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Altis Asmodey

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New AA


Ritalin I/II/III

This skill would bring the world of Norrath down to speeds comprehensible to the human mind. It is a global slow spell. Bards who are pulling, twisting, fighting, mezzing, chain smoking, psychopaths who can\'t step away from the computer if it was on fire, now have the ability to live normal lives. With this AA Skill we would then be returning to them the luxury of blinking occasionally at the monitor and maintaining a semblance of a relationship with their families.


Veil of the Gods

This would give a normal cleric the ability to change their class title to Rake. This “veil” would then prevent people from asking stupid questions like “Yo! I know your group is raiding the Overking, but could you rezz my friend?”.

We at Verant know there is an /ignore command. We missed this oversight, and ask that you gain 4 AA points anyway for this worthless skill. Give us a break. We made mobs so powerful in our end game that no one will go kill one without one of you snooty god boys anyhow, so what’s the big fucking deal?


Breath of the Wolf

Anytime anyone hails you they immediately receive SoW. It may be presumptuous on our part here at Verant, but we figure it is the only reason anyone is talking to you in the first place.

Salt of the Earth

When asked why druid spells (and druids) are not as useful in underground encounters, we have said in the past that they are best served in natural surroundings. Why a cave or cavern is any less natural then a meadow has been a question that has been given thought by some of the sharpest minds at Verant for at least 40-45 seconds, before being distracted by the fresh morning bagels. We have decided to allow Druids to cast all of their spells underground or in cities. In keeping with the spirit of the class however, all other classes will receive spells along the same facet as the druids…only better.


Focused Mind

This is an AoE mezz and wipe spell effect that can be used in conjunction with other similar type castings. The true effects are not appreciated until more than one mob has its mezz broken at the same time. The subsequent mob will begin to FLURRY on the retarded SOB who cant seem to find the /assist key, or uses AoE spells, or for whatever reason causes you more grief and mana then he is worth. The mob will chain CH until the idiot is dead. At that point the mob becomes your pet. It will continue to aggro the subsequent CR character until he drops from your group. At this point the pet returns to its normal state.


Summon Experience

You already have Call of Heroes, you already have four variations of pets who can be some of the most wicked pets in the game, you can nuke fairly decently, have the best damage shields, quad kite, and in general are the most well rounded casters in the game. Why have
a middleman? With this AA skill you can use it every 8 hours to simply summon half a gold bubble of experience. We will reduce your hit points and mana as if you had actually just come from a raid and grant the experience bonus to you immediately.


Fists of Spam

This AA skill allows monks the ability to control other peoples “Option Settings” in order for them to see your attacks land. The fact that the MT is holding aggro and getting the snot beat out of him is nothing compared to your right to brag about “owning” some uber mob
from behind. Furthermore, we will allow you to edit other’s comments about the fact that once you actually achieve mob aggro, you are dead. This skill will help validate claims with rogues about who actually does more damage to the back of a mob; with neither one in any serious danger.


Dark Channeling

This AA allows necromancers the ability to pass even more mana to casting classes who can actually do something effective with it. We have listened to the complaints of other classes, and they feel they are wasting too much time and mana keeping an uber mob standing just so the Necro can get the full effect of their DoT and feel like he or she contributed to the raid. While this is very honorable, we had to make a decision in the fairness of the majority.


Exarch Arina Rodionovna <The Celestial Rapture> 65 DE cleric Kane Bayle
Старый 21.05.2003, 20:36   #2 
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