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Re: (Dwarf Fortress) Самая-самая инди игра :)

Тут нарисовался новый проект, многое подчерпнувший из DF, но при этом с несколько иным фокусом ...
Вырезка описания игры с оффа:
This game is more of a reverse RPG than a traditional one. To put it in terms of context, picture almost any normal RPG. Normally you would have an adventurer go down into the dungeon, grab loot, come back up, complete quests, and hopefully kill the boss at the end. In Towns you basically run the town that houses the hero. You build buildings that he will like, cater to his needs and hope that you have enough good equipment crafted to be able to offer him as a reward for a quest you give him. Entice hero units to form groups and take down larger bosses together, have hot food and a bard playing for them in the tavern, stock up on large bussomed ladies in the brothel for them to come back to, and pray that they are entertained enough to stick around and defend your little village when a stray dire-wolf comes up from the depths... Couple that with the fact that you can craft weapons using materials dropped by enemies, and maybe even forge epic loot with it’s own randomized name (Red iron longsword of pillaging, for example), and you have the basis for a unique adventure Sim.

В общем идея достойная, посмотрим что получится.