed crash caused by Goo projectiles being shot down
• Fixed an issue where a structure’s deconstruction animation would sometimes not play
• Fixed exploit where Human structures would still be teleported after being destroyed
• Fixed error that was being given when attempting to save on “The Terminal”
• Fixed cursor disappearing when accepting an invite during a cutscene
• Changed agro state generator for Human HQ to prevent a stacking situation that could potentially cause a crash

• Fixed the resource display on “The Aperture Device” to better represent the resource locations
• The timed even in “The Aperture Device” will no longer start if the player moves their Mother Goo away from the node
• The Crescent fire objective in “The Trench” can no longer be triggered before its intended time by restarting the mission
• Fixed an exploit with selling Conduits
• Fixed an issue where players could hide their Purger in the brush
• Added additional target filtering to Tempest Surveillance Virus upgrade to prevent it from targeting ground and air incorrectly
• Fixed an issue where Tempest Surveillance Virus Upgrade affected ground units if it hit an air unit that was flying above a ground unit

• Fixed several incorrect descriptions in the Encyclopedia
• The orange bar in the quick match panel will no longer change size when the player invites another player to a premade team
• Fixed issue where timers would sometimes not appear in the German version
• Fixed issue where the “no power” icon was appearing after a building’s construction was completed
• Updated the “no power” icons in “Mago’s Pass” to be consistent with the other “no power” icons in the game

Terrain Editor
• Added support for custom user XML and Animations
• Fixed several crash issues
• Fixed Skydomes not properly appearing in the editor
• Fixed issue where props and objects were being visually removed but were still counting in the object count
• Fixed issue where Fog of War was not appearing when the user checked the fog box
• Improved water shader for user-created maps

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