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Хэллоуинский патч 1.13.1 (432)


Halloween is back for a special spooky two week event! This year we've brought back a mission based version of Asylum with Trick and Treat and added Daily Challenges, Fright Club rewards and a special, character unique, Evil Pumpkin hunting activity to Financial and Waterfront! There are all sorts of treats to unlock during the Halloween event; including the new clothing assets: Devil Wings and the Witch/Wizard Hat!

Here is a breakdown of the Contacts, Roles, Challenges and Rewards:

Asylum "Fright Club" - Trick & Treat Contact Progression:

  • Level 1 – Start
  • Level 2 – Spooky Symbols (Unlock 4 Preset Symbols)
  • Level 3 – Terrifying Themes (Unlock 4 Music Themes)
  • Level 4 – Petrifying Pumpking Mask (Unlock Pumpkin Head)
  • Level 5 – Thrilling Titles (Unlock Title: “Wraith” or “Ghost”)
  • Level 6 – Wicked Weapon Skin and a Horrifying Headband (These are: The standard glow-in-the-dark weapon skin and A-Knife-Through-the-Headband)

Asylum "Fright Club" - Trick & Treat's Daily Activities:

  • Standard Activities: Halloween themed activities for Joker Tickets.
  • Rare Activities: A rare activity that awards Joker Tickets and a special weapon skin: Purple glow in the dark with a bat motif.

Asylum "Fright Club" - Pumpkin Smashing Role:

  • Level 1 – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Chaser”
  • Level 2 – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Murderer”
  • Level 3 – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Assassin”
  • Final Level – Unlock Title: “Pumpkin Terminator”

Asylum "Fright Club" - Fright Club Challenges:

  • Gold - A 10 day lease of the STAC 10 "Tactical".
  • Silver - Clown Mask in Week 1 & the new Witch/Wizard hat in Week 2
  • Bronze - 200 Joker Tickets.

Financial and Waterfront - Evil Purple Pumpkin Hunting:

This is a special Pumpkin smashing activity that will be unique to every character on every account! When you log into an action district you'll be given a selection of Evil Purple Pumpkins to hunt down and destroy. When you get close to a Purple Pumpkin you'll hear it laughing, after it has been destroyed you'll receive a message saying how many you have left in the district and in what area the next one can be found. You can use your in-game map to find the location of the area name you've been given.

Role Rewards:

  • Level 1 (50% of assigned Pumpkins over both districts): A special Orange glow-in-the-dark weapon skin with a pumpkin motif.
  • Level 2 (100% of assigned Pumpkins over both districts): A set of Devil wings for your character.

New Primary Weapon:

STAC 10 (Somatic Tactical Assault Carbine): Functionally identical to the Joker SR15, the Somatic Tactical Assault Carbine was produced by Somatic to offer a military grade alternative to the civilian Joker carbine. The STAC provided military groups with the power of the Joker carbine with none of the ‘difficult’ associations of civilian weaponry.

NOTE: You can earn a free 10 day trial of the STAC 10 "Tactical" by earning gold in the Fright Club Challenges! Fright Club Challenges will rotate on the 24th, 28th and the 4th of October.

New Clothing and Weapon Pack - Coming soon to Armas:


  • Male: Torn Long-sleeved Top
  • Female: Torn Vest
  • Male: Stitched Leather Trousers
  • Female: Leather and Denim Trousers
  • Male & Female: Goggles
  • Backpack 1 - Male/Female: Sprinter Backpack
  • Backpack 2 - Male/Female: Militia Backpack


  • STAC 10 "Scoped"

Other Changes and Fixes:

  • WEAPON SKINS (LTL): Added skin support for the Dartgun.
  • MISSIONS: VIPs now appear on the Elective Spawn map.
  • AUDIO: Adding the Certain Death track "BURNIN UP" to the game
  • BUG FIX (MOVEMENT): Falling off a ledge while you are moving faster than the sprint speed limit will no longer suddenly make you stop firing / throwing grenades.
  • BUG FIX (ENVIRONMENT): Deleting a prop in Financial that was intersecting a bin behind Gaijin.
  • BUG FIX (WEAPON SKINS): Fixed the Joker weapon skin for the Agrotech DMR.
  • BUG FIX (WEAPON SKINS): Fixing Joker Distribution skin on the Flare Gun.
Старый 25.10.2013, 13:02   #2 

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Re: Хэллоуинский патч 1.13.1 (432)

странно что вы начали постить новость об АПБ))
вот всё тоже самое но с переводом

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