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Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2
Автор темы: INOK
Дата создания: 20.10.2014 16:06
Старый 20.10.2014, 16:06
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Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2

Компания Stardock Entertainment выпустила большое обновление для космической 4Х стратегии Galactic Civilizations III, которое перевело игру в статус BETA 2 и, помимо исправлений и усовершенствований, добавило в игру новые функции и возможности, среди которых: Дипломатия, Торговля, фракция Krynn и расширенный интерфейс.

Игра находится в раннем доступе на сервисе Steam. Перечень изменений.

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Старый 20.10.2014, 16:13
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Re: Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2
  • Added Diplomacy
  • Added the Krynn Faction: Including Racial traits and Unique Technology Tree
  • Added the ability to trade: Credits, Techs, Ships, Starbases, Planets and Strategic Resources
  • Added the ability to build trade routes with other players planets
  • Added Rally Points, to command your fleets to a location of your choosing
  • Added United Planets and United Planets Resolutions in order to govern the galaxy
  • Added a new mood system which drives the AI's choices in decision making
  • Added the Influence Victory
  • Added the Alliance Victory
  • Added the Ascension Victory
  • Added the Research Victory
  • Added Universal Translator Tech, needed in order to communicate with the other factions of the game
  • Added two options to the game settings : Event Frequency & United Planets Frequency
  • Added In-game Victory Options, to change the victory conditions of the game if you so choose
  • Added the flavor text system which is the foundation to create unique user experiences
  • Added decommission button to shipyard screen, enabling the ability to delete an unwanted shipyard
  • Added a first contact screen when you meet another civilization for the first time
  • Added Galactic events (19 new events) which can randomly occur as you play
  • Added the ability to have Galactic Events offer ideological choices in how you deal with them (similar to colonization events)
  • Added new music to Diplomacy, Govern and Ship Yard Screens
  • Added Precursor Relics
  • Added Huge galaxy map size
  • Can now decommission ships and get credits back

  • Too many balance changes to mention

  • Added Diplomacy/Foreign Relations Screen
  • Added trade screen and trade route map making it easier to manage and view trade routes
  • Added Rally Points Screen giving you the ability to command ships to their desired location
  • Added treaties screen so that treaties can be observed or broken if desired
  • Added "at war/peace" icons to the power tab to display which civilzations you are at war/peace with
  • Added a popup to display when a planet becomes culture flipped
  • Brought back adjacency arrows to the planet screen
  • Approval system updated: production now slows when the treasury goes negative
  • Added you have been invaded notification
  • Added a popup to display ship movement on the hex grid, making it easier to calculate ship movement
  • Fixed mini map scaling issues, (so it fits in the box better)
  • Enabled minimap zoom
  • Made the minimap able be displayed on other screens. (Trade routes - Rally points etc.)
  • New shipyards will now request the starting planet
  • Loading screen now has a check box list of sponsor planets so player can choose what planets to take population from
  • Population on the main game window to only show 1 decimal "12.5" instead of "12.50"

  • Weaker AI fleets gang up on a stronger fleet
  • AI are now better at improvement placing choices, use adjacency, and use planet features
  • AI now reuses shipyards instead of just making one every time for each planet

  • Fixed mini map scaling issues (so it fits in the box better)
  • New font system so that text would display for Intel embedded graphics users (also improved performance)
  • Smooth ship movement on screen (reduce zigzag patterns)
  • Fixed issues with Black holes being visible over the FOW
  • Camera now centers on the planet that is being colonized
  • Camera now centers on the battle that is taking place
  • Fixed a bug where there was an issue with Planets attacking adjacent ship
  • Fixed long loading times
  • Fixed particle effect performance issues
  • Fixed graphical issues with the ships
  • Fixed crash when custom parts were added to ship design
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to put more than 1 cargo modules per ship
  • Fix error in Prerequisites on Culture Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where star bases and shipyards would not observe logistics laws
  • Fixed an issue on the planet screen where terraforming selection tiles go off of the map
  • Fixed an issue where ships would animate under FOW
  • Loading ships now take evenly from all sponsor worlds by default
  • Fixed an issue with non-english symbol/character in the user's profile path causing the game to not save properly
  • Memory Usage fixes
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Re: Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2
Не люблю Цивы. И эта тоже не впечатлила ни капли.
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Re: Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2
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