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patch 9 sep
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patch 9 sep
*** Lost Dungeons of Norrath Launches! ***

Make sure to check out this groundbreaking new expansion! EVERY new zone has something fun and rewarding just waiting for everyone levels 20-65, and there\'s always something available for you!

For the first time in EverQuest you have the ability to interact with your environment in new and exciting ways! Find that chest at the end of the dungeon, but approach it carefully - It may be trapped.

In addition, there have been rumors of a new type of treasure that allow you to improve your existing equipment, augmenting what you\'ve already earned with new power...

Succeed and be rewarded as YOU choose! Those who best the Lost Dungeons will find that the Adventurers have quite the cache of treasure that they\'ve discovered on their own. It seems that, the more you help them in their cause, the more they\'re willing to share...

If you have purchased Lost Dungeons, thank you and welcome!

If you haven\'t -- What are you waiting for? Order now and join the grand Adventure!

*** Game Updates ***

** Items **

- Warrior and Magician epic changes – A new version of these two epic items is available to accommodate the new item augmentations. Both of these epics are basically summoned items, and therefore they would lose any augmentations when used or unsummoned. Players wishing to change these items into "permanent" versions in order to augment them should do the following:

Warrior Epic - Talk to Gartrog Smitehammer in East Freeport. He will replace your Red Scabbard and Jagged Blade of War with augmentable versions of the Jagged Blade of War, the Blade of Strategy, and the Blade of Tactics. You will not receive the Red Scabbard back, as it will no longer be useful to you.

Magician Epic - Talk to Ilisiv Gantrau in the Tox Forest. She will take a summoned Orb of Mastery and replace it with a permanent augmentable orb. The epic pet is still summoned in exactly the same way, with no changes to the spell or use.

** Zones and Quests **

- Plane of Mischief - We have updated the factions for a few NPCs for this zone on Stormhammer only. All of the NPCs there are meant to be aggressive. Some of them were on the wrong faction, and were not aggressive. They are now.

- The Deep - There were some NPCs in this zone that could see invisible but were bugged to be non-aggressive. They will again be aggressive, so be more cautious when using invisibility in The Deep.

- Plane of Valor - The Aerin\'Dar projection was despawning after only a few minutes. It will now remain as long as other projections.

- City of Mist - Black Reavers are immune to magic once again.

- Oxidized Steel Plate will now drop. This should allow the completion of the Rallican’s Bracer quest

- The Ghost of Kindle has returned.

- Manastone is no longer usable in The Hole.

- The trader limit increase mentioned in the last update should be working properly now.

** Spells **

- We have reduced the cost of the Summon Wooden, Stone and Iron Bracelet spells.

- We have added new Skeleton models for pets, illusions, and transformation spells.

- We have changed the underlying way that pet focus items work to allow for future upgrades and items. All existing foci should work as they always have. If you notice anything unusual when using a pet focus, please /bug report the issue.

** Interface **

- Context Tips - We have added a question mark symbol to windows that have help information available. Just click on the question mark in the upper right of the window to see the tips.

** Miscellaneous **

- Fixed a bug that was causing NPCs to appear to have a larger melee range than they should have in some cases.

- Sullon Zek - There was a bug that allowed players to create characters on opposing alliances. That is no longer possible. If you see this message:

"You currently have characters created on opposing deity alliances. You can only have characters that are on the same alliance. Please correct this by deleting the character that was recently created and has an opposing alliance with the first character you created."

You will not be able to log in until you delete any characters that are not on the same alliance.

** UI Files **

* Changed *


* New *


** Known Issues **

This is the list of cosmetic issues that we\'re aware aren\'t perfect, but determined as acceptable to launch with, as none should affect peoples\' ability to enjoy the game.

Rather than attempt last-minute changes that often break more than they fix, these will be addressed in an update after Lost Dungeons\' launch.

- Paladins and Shadowknights: The new INSPECT and OPEN ability buttons will *appear* disabled for the duration of your Harm Touch or Lay Hands timers when you use those abilities. You may still use INSPECT and OPEN, however. It just won\'t look like you can.

- When receiving an adventure from one of the Wayfarers\' Camps, for now, the Adventure Window does not automatically close when you walk away from the Adventure Recruiter as it should.

- Pet Users: If you tell your pet to attack an interactive object (chest, vase, coffin, etc) inside of a dungeon, your pet will tell you that it is attacking, but it will not actually attack. This is a problem with the message, not the behavior. The pet should be telling you that it cannot attack such a thing.

** Use Augmentations Wisely **

If you have an item with more than one slot available and you intend to apply an Augmentation Item that can fit into any slot (i.e. Type 1), be sure to apply it last.

For example, you have an item with three slots available and you have filled Slot 1 with an Augmentation Item. In your bag you have an Augmentation Item that can fit into any slot on the item (i.e. Type 1) and one that fits into Slot 2. If you use the Type 1 Augmentation Item first, it will fill the first open slot on your item, which would be Slot 2 in this case. This means you will not be able to use the Slot 2-specific Augmentation Item you had available.

So, remember, the rule is that if you have an Augmentation Item that can be used it any slot, be sure to apply it last!

--- [65 Wizard] Sage Alxkorvin - Maelin Server
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