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Bike Race Free

Bike Race - one of the best racing games on Android! Race and pleasure from millions of players. Bicycle race is one of the best free games! And it's free!

Exciting racing gameplay
- New game mode: tournaments!
- Race against millions of users in multiplayer
- Train on one player to improve your skills
- Satisfaction
- Simple and intuitive controls
- Challenge your friends from Facebook
- Play without Wi-Fi

Amazing functions
-I have crazy tracks and crazy worlds
-Good tricks
-An amazing bike
- Do not miss out on free updates with lots of new content.

Forget these stupid racing games. To become a basic motorcycle, skills are important (a lot). As they say: no pain, no gain! So, start practicing right now to become a professional rider and manage them all. It will be fun and interesting, we guarantee it!

Google Play:https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...eracefreeworld

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