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Space Engineers - Bugfixing #4
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 21.11.2014 15:52
Аватар для INOK
Space Engineers - Bugfixing #4
Разработчики из студии Keen Software House сообщили в выпуске четвертого обновления для космического сандбокса Space Engineers, которое направлено на исправление ошибок игры и доработку существующего контента.

Результатом проведенных за неделю работ, стали усовершенствования в системе роторов и скорости симуляции; повышение производительности сенсоров, освещения, парящих объектов, и метеоритных штормов.
Также был исправлен ряд ошибок игры.

- weapon sound modding
- added rotor top part with possibility to attach/detach
- improved simulation speed in various scenarios
- improved sensor performance
- improved performance of lights
- improved floating objects performance
- improved performance for meteorite storms

- fixed crash during remote control
- fixed marker visible in another world
- fixed camera issue no longer displaying the custom name of camera
- fixed crash when finishing assembler in survival
- fixed small ship beacon is too shiny
- fixed lights which are disconnected from grid are still shining
- fixed crash in camera control
- fixed crash when splitting grid
- fixed visibility of beacon (minor fix)
- fixed stator/rotor attraction
- fixed pressing 'Y' when in cargo ships cockpit disables movement control
- fixed remote control is disabled after connectors are disconnected
- fixed mirroring of arc furnace
- fixed message is incorrect when siting in cockpit on station
- fixed missile launcher aims incorrectly
- fixed missile launcher not shooting at each crank & missile turret shoots only from center
- fixed re-loadable rocket launcher: no "Reloading" message
- fixed a possibility to drill a ship preview during copy/paste

Important note:
Due to some recent updates, Space Engineers may ask you again to allow it in Windows firewall. In case it does not pop-up automatically and you experience connection issues, please add the firewall exception manually.

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