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LDoN info
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LDoN info
here a summary of Live Dev Chat ( stolen from somewhere ) :

I\'m sure someone will post the transcript somewhere but here\'s a brief summary (I have screen shots on the entire chat but I don\'t want to put them up unless someone wants to host it.):

On Game Play:
- Call of the Hero will be usable in LDoN dungeons.
- Raid level encounter will require a minimum of 18 and will allow up to 36 players.
- Raiders of all levels (all the way up to VT, PoTime levels) will find challenges in LDoN.
- LDoN raids (as in raid raid, not the group dungeon crawl) are targetted at high end raiders "since those players are most in need of additional contents."
- Charm will be usable (i.e. charm tanking is still possible).
- All LDoN dungeons are accesible from the old world, no expansion is required (including Kunark and Velious).
- SoE planned to support 11,000 instances across all servers, based on the projected usage where half the population online at any given time will be in those instances.
- The 48 dungeons are 48 distinct zones
- "If you\'re level 20, you get 48 new zones to play in. If you\'re level 65, you get 48 new zones to play in."
- LDed members will be able to return to the instance if the instance is still running. If the instance no longer exist, the player will spawn near the entrance.
- To start an instance, a group needs to have a minimal of 4 members.
- Latecomers will not be allowed to join an instance. (interpretation: probably means the instance flag is saved with your character)
- A new transit system will be implemented. "If you take the time to learn all about the Warfarer Brotherhood, they will accept you into their ranks. They will then translocate you to any of the other camps through dialogue. This will remove the constant risk to evil players."
- There will be some form of records on adventure points for comparison between players. But no system is in place to calculate guild total. It might be added in the future.
- The entire group can evac/succor/port out and reenter an instance while the "adventure time is still active".

On Augmentation:
- Augmentation can be removed but once removed, the augmentation cannot be used again. The un-augmented item is unharmed.
- If an augmentable item is tradable but the augmentation is no-drop, then the result will be no-drop. Removing the augmentation will make the original item tradable again.
- Epics will not be made augmentable.
- "[Most] existing worn items will be augmentable in some ways. However, some augmentations are only usable in items you find in LDoN."
- Augmentation is no-fail. No tradeskill is needed.
- Augmentation can add "worn effects, procs, focus effects, skill mods ... almost anything you can find on other items."

On Graphics:
- The new skeleton model will not be applied to current pet or lich or NPCs. They are working with the art department to switch in the future.
- The new skeleton model has moved over to all applicable illusions.
- New color mats are included in the new model. e.g. Ice skeletons will have a blue hue.

On Loot:
- Even the best LDoN drops or rewards will be sub-PoTime level.
- Opening containers (like chests) can failed. Failures may lead to item(s) within being destroyed.
- There are drops in the dungeons.
- Completion of Wayfarers\' tasks will yield points. Points can be saved and accumulated for larger purchases later.
- New spells are "purchasable" with adventure points from Wayfarers.
- Hybrids will get 5 spells. Priests and Casters will get 8.

On Tradeskills:
- Smithing and Fletching will have new recipes to bridge the 175-215 gap.
- Baking, Brewing, and JC also have new recipes.

- Mage and Warrior epics are being modified to hold augmentation (!!!!!). **I know this is in conflict with the info above but we could not obtain clarifications as the chat is heavily moderated. **
- The retail box will include a key-chain. Those who purchased retail box will also obtain a weight reduction bag "Satchel of Abu-Kar" in-game (one per account)
- SoE is interested in steering towards achievements against environment and away from achievements by denying other players/guilds contents.
- LDoN is an experiment on alternative rewarding system, as oppose to the current known loot drop from known mob in known camp. (interpretation: That participation will yield rewards, luck (on rolls) become a lesser factor.)

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Старый 07.09.2003, 21:37
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LDoN Beta Preview:

LDON is a significant change from how EQ has worked in the past. The dungeons, which are known as "adventures" in eq lingo, are generated by asking a group of NPC\'s called wayfayers in different zones (east commons, north ro, south ro, everfrost and butcherblock) for an adventure. You must be grouped in 4+ man groups to request one. There are two difficulty settings normal and hard, and the adventures explain a little about the goal then your left to accept or decline them. You have 30 minutes to reach your adventure, then 90 minutes to complete it. The adventure zone ins are in various zones, on average 0-2 zone lines away from the quest NPC\'s.

I limited myself to the Everfrost (miragul theme) and the butcherblock (maynog mistmore theme) because I wanted to have something interesting to explore when it went live. I won\'t spoil anyones fun, but I\'ll explain examples of what a typical adventure is like.

You have a goal set forth, usually either assination, collection or finding someone. The zone in to these adventures is safe, and you can zone out and in without having the adventure close down on you, so long as it\'s still active. There is NO respawns during an adventure, though there maybe some mobs who only spawn at a certain point in the adventure. CR\'s during these are problimatic because your on a time limit, but they are possible. Since there is no backspawn, CR is easier. During these loot can drop, as can augmentations. The exp is sub-par to PoP tier 2+ groups, but is sufficent enough that I found exp quite good, while still earing other rewards.

The reward for an adventure are in the form of points. These points, given to anyone in the adventure once you complete the goal can be used to purchase various loot, and augmentations from merchants inside the camps. These camps each have there own faction of the wayfayers brotherhood, which your points are good for. The items are also based on your faction with the wayfayers and you may need to adventure many many times in order to get some of the more praised items.

The augmentation system, the most unique part of LDON is in my opinion, half done. The way augments work is: certain items (these are flagged augmentations) can be bound with pre-existing items. Once done, the item takes on the properties (+5 sta for example) of the augmentation thats applied to it. The augmentations come in various ways ranging from a +2 agi +2 cha one to a Vengence X and 10 regen/tick ones. So whats the problem your wondering? Well slots. Let me explain, slots are labled on augmentations (for example: Slot Type 1, Slot Type 4, Slot Type 6, Slot Type 8 ) . These corispond to slots labled on your armor and weapons (for example cloth cap has 1 slot 1, as does a chestplate of vindication) Slot 1 is on all pre-ldon items EXCLUDING plane of time and elemental armor peices which has slot 8, weapons instead of slot 1 have a slot type 4. The problem however is many slot 2,3,5,6 augmentations which are nice and usefull will ONLY work on new LDON items with have for example a mask with 5 ac 25 hp/mana and Slot 2, Slot 5 and slot 6 on them. The other problem being that if you want to see any slot 8 type augmentations (Veng X for example) you can only use them on time and ele armor. Personally, I disagree with limiting what an augmentation can be applied to, because it says to a group that your allowed to have +5 sta to your 10 ac 2 wis hat, but the guy with a 200 HP 54 AC hat can add 2% shielding, or can add 50 raw ATK. The idea behind it was found, the implimentation isn\'t. They have shown signs, by improving offerings of slot 1 type augments, but they are in no way valid compared to slot 8.

Raiding in LDON, something I unfortunatly didn\'t get to test. However, from what I\'ve been told it is primarily for the high end elemental/time people. 18>36 members can request a raid, and during these raids high end augmentations (slot 8 ) can drop, along with reward winning a raid with points to be used to buy items from merchants. These raids are all instanced, so multiple guilds can do them at a time. I\'ve been told the difficulty is high, and you shouldn\'t expect to walk threw a LDON raid without much challange.

My general impression of LDON is as follows. It\'s good but it could be better. Alot of progress was made during beta (bug fixes, tuning, etc) but I feel some more can and most likly will follow. Tuning of slots on items, methods of using augments, difficulty to some adventures (I\'m sure no doubt many will argue they are too easy, I finished some in half the time allowed, others took almost all the time) and rewards for time invested.

I think this will be an enjoyable expansion, it\'ll bring back scheduling of things, it\'ll allow people to work together rather then block each other and spite each other. I belive we will see the future of MMORPG\'s in this type of content, and look foward to playing it shortly.


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Старый 08.09.2003, 23:29
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Старый 09.09.2003, 00:30
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1 vopros:
Slot: blah blah blah
To chto ukazano - eto mozhno ili nelzja?

Старый 09.09.2003, 00:36
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То, что можно

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Старый 09.09.2003, 01:40
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no slot type 8 eto time / elemental armor tolko =/

-Welcome to EverCamp! You\'re sitting on your ass in our world now!!
Старый 09.09.2003, 04:03
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Гигант мысли
PDM rulit ~~~~ XAXA elemental есть только у PDM %) с такими батарейками мы всех на грелки [img]images/smiles/icon_smile_eviladmin.gif[/img][img]images/smiles/icon_smile_evilmoderator.gif[/img]

За все приходиться платить, рано или поздно, так или иначе.
Старый 09.09.2003, 05:09
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В 20 итемов вставить по 80hp, вот тебе 1600hp с куста.
Вставить ресистов например 10svAll или еще какую нить ботву и вот уже 12к буффед wars Ж)

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Старый 10.09.2003, 06:23
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Altis Asmodey
Mne sovershenno ne nravitsai ideia togo chto esli chet vsunul kudato to esli vysynesh uje nikuda bolshe ne vstavish\' suxxxxxxxxxxxx

T. e esli augumentit to tolko final item kakoinit kotoryi upgrade uje ne svetit nikogda delat\' inache budet jalka.

Старый 10.09.2003, 08:01
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Welcome to Diablo II ..........bl\'a


Everybody die...sooner or later...
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Картинка некоторых augmentation gems:

За обычный advanture дают 51 поинт, за сложный 71.

All merchants:
Spell: Rebo\'s Greater Cleansing(DRU/SHM/NEC) (60)
Spell: Iony\'s Greater Cleansing(CLR) (60)
Spell: Wuggan\'s Greater Extrication(NEC/MAG/ENC) (60)
Spell: Xalirilan\'s Greater Etrication(WIZ) (60)
Spell: Reebo\'s Greater Exorcism(DRU/SHM/NEC) (60)
Spell: Iony\'s Greater Exorcism(CLR) (60)
Spell: Wuggan\'s Greater Discombobulation(NEC/MAG/ENC) (60)
Spell: Xalirilan\'s Greater Discombobulation(WIZ) (60)
Spell: Reebo\'s Greater Augury(DRU/SHM/NEC) (60)
Spell: Iony\'s Greater Augery(CLR) (60)
Spell: Wuggan\'s Greater Appraisal(NEC/MAG/ENC) (60)
Spell: Xalirilan\'s Greater Appraisal(WIZ) (60)
(and lower level versions of the same spells for 25/48 costs)

Spell: Ordinance(ENC) (180)
Spell: Impreciation(NEC) (180)
Spell: Ward of Calliav(BST) (150)
Spell: Ward of Calrena(WIZ) (150)
Loose Coal of Guarding typ1aug 2AC Face/Neck/Shoulder/Back/Waist NEC/WIZ/MAG/ENC (150)
Refined Ore of Regeneration type3aug Regeneration I(worn) (100)
Spell: Bounce(WIZ) (72)
Spell: Spirit of the Shrew(RNG) (72)
Spell: Selo\'s Rythem of Speed(BRD) (36)
Spell: Spirit of the Shrew(DRU) (36)
Spell: Dark Tempation(SHD) (36)
Spell: Remove Minor Curse(CLR) (12)
Spell: Remove Minor Curse(PAL) (12)
Spell: Ward of Vie(CLR) (12)

Shiny Sandstone of Reconstruction type3aug Regeneration V(worn) CHEST (510)
Fractured Diamond Prisom of Prowes type1aug 5AC Face/Neck/Shoulder/Back/Waist DRU/MNK/BST (510)
Dull Sandstone of Ire type3aug Vengeance II(worn) (510)
Spell: Fufil\'s Diminishing Dirge(BRD)
Spell: Reflect(ENC)
Spell: Guard of Calliav(NEC)
Spell: Austerity(PAL)
SPell: Protection of Vie(CLR)
Spell: Call of Ice(RNG) (450)
Spell: Curse(SHM) (36)
Spell: Remove Minor Curse(DRU) (12)
Grainy Sandstone of Clarity type3aug Flowing Thought I(worn) (340)
Spell: Blessing of Temperence(CLR) (150)
Cracked Sandstone of Health type3aug Regeneration I(worn) (150)
Spell: Guard of Alendar(ENC) (72)
Spell: Bounce(MAG) (72)
Spell: Bounce(NEC) (72)
Warm Emerald Shard type4aug Heated Blade(combat) (40)

Marble Sphere of Disgust type4aug Anger II(combat) (510)
Brilliant Enchanted Prism type3aug Flowing Thought II(worn) CHEST (510)
Smooth Marble Sphere of Prowess type1aug 4AC Face/Neck/Shoulder/Back/Waist NEC/WIZ/MAG/ENC(510)
Spell: Guard of Valliav(BST) (410)
Spell: Reflect(WIZ) (410)
Spell: Guard of Calrena(WIZ) (410)
Spell: Vengeance of Nature(DRU) (410)
Spell: Call of Darkness(SHD) (410)
Eternal Ice of Replenishment type3aug Regeneration II(worn) (340)
Jagged Permafrost Chunk type4aug Icicle Claw(Combat) (340)
Spell: Pack Shrew(RNG) (200)
Spell: Ward of Calliav (150)
Jagged Marble Sphere of Protection type1aug 5AC Face/Neck/Shoulder/Back/Waist WAR/CLR/PAL/SHD/BRD(150)
Spell: Bounce(ENC) (72)
SPell: Summon: Orb of Exploration(MAG) (72)
Spell: Guard of Vie(CLR) (72)
Spell: Pack Shrew(DRU) (48)
Spell: Remove Lesser Curse(PAL) (36)
Permafrist Chunk of Resilience type4aug Mirror I(combat) (30)
Spell: Remove Lesser Curse(SHM) (12)

Slimestone Fragment of Dread type4aug Force of Ykesha(Combat) (760)
Limestone Shard of Battle Cries type3aug Brass Instruments (760)
Spell: Protection of Calliav(NEC) (650)
Spell: Feral Form(RNG) (650)
Spell: Bullwark of Vie(CLR) (650)
Slimestone Fragment of Shock type4aug Strike of Ykesha(Combat) (510)
Spell: Blessing of Austrity(PAL) (450)
Spell: Protection of Alendar(ENC) (410)
Spell: Reflect(MAG) (410)
Spell: Reflect(NEC) (410)
Limestone of Suffocation type3aug Enduring Breath(worn) (340)
Spell: Rizlona\'s Embers(BRD) (200)
Spell: Scythe of Darkness(SHD) (200)
Spell: Magi Ward(WIZ) (180)
Spell: Ward of Calliav(MAG) (150)
Cracked Slimestone of Guarding type4aug Guard I(Combat) (150)
Spore-Covered Pebble of Warding type1aug 4AC Face/Neck/Shoulder/Back/Waist RNG/ROG/SHM(150)
Spell: Odium(SHM) (72)
Spell: Spirit of the Shrew(BST) (48)
Spell: Spirit of the Shrew(SHM) (24)
Spell: Remove Lesser Curse(DRU) (24)
Cold SLimestone Fraglemt type4aug Blast of Frost(Combat) (20)

Immortal\'s Bloodied Robe 18ac 13str 11dex 10int 90hp 110mana 12fr/dr/mr type2, type2, type3 slots (1492)
Gravestone Fragment of Battle Mastery type3aug Aura of Battle(worn) (1150)
Black Diamond of Regeneration type4aug Vampire Kiss(Combat) (1150)
Blood Ruby of Understanding type1aug 40mana HEAD/ARMS/CHEST/LEGS/FEET (1150)
Gravestone Fragment of Flailing Dead type3aug Haste(worn) HEAD/BACK/RANGE/WAIST (1150)
Black Diamond of Absorption type4aug Spell Guard III(combat) (760)
Bloodied Gravestone of Cunning type3aug Flowing Thought I(worn) (760)
Spell: Bulwark of Alendar(ENC) (650)
Spell: Burning Sand(MAG) (650)
Spell: Mana Ward(WIZ) (650)
Spell: Ice Meteor(WIZ) (650)
Spell: Guidance(PAL) (650)
Spell: Aura of Reverence(CLR) (650)
Belt of Grey Flesh AC8 12sta 10wis/int/agi 55hp 45mana type1slot, type3slot (510)
Blessed Black Diamond type4aug Guard II(combat) (510)
Brilliant Ruby of Prowess type1aug 10AC FACE/NECK/SHOULDERS/BACK/WAIST WAR/CLR/PAL/SHD/BRD (510)
Spell: Guard of Calliav(MAG) (450)
Spell: Anathema(SHM) (410)
Spell: Scythe of Death(SHD) (410)
Spell: Fire Swarm(RNG) (410)
Rejuvenating Bone Fragment type4aug Vampire Talon(Combat) (340)
Night Agent Gravestone Fragment type3aug Ultravision(worn) (340)
Spell: Rizlona\'s Fire(BRD) (250)
Spell: Feral Pack(DRU) (250)
Gravestone of Dire Melodies type3aug Wind Instruments (220)
Worn Gravestone of Awareness type3aug See Invisible(worn) (150)
Spell: Pack Shrew(BST) (72)
Spell: Dark Soul(NEC) (48)
Spell: Pack Shrew(SHM) (36)
Spell: Remove Lesser Curse(CLR) (12)

Starting locations are called Wayfarer Camps:
East Commons(near Shady in tunnel)->nro, oasis, sro entrances
North Ro (on grass, just south of inn)-> oasis entrance
South Ro (on grass, west of wizard portal)-> innothule, upper guk entrances
Butcher Block (near GFay zone)-> two lfay entrances
Everfrost (between the two frozen rivers)-> two everfrost entrances

Adventure Types:
-Assassination: kill a boss mob, it spawns when 60% of the mobs are dead
-Rescue: save an npc deep in the dungeon, he spawns right away, but will not leave until 60% of the mobs are dead
-Collection: collect 21-30 items that randomly drop off any mob
-Slaughter: kill 50-60 mobs in the dungeon

LDoN is made up of five themes:
Rujarkian: east commons, orcs, goblins, boars
Takish: north ro, desert elves, summoned mobs
Deepest Guk: south ro, undead frogloks
Mistmoore: butcherblock, vampires, undead, werewolves
Miragul\'s: everfrost, magical beings

Merchants will only sell you items that cost no more than the total number of points you have earned in that theme. This means if you have done 10 normal adventures in Deepest Guk, you can buy anything that costs up to 510 points (51 x 10) from the merchant in south ro. If these 10 adventures are your only wins, then you cannot buy anything at all from the other four themes, even though you might have 510 unspent points.

Points you earn can be spent anywhere. So if you did not spend those 510 points, and then went and did 10 more adventures in Mistmoore, you would have a total of 1020 points. You could spend all 1020 of those points at either the butherblock or south ro camps, but you would not be able to buy any one item that cost more than 510 points from either one. If you saved your points, and then you then did two adventures in Miragul\'s, you would have 1122 points unspent, but would not be able to buy anything more expensive than 102 points at the everfrost camp. You could buy 11 100 point items if you wanted there, but nothing that cost more.

Adventure merchants only display items you are currently allowed to buy, and a few extra items that you can almost buy. This means that if you only have 510 points in Deepest guk, then the most expensive item you will be able to see on the merchant will be an item that costs around 600 points. There may be a suber uber item for 3000 points, but you will not know until you get close to having 3000 total earned points in guk. Note, this is based on the total points you have earned in a theme, not how many points you have unspent.

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